My father’s son…

We go back a very long way – back to the time of video cassette tapes when this couple and their families were running a video-rental shop in town and I was their regular customer.

In fact, when I broke my arm in the 90’s and after two months in a plaster cast followed by surgery, the arm was stuck in one position in an awkward acute angle and all the physiotherapy did not help at all, it was the wife who noticed it when I dropped by their shop to borrow some tapes. “Eeeeeee!!!!” she exclaimed. “Why is your arm blue in colour like a dead man’s arm?” I told her the whole story and she insisted on taking meΒ to see this Chinese sinseh in town – on that very first visit, the guy merely pressed a few places here and there on my shoulder and arm and the colour returned instantly. Amazing! And in less than 6 months, he managed to get the arm back to normal…or almost normal. Like somebody commented once, “You can never expect a reconditioned car to be as good as a brand new one.”

Anyway, back to the couple, eventually they ventured into the food business with the son doing the cooking and the father helping out. The father’s name is Ah Hock and hence, they call their coffee shop this…

Ah Hock Kia Kopitiam Sibu 1

“Ah Hock Kia” literally means Ah Hock’s child.

I used to frequent the place when they first opened. The beef noodles were really good and I even brought a lot of friends there to enjoy it. Eventually, the quality dropped and the quantity was reduced significantly and I stopped going back there in the end. My daughter loved their pineapple fried rice and their kampua noodles were pretty good – though many would agree that Rasa Sayang‘s, which was just round the corner at the time in its original location, was nicer.

I had not been there for a long time and I can’t remember who was it that asked me recently if I’d been to Ah Hock Kia before. Of course I had, just that I had not been there for quite a while…but the other morning, since I was in the vicinity, I decided to drop by again to see how they were doing. Golly gee! It certainly looked like they were doing pretty well and they were even featured in an article in one of the local Chinese daily newspapers…

Ah Hock Kia Kopitiam 2

It appeared to me that they had a whole lot of things on their menu…

Ah Hock Kia Kopitiam 2

…and I was at a loss as to what I should order. Eventually, I decided to try what they called the Hakka noodles (RM3.50)…

Ah Hock Kia Hakka mee 1

When it was served, I thought it was something like what I had hereΒ except that this was so much nicer…and also a whole lot cheaper!

The noodles tasted like kampua mee, nothing very different there but like before, they tasted great and I particularly liked the blended fresh chilies that they used to toss the noodles. Elsewhere, they would use chili sauce except perhaps the Teochew noodle stall at the Sibu Central Market hawker centre at night – I have not been to their present location but I used to patronise their makeshift stall in the lane beside the Standard Chartered Bank building here when I was very very young and I can remember quite clearly that they also used ground (I don’t think they had blenders and food processors then so I supposed they used a grinding stone at the time) chili as well, seeds and all.

The fried pain sip

Ah Hock Kia Hakka mee 2

…or what they call wantons at that other place, were tastier too so if I were to give a score of 6 to that one, this one would merit at least an 8.

I did not know at the time when I placed the order but it seemed that their latest attraction, as highlighted in the newspaper article, would be their Singapore mee Siam. Ooooo…I loved that a lot and I had not had it since I was in Singapore in the early 70’s. I wonder if theirs is anything like that and whether it is any good. Looks like Ah Hock and his wife and Ah Hock Kia would see me again pretty soon as I certainly would go back there at the earliest opportunity to give it a try….

Author: suituapui

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33 thoughts on “My father’s son…”

  1. bring us there … bring us there… the menu was looonnnggg… and why the pain sip?

    Very near where you people were staying – the road leading straight from opposite the big supermarket. I think there should be a bit of minced meat too – maybe I was too early – they had not got that ready yet…

  2. It’s a sacrilege to fry the pian sip!!!!…tsk!tsk!tsk! However,the kampua really do look good.Can’t wait to see the mee Siam.

    It is very nice too. Makes the crispy skin extra fragrant – like fired popiah. Yum! Yum!

  3. It’s a sacrilege to fry the pian sip…tsk!tsk!tsk! However,the kampua really does look good. Can’t wait for you to try the Singapore mee Siam. Good morning,Arthur πŸ™‚

    Ya, good morning to you. Heard you the first time. Whassup? You can’t see it at your end? Seems that some people have had problems commenting on wordpress…for one reason or another, I wouldn’t know. 😦

  4. that is indeed a very “thick” menu, they are selling so many things!! but what caught my eyes was the newspaper cut, ζšΉηΎ…ιΊ΅ε’Œζ²Ήθ”₯ιΊ΅ (BTW do you read chinese??).. the hakka noodles is more common over here, but what we have here with the noodles is minced pork and not fried wanton, and of course way more than RM3.50 a plate, haha~~

    Nope, I don’t…but I have and that is translated as “surface and onion surfaces” whatever that means. Muahahahahaha!!!!! I saw the photo in their Facebook page – they had the minced meat besides the wantons. Dunno why I did not get any that morning. 😦

  5. ok, add “mee siam” to my list

    You can strike it off your list – I think there are many other things you should go for in the limited time here. I’ve gone to try – the gravy tasted good – “almost” like what I had in Singapore in 1973 but lacked colour…but I did not like the mihun – very hard like it had not been soaked in hot water long enough to soften and it was quite colourless too. On the whole, nice…but not a must-have, that much I would say.

  6. Singapore mee siam is it those fried mee hoon?
    In Kl we call it “Sing Chow Chau Mai” in cantonese….
    It definetely a lot of food in their menu….
    how could they manage it..
    Some shops just sell 1 variety and still need to wait so long….

    There are two types of mee siam – this nyonya one would have the nice fried mihun cooked separately from the gravy and topped with lots of chives and omelette cut in very thin slices…and if so desired, (boiled) prawns too (though I would fry them in the mihun, if I were to cook myself) and then there’s the very nice sweet and sour gravy with tau cheo (fermented beans) which you pour over the mihun and eat together. So, is your Sing whatever mihun the same?

    I’ve eaten another type of mee siam at one of those upper end cafes here – not the same, never mind…but it was not nice at all…and expensive too! I hear mee siam at some places is something like tom yam mihun.

    1. Arthur,
      My mee siam very nice leh..hahaha.Colour lawa and cukup rasa…*muka tembok, masuk lift tekan sendiri*

      Wait, wait till I post on the one here. I curi your photo and use…and everybody can compare, can or not? πŸ˜‰

      1. Mine will kalah or not? If yes, cannot! If mine will win hands down… Cannnnn… Lol!

        Guarantee win!!! But photo only lah…dunno the real thing. You will have to cook for me to try when I go over to Auckland, then I will give the verdict! LOL!!! πŸ˜€

  7. hahaha…another new shop ah? Hopefully by the time we go Sibu again they dont naik harga yet. Biasa if those shop with newspaper clippings one they tarik harga one

    When are you coming again? If many many years from now, not only here but everywhere – sure prices would have gone up. Happens all the time. 😦

  8. I love the anecdote in the beginning of the post! πŸ™‚

    Which video rental shop was that? 2020?

    Yeah, have to try this place too. I’m coming back to Sibu on the 12 June, if the election happens on the 16th, then good, if not then at least I’ll visit my dad and makan with you. πŸ™‚

    Golden Sound – I think 2020 is a few doors away, same block of shops. Gosh! How many days will you be home? So many places you wanna go! LOL!!! Ya, looking forward to seeing you when the time comes…

    1. I’ll only back for about a week – planning to catch two weekends although it’s increasingly unlikely elections will be June 16th. πŸ™‚

      See you when I get back! Looking forward to it!

      Oh? Not in June now? Never mind! We can go around, minus all the jams and the commotion…

  9. Amazing how your video habit led to the cure of your arm. Thanks for telling me about him too. Dr. Chua is a real miracle worker. Looks like Ah Hock and his wife and Ah Hock Kia will be seeing me soon too.

    Yes, he’s very good. I would ask people to go and see him for help. Ya, the kampua should be good as well since it’s more or less that same noodles.

    P.S. I’ve replied your email. Hope you got it. I haven’t checked so dunno if there’s any reply from you or not.

  10. Sibu Hakka Mee looks totally different from Kuching, one of the corner shop between Upper China Street and Carpenter Street selling what they call Hakka mee too. We don’t have fried wanton but we have minced meat with mushroom. Actually, one of my favourite mee.

    Oh? So it is not the same as kolo mee then? I thought since Kuching has a lot of Hakkas or Kheks, hakka mee would be the same as kolo mee – minced meat and all. Ya…there should be minced meat in this one too, dunno about the mushrooms – I guess the guy forgot – old age, older than me. Hehehehehe!!!!

  11. I think it’s very hard to find good wontons in KL…all the teeny-weeny portion really makes me spit the whole thing out…>.< so sick. But your fried wonton looks oh-sem!xD

    I liked the fried pian sip…or wantons as you people would call it…and the noodles too. Very nice…just that I wonder where the minced meat disappeared top. Tsk! Tsk! 😦

  12. Ah Hock Kia or not.. I definitely would love to pay a visit to that place too!!

    Your wish is my command. Just waiting for you to say when you will be back in town again… πŸ˜‰

  13. wow…so long list on the menu!! tsk tsk tsk.

    Hakka noodles? I thought the noodles suppose to be a bit curly curly? This one look like kampua to me.

    Their kampua good? Maybe i should try this.

    Ya, I enjoyed that. Portion a bit small…but what’s most important was that it was nice. The guy said normally, he would use flat noodles – mee pok for his hakka mee…but I was too early and they haven’t delivered their daily order yet. 😦

  14. Oh dear, so sorry to hear about your arm story! Well at least it has colour back now. πŸ™‚ And the hakka mee is definitely different from the one I’m used to in KL. I could use some right now! Or perhaps instant Indomie to satisfy my cravings! πŸ˜€

    Instant Indomie, you can get there…most big supermarts or Asian stores – not a problem at all. Don’t convert, should be fine. You’ll get used to it. Hehehehehehe!!!! πŸ˜‰

  15. I been to this kopitiam once to try their Mee Siam…not that good because the soup is too little and not spicy enough and the portion is too little. I noticed they are selling lot of foods….hope will drop by this kopitiam again some days. This kopitiam was advertised on newspaper the other day…from there, we knew that they are selling Mee Siam.

    Oh? I remember you did mention once that you had mee siam at a coffee shop at the bus terminal and it was good. Not this one? Where was the one you were telling me about? The coffee shop below the hotel? They have mee siam there? I tried the mee siam at this particular coffee shop today…but you will have to wait till my blogpost on it for details – coming soon! LOL!!! πŸ˜€

  16. Another new joint? The kampua looks good. OMG, you broke your arm? Lucky it is back to normal.

    It’s been around for a long time now – 6 years, at least…just that I had not been there for a while. My arm? It’s ok…with a stainless steel plate and six screws inside… πŸ˜€

  17. Fried pian sip. Very interesting! There is a shop in jalan belatok area where you can get stir fry (like fried noodles) pian sip…Something different from the pian sip we normally have πŸ™‚

    Soft and soggy? Hmmmm…I wonder what that is like. Now I have to try and figure out where Jalan Belatok is. LOL!!! πŸ˜€ I saw Ah Sian on AFC going to a place in Perak where they had fried porridge – people coming by the busload to go and eat…but if you ask me, I think I’d pass. No, thank you. LOL!!! πŸ˜€

  18. Nah, not soggy at all. It is actually quite dry. Hard to explain what it is like. One plate of that is quite filling for me πŸ™‚ Jalan belatok is near bukit lima.. On the way to farley. After the bukit lima roundabout (near NB motors) there is a traffic light. after the traffic light,.. second turning on the left. The coffee shop is quite small. located somewhere in the residential area. Pretty sure it is called fortune. The indon maid can speak foochow fluently hehe…

    Ok…will go and try…but that’s a bit out of the way for me. I suppose it opens in the morning as well? I don’t usually go out at night, very good boy… Hehehehehe!!!!!

    1. And.. fried porridge? yuck.. Sounds weird.. Fried pian sip sounds better.

      Certainly did not look appetising to me… I think I would just stick to fried rice, good enough. πŸ™‚

  19. there was a stall in Kch selling mee siam run by a lady from spore married to Swakian. but it has since closed down!

    I wonder why. Mee siam, this Singapore/nyonya version, is really very nice. I love it a lot but I hear even in Singapore, it is hard to find these days…and some may just use tom yam sauce which is not the same. Btw, thanks for dropping by and for commenting. Do come again.

  20. I went to try the mee Siam this morning and I must say I am disappointed with it. The kopi o also taste funny, like Lin Zi coffee. But they said it’s normal coffee so I wonder why the taste of herb.

    My! You’re fast. You should have waited for my post on it. Anyway, if you look at my replies to some of the comments, you would have got a fairly good hint that you’d be better off going some place else for something nicer. No problem with the coffee for me…but it’s at best, just ok…not good. Definitely not one of the better ones around.

  21. The noodles look good. And I am going to say the same thing again. There is so much good food in Sibu. I can’t wait to taste them all!

    Any plans to hop over yet? Do let me know… πŸ˜‰

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