How fortunate I was last Thursday to be invited out for breakfast by my friend, Rose! Actually, she has already blogged about it here.

Well, she said she was feeling like having something fried and I remember seeing a photograph that a friend of mine shared on Facebook of a plate of yee mee (noodles) in tomato sauce gravy and it did seem really nice. I sent her the photo to have a look and she agreed that we could drop by to see if it was as good as it looked.

I got there first and I searched high and low…

The road

…but could not find the coffee shop that my friend was talking about. He gave me the location and I do know the place – the same block of shops where this place used to be but in the middle. Well, if it’s the one in the middle, then it would have to be this one…

Full Fortune Cafe

– the other one in the previous photo (Daisy Cafe), to the extreme right of the block, was not open.

In a couple of minutes, Rose arrived with her little girl – she was having the day off owing to the UPSR resit and needless to say, she was overjoyed by the fact that she had an extra two days off as a result of the leakage…but of course, many others were not at all happy over that most disgraceful and humiliating fiasco. Anyway, back to our breakfast, we decided that since we were already there, we might as well give this place a try…

Full Fortune Cafe - front

Rose had the Foochow-style fried noodles…

Full Fortune Cafe Foochow fried noodles

…and I ordered the tomato kway teow…

Full Fortune Cafe tomato kway teow

…from the stall at the back. We both liked what we were served just that I thought they could perhaps give a little prawn or two and/or sotong (squid) plus a couple of fish cake slices instead of only those few bits of meat. Actually, I would not mind if they charge a little bit more or perhaps, they could give customers the option to choose between the normal (what we had above) or the special and pay a little bit extra for the added ingredients. I’m not too sure how much they were that morning but Rose paid RM8.30 for both and I guess it might be RM3.80 for hers (which is the standard price these days here for Foochow-style fried noodles) and RM4.50 for mine…which made me wonder what would account for the 70 sen extra for what I had. The tomato sauce used?

Incidentally, something happened that I would like to give special mention to here. I placed the order before we took our seats at the table of our choice and the kway teow was served first – TWO plates of it when I had ordered only one. I said I had ordered one plate of kway teow and one plate of mee and the lady said that the mee was in the process of being cooked and would be coming out soon. She did not seem too keen on taking the extra plate of kway teow back so I said if that was the case, she could just tapao it for us to take away. Ok, we’ll stop here for a short break and I’ll get back to the story later. Hehehehehe!!!!

Rose’s daughter had the kolo mee

Full Fortune Cafe kolo mee

…from the stall in front and she said it was very nice, nicer than what she had here (and they went back for more the following weekend as they thought it was so very good!!!).

It came with the usual sliced chili in vinegar dip and they even gave the chopped spring onions and fried shallots…

Kolo mee chili dip & garnishings

…separately, something I had not seen done elsewhere before. This way, you need not add them to your noodles if you are not so fond of the garnishes.

This was the guy selling the kolo mee plus a whole list of things that you may fancy…

Full Fortune kolo mee stall

…but I’m afraid you can’t see it in the photograph. I noticed that the stall further in sold popiah (spring roll) but it was not open when we were there. We were told that she would cook her stuff at home and bring over so she would open a bit later, say, after 9.00 a.m. She did show up later but we were too full already and decided that we would give it a miss this time around and come back again another day to try.

Back to the aforementioned kway teow, we waited for the lady to bring it out again but it never came so we called her to find out…and she told us that it was all right – they would just take the plate of kway teow back and would not charge us for it. Wasn’t that nice? Nobody else was having that so they could not just serve that to them. I guess they would just have to eat it themselves but I must say that such gestures are definitely a feather in their cap – it is these little things that will keep customers coming back.

Incidentally, if anyone is interested, she told us that they also serve tom yam noodles with the giant freshwater prawns but I did not ask how much they are selling that for…and I’m not really into this, tom yam style. Perhaps the next  time I drop by, I will ask them if they do it any other way. For those of you who cannot make out the exact location from the first photograph above, that is the Everwin Supermarket in the distance, the one beside the Sibu Bus Terminal. Yes, the roads in this area are atrocious  owing to the sinking swampy land but if you drive straight ahead from the traffic lights at Jalan Pahlawan and turn left at Yum Yum Cafe, this coffee shop is in that lane in the middle of the block of shops on your right. They seemed to have resurfaced the roads around there so for the time being, you should not have any problem getting there.

Oopsss!!!! I almost forgot! Thank you so much, Rose, for the delightful breakfast treat. Would love to do it again sometime…before you and your family move back to Kuching.

For your general information, those of you who have not managed to get hold of a copy of the book…

*Archive photo*

…can now browse through or download the e-book copy of it here:

However, if you’re a local and you would like the hard copy for keeps, you can go to the Sibu Resident’s Office, 5th Floor of the new Islamic Complex (opposite St Mary’s Church) to ask for it – they will give you one but if you can tell them some nice stories like you would like  more to send to your overseas siblings or relatives or friends, you may get a few more.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

27 thoughts on “Fortunate…”

  1. Oh the first dish… we call it hokkien char here, with bee hoon and yellow noodles…. and of course… sambal!!!

    Never tried, so dunno how close the similarities would be. We can have kway teow cooked this same way too, with gravy and for one thing, our Sibu yellow noodles are not as yellow, different from the ones in Kuching even. Will soak in the gravy and turn soggy faster – but sometimes, it makes the noodles taste better as all the flavours would have gone into them. Definitely no sambal in these Foochow-style noodles, that’s for sure.

  2. How nice that both of you came out to meet up! I like the foochow styled hokkien mee, We always ordered this whenever we are dining in Yong Peng for supper.

    I always love meeting fellow-bloggers and move on from being mere virtual friends but I know many who feel otherwise, not keen on meeting one another in person.

    Foochow Hokkien? Well, if it’s Yong Peng, it’s definitely Foochow though I would say the taste sure is similar to KL Hokkien mee – just the type of noodles used are very different – KL’s bigger and has a firmer texture…and KL Hokkien mee is drier, not so much gravy like the Foochow-style one here.

  3. Oh yes I remember her post.. I like that plate of fried noodles, I call it hailam mee here.. And your tomato kuey teow looks good too.. You were so kind to pack the other extra tomato kuey teow home.. If me, I’d ask them to take it back..

    Pity them also, decent people trying to make a living. Not a very busy part of town so business is not all that brisk here – others, like the one we were looking for, obviously did not last very long. Of course they make a lot of profit out of each plate but imagine standing there all day, day in day out, cooking the same few dishes. Sure ain’t easy. If they had served two plates of the mee – I would just eat it and come back to try the kway teow another time…like what happened with my missus’ order here.

    Hailam mee? Ummm…somebody said Hokkien…somebody said Foochow Hokkien. Never tried any of those over at your side, just KL Hokkien mee and the Cantonese fried…and the wanton hor.

  4. Firstly, it is a pleasure to get to know you in person. And hope maybe can meet up with others too. It just feel like we know each others for a long time through reading blog posts. 🙂

    Yes, let have another breakfast date. You suggest a place and I will be there! 😉

    Somehow I still confuse between the Hokkien and Foochow fried noodle. Both are black! Haha. Now I forgot how Hokkien noodle tastes like since I have been eating quite a few of Foochow noodles since move here. Lol.

    We can get KL Hokkien fried noodles at Ming Mei Shi but they just use the usual yellow noodles so it’s not the same, tastes the same…but not the same. The other Sibu bloggers blog in Mandarin, dunno them…and there have been a few young ones but they do not last very long, too young so I don’t know them either. 😀 Yes, looking forward to another round, at least, before you go back.

    1. The best Foochow mee I love must be from Good Happiness! Delicious! 🙂

      Ok, look forward to our next breakfast. I am free anytime this week and next week.

      That one is very good. Hock Chiu Leu’s good too…but not fond of going there – parking problem. I tried Good Happiness’ tomato kway teow, also very nice. Will text you sometime.

  5. Am not sharp in my taste bud so quite confuse with the different type of mee…hailam mee, hockkien mee & Foochow mee, etc. To me, they all taste more or less the same. Though lack of ingredients in the fried noodles & tomato char kway teow, they still look good. Among all, I would go for the kolo mee.

    I will go back again one of these days to try that – wonder if it is really as nice as what Rose’s daughter said.

  6. I have to admit, I would not even think of offering to tapao their “error”. You are a much more decent man than I am 😉

    I guess when you’re as old as I am, you would be a lot more tolerant of things too – no point sweating the small stuff. Life is too short to waste on such things.

  7. Nice! Thanks for sharing the ebook link buddy! 🙂

    I’ve been reading it since this morning (188 pages!) and got to the pa we page, one of my favorites too, that white cake. Good work mate!

    Most welcome. Glad you enjoy reading that. 😉

  8. Arthur, When I had my yee-mee there last time, I told them to make it special. But I don’t whether it is still the same cook as I have not visited this coffee shop after that.

    I could not find the coffee shop in your photograph – Ying Xi or something. Maybe closed down or moved elsewhere. Dunno if it’s the same people or not. Did not see any yee mee in their menu.

  9. Eh? Why the kolo mee look a bit reddish/orange in colour? Is it because of the lighting or this is a different type?

    You didn’t see our discussion on this last time? It’s char siew oil/sauce – I think they add more at that other place so the red colour was even darker. You can buy from those people making char siew here – my colleague bought once to cook the filling for her char siew pao, very nice! Or you can buy the bottled Lee Kum Kee ones – that, of course, would be more expensive. Rose said they would not add in Kuching unless you ask for it – some people like, some people don’t.

    Her daughter liked the one here but I think Rose herself liked the other place – had a hint of vinegar, she said but I thought that one was a little too red – this one’s ok.

  10. I would think that the lady should have taken back the extra plate of koay teow as it was a mistake on her part. I guess she had second thoughts after that 🙂

    Probably – maybe they’re new in the business and she did not know how to handle such situations but the chef, her hubby maybe, knew better and told her to just take it back. Or there might have been the problem of communication as well – they all speak Mandarin around here these days and my command of the language is not that great. I can’t remember – maybe I spoke Hokkien that morning…and people here aren’t all that proficient in the dialect. The younger ones especially cannot understand a word! Doesn’t matter – no big deal really. Not the first time and it will not be the last.

    But if it had been something expensive in a classy cafe or restaurant, then maybe I would stir up a storm over it…unless it is something I don’t mind having, then I would just let it pass – after making my unhappiness known to the people concerned, of course. Has happened before.

  11. Oh dear.. my office pc can only open two pictures here.. one is the town and the other one Rose’s foochow char… The noodles and the sauce looks good enough to eat.. didn’t see much meat though.. maybe they are “hidden” beneath?

    Censored? Cannot be shown on your halal computer? Muahahahahaha!!!!!

  12. i browsed thru the ebook .. nice! a lot of pages, a lot to read! i smiled at the dessert called ‘horse ears’ … and i’d like to try flying fox meat! 😀

    Eyewwwwwww!!!! But I think I ate that when I was small – good for asthma, they said and that was NOT all that I ate then. Ewekkkk!!!! Post on those horse’s ears coming up soon…Friday, I think! They’ve been called worse things than that. 😀

  13. I wonder when will tomato kuih teow be a thing in Klang Valley

    It has been around in Kuching for a long time – even way back in the 60’s – just making its appearance here…and I would say they’re not exactly the same, still room for improvement.

  14. Great to see that both of you have another meet up in Sibu. The noodles look nice. And there you go, another promotion of the book. Hehe. Thank you for the link. 😊

    Yup…since there is the new ebook version, I thought I’d share the info here… Will share it again in two days’ time, and that’s it.

  15. E-book, great, i can download that.

    Your tomato kway teow and kolo mee looks so good. yum!!

    No worries, will reserve a copy for you too…if your mum has not gone to get one for you, that is. She extra-efficient one. Hehehehehehe!!!!

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