Amor, amor, amor…

When Quay Po came to Sibu recently, she gave me this big bag of pasta…

From Quay Po 1
*recycled pic*

Correct me if I’m wrong for I’m quite hopeless when it comes to these things but I think what she gave me was what they call armoniche caserecce

From Quay Po 2

…and so far, it had been sitting there as nobody had bothered to cook it all this while.

Melissa, my daughter, came home for the holidays last Friday and she was itching to get down to doing some cooking. She used to do that a lot in her studio apartment in Wellington, New Zealand where there was a kitchenette and she had an electric cooker, a microwave and even a fridge…but she had not had the opportunity to do so since she went back to the institute in Sungai Petani as nothing is provided there and actually, cooking is prohibited in the hostel.

She got down to it right away as soon as she got home and made use of the aforementioned pasta to come out with this baked dish…

Melissa's baked pasta

This was what it looked like inside…

Melissa's baked pasta - inside

…and I helped myself to a serving…

Melissa's baked pasta - one serving

…and a second one and a third. It was indeed very nice and I loved it  a lot…and I’m not saying it just because I am the father.

Don’t ask me for the recipe though for I do not have the slightest clue as I left her to do it all by herself in her kitchen. Like me when I cook or for that matter, when I do anything, she prefers to go about it on her own without anybody breathing down her neck.

Hmmm…I wonder what she will cook next. Yummmm!!!!!