Little bit of this, little bit of that…

I was down with a cough around two weeks ago. It was not really bad, worse at night when I was trying to sleep, but I had this lump in my throat that hurt terribly when I swallowed. Because of that, I had to go for a soft diet most of the time – porridge, and to go with it, I went out and bought myself a bottle of Bovril.

I have not bought Bovril nor Marmite for a long long time now as they are really not all that affordable anymore. Well, now that I had that in the house, one morning, I cooked some Bovril mee sua

Bovril mee sua

I missed eating that!

As a result of my ill health, I had to miss my alma mater’s annual reunion this year held on Saturday – for once, they invited the retired teachers and I got an invitation to attend. I missed the one last year too but I did go to the one in 2013 and also in 2014. However, I did not feel up to it when the day finally came so I had no choice but to miss it again this year. A cousin of mine in Kuching flew in for the event and she brought me this bak koi

Bak koi from aunt

…that her mum made for me. That certainly was so sweet and nice of her, thank you so very much, Auntie and thanks to you too, coz, for carting it all the way.

Incidentally, the other day, I spotted this red-leafed hibiscus hybrid…

Red-leafed hibiscus

…outside my neighbour’s house and I thought that was very nice. I’ve blogged about the different varieties here and also here but this was the first time that I had seen one with red leaves. Has anybody seen anything like this before?

We had not been here for quite a while now for the simple reason that we had not come across anything there that was worth going back for but I heard that the beef noodles lady who was here previously had moved to a stall in the food court…

Beef noodles stall at Bateras Food Court

If I am not mistaken, she is related to the guy here, our favourite beef noodles place in town, and they all started off here a long time ago.

We decided to drop by after the church service on Sunday morning and my missus had the dry noodles…

Bateras Food Court dry noodles with beef soup

…with a bowl of beef soup. Obviously, they are not using kampua mee and have replaced that with their handmade noodles instead. You have the choice either to have it white (with light soy sauce) or black (with dark soy sauce). According to her, she prefers what we would usually have at our regular place.

In fact, we also shared the same sentiments regarding what we had – my girl had the beef noodles, soup…

Bateras Food Court beef noodles, soup

…while I had the mixed version…

Bateras Food Court mixed beef noodles, soup 1

…the one with beef plus tripe and tendons…

Bateras Food Court, mixed beef noodles, soup

…and they all cost the same – RM6.00 each.

However, minus all the parking woes plus the fact that it is free here…and the food court is more spacious, not so crowded and congested, we might just decide to come here instead should we feel like having this again.

Incidentally, I found that many of the stalls that were there previously had closed down and had been replaced by some other people including the very familiar char kway teow guy, the brother of the guy whose son used to be here a long time ago…and he sure seemed to be getting a whole lot of business – perhaps I would order something from his stall next time.

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23 thoughts on “Little bit of this, little bit of that…”

  1. As long the food is good and reasonable plus clean and strategic place, I would go there. Parking is important too.

    So unfortunate you miss the gathering. It would be fun to catch up with old teachers and ex-students.

    Bovril mee suah. Reminded me of the time I visited you and you went all the trouble to cook for me. But it is something different; I never tasted before.

    Yes, your son seemed to like it a lot. Not so nice that time, I used the dried mee kua – much nicer with dried kampua or the packet egg noodles. Mee sua is nice too.

    Disappointed that I had to miss the reunion, I was looking forward to it. Well, there’s always next year to look forward to.

    Indeed, no point going to a place so packed it would be hard to get a table and one would have to wait for so long. Even if it is nicer, it can’t possibly be that much nicer to merit the hassle. Harder if with kids in tow – they get impatient if not kept occupied on their smartphones or ipads.

  2. I missed eating that bak koi. Never saw them sold at the kuih stall. Bought quite a few times during my Church sale of work. Love it to bits. My son prefers Bovril to Marmite.

    I love Marmite but nobody in the house likes it – used to buy two bottles those days when they were so much cheaper. Can’t afford to do that now so just have to settle for one.

    Yes, don’t see bak koi much, even around here. Usually it is just the plain egg cake, sweet version.

  3. Ahhh, Bovril.. Plain white porridge with Bovril, my all-time favourite.. I love it, but kids don’t really fancy it.. If I’m lazy to cook porridge, I’ll mix Bovril into my Quaker instant oats, taste sedap also..

    I used to eat Quaker with condensed milk, have not been eating that for a long time now. Perhaps I should start and perhaps I can try the savoury version as well – they say oats are good for health!

  4. Hope you are getting better by now. Speaking of Kampua, I noticed some stalls were serving the sweet Chili sauce… I find it odd or perhaps, I’m accustomed to the usual Cili Padi + Soy Sauce combo

    Better now, thanks.

    Kampua mee is always with chili sauce – in the old days, the sauce came in big stone jars, very nice. These days, they just use Yeo’s, I think. Foochow fried noodles, you will get freshly-cut chilies with dark soy sauce…and Kuching kolo mee, they give you the sliced green chili soaked/pickled in vinegar…and Sarawak laksa you will get pounded belacan and a calamansi lime. Different, all of them.

  5. I’ve seen the red leaves plant before, when I went together with my mom to the places where selling various of plants.

    My first time. I wonder how it carries out photosynthesis. Maybe the chlorophyll is red, red those plants with red or leaves of other colours.

  6. Bovril mee sua, interesting. I have some mee sua at home, maybe can give it a try.

    Hope you get well soon.

    Much better than that night when I went out for dinner with HB, thank you. Still not 100% yet though. 😦

    You have Bovril too? Can give it a try. I like it this way – nicer than how my mum used to do it when we were young – in Bovril soup!

  7. I haven’t noticed Marmite or Bovril in the supermarkets these days. Here, Vegemite is popular. Tastes about the same, I suppose.

    Not really. I am not fond of Vegemite but I know many from Oz & NZ prefer it to Marmite. I bought Bovril in Auckland once and my cousin brought me abottle before from Melbourne, so it is available there.

  8. Never thought mee suah can be prepared that way, interesting!

    Basically, they are what they are – noodles. Delightful change from the usual, served with traditional red wine chicken soup.

  9. bovril mee sua looks good. Now i have decided to get myself a bottle of bovril too, been too long since I tasted it.

    I love it, tossed with noodles or with porridge. Too bad it is so expensive now. 😦

  10. I have never seen that red leafed hibiscus. It is very pretty indeed! Hope you get well soon. I am also still recovering.

    Slowly but surely, can start to sing a bit without ending up sounding like a frog croaking. 😀

  11. It’s the super hot weather nowadays, have to drink lots of water and 100+ if perspired too much!
    Love the simple food you had there but still can eat beef tendon ah? Though have to abstain from beef , mutton , chicken and etc.

    You mean when sick? I dunno, I eat anything…just stay away from ice-cold drinks…so kopi-o, no peng…and 100+ is definitely out of the question.

  12. Hope you are fully energized by now… due to changes of weather, we are more prone to get sick.. just now when I was reading your post, I had to stop for a couple of hours. Why? I had to go out to get a plate of noodles because when I saw your first pic, I felt very hungry…. tergendala for a couple of hours to eat with my fren and now I am resuming to what I had left behind.. hahahaa..

    Muahahahahaha!!!! You are so funny. So hungry, poor thing! If that happens to me, I would just go and see what’s in the fridge, always something in there.

    Still lethargic, voice is slowly coming back, no more coughing, thank goodness. Old man, takes a little longer to recover, I guess. 😦

  13. Hope you feel better now. Ah, so that’s the big gathering last Sat, together with the girls school? My friend came back from bintulu had a hard time to get a hotel room! It seems most hotel fully booked. hahaha

    Bateras? Try the CKT there, I like it very much.

    Yes, that CKT guy has been around for a very long time now, even back when my girl was still in school. She loved his fried stuff, among the best known in Sibu. Trouble is he never stays very long at one place, moves here, moves there, moves everywhere – dunno why.

    Yes, I heard many were not able to get hotel rooms but there are smaller hotels all over, not bad also – they might be able to get rooms in those. Ching Ming and all these events on, I heard Methodist’s was on Sunday, the next day. Feeling much better now but still not 100%. Sighhhh!!! Old man, like that lah. 😦

  14. Oh it’s a shame you missed the event. I remember you mentioned it on your FB and it looked as if that would be a wonderful time spent with friends, but you must take care of yourself first. I’m glad you are feeling better and the food looks delicious, just like always.

    A few days ago, I made a glass noodle dish. I have no idea what I would call that. I did add bits of pork, garlic, onions and green beans and I ground up some spices and herbs in my mortar and pestle. My daughter loved the dish and even ate the rest yesterday. In hindsight, I should have taken a picture. I used that clay pot that I recently purchased and blogged about.

    My girl loves glass noodles but I have never tried cooking them in any way – would just add them whenever we have a steamboat dinner. Here, at the shops, it is served with fish balls. Maybe I can try what I can come out with and see one of these days.

    Yes, I was looking for some friend to give me a lift and yes, one did offer…but on second thoughts, I was not feeling well and might want to leave early and it would be so selfish to drag him away from his ex-classmates and all the fun they would be having, so I decided not to go in the end.

  15. Wow I cant even imagine Bovril nor Marmite in noodles, never thought of that. At first I hated these but as I stayed long enough here I start to enjoy it

    I love Marmite with porridge, Bovril’s nice with noodles – I’ve never acquired the taste for Vegemite, I’m afraid.

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