Walk on by…

Well, actually, I didn’t walk on by…

You see, that morning, I was in the vicinity of the shops in the Rejang Park commercial centre, quite undecided as to what I would like to have for breakfast. Nothing seemed to interest me at all until I was walking past this place…

JinJin Sibu

…on the ground floor of the complex where the now-closed cinema is. Don’t ask me why it is called a refreshment room and not a coffee shop or at least, a refreshment shop for I really do not know.

Now, what happened was that I noticed that everyone was eating the char kway teow (fried flat rice noodles)…

JinJin char kwayteow 1

…and they seemed to be enjoying it including one elderly woman who was gingerly picking out all the pieces of meat and eating everything else in the dish. She probably had no teeth and could not chew anything too hard for the likes of her.

In the end, I decided to give it a try myself so I ordered a plate of the same from the stall there…

JinJin char kway teow stall

Well, I must say that it was very well-done. It should be pretty obvious from the burnt bits of the kway teow that it would have that much coveted wok hei fragrance that many love a lot…

JinJin char kway teow 2

…and at RM3.00 a plate, it was worth having that for breakfast though if I were to cook that myself, I would probably add more bean sprouts…lots of chili and perhaps, prawns and cockles as well but then again, I am sure I would need to spend a lot more if I would want to have it my way…

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

21 thoughts on “Walk on by…”

  1. it looks lots of work hei..
    yup i like lots of tauge too…
    last time i love to eat cockles but now already stop eating…..
    mayb just a precaution.. age is catching up…..
    so i eat char keow teow i ask them not to put cockles… 😦

    Oh? I prefer prawns to cockles…but my daughter loves them, so when there are cockles in the ckt, I would usually single them out and give to her. πŸ˜‰ Wah!!! So health-conscious kah you…???

  2. i guess it’s been a while since i had char koay teow.. in fact when i have char koay teow i don’t really like koay teow itself, too oily, i instead go for just the yellow noodles alone for char koay teow, haha!! and RM3.00 for that, super cheap~~

    Come, I fry for you…not oily one. Usually, the ones outside…oily plus overdose of msg. I think I can fry better… ;

  3. My local haunt. The kampua and pian sip are pretty good too…well, to my taste anyway.

    So I’ve heard. Actually, I quite like the kampua at a number of places in that area. Not bad, all of them. Ya…I saw your hunk of a brother about to leave the house to go to work that morning. LOL!!!

  4. From the burnt bits of the kway teow, one can tell that the wok hei fragance is there. I love lots of bean sprouts in char kway teow too but not cockles. Would be better if they can add an egg to it. Yummy!!!!!

    I think they had egg in this one, just not much and not many bean sprouts either… but it was tasty and for RM3, I wouldn’t complain. Ya…of course you would not touch cockles…nor pork belly. LOL!!! πŸ™‚

  5. Very cheap! Over here no more RM3 fried koay teow with meat.. unless it is just fried with an egg, that is what my girl usually orders…

    Aiyor, no meat where got nice taste anymore? If no (minced) meat when I fry, I would use prawns instead…

  6. Yalor how would Mr. Art juz have walked-on-by?! Wahahahaha

    Char kuey teow with burnt bits…. simply heavenly! And RM3 is a true blue deal!

    Have a good weekend Cikgu! πŸ™‚

    LOL!!! You know me so well, eh? Nice and cheap, couldn’t ask for more… Yummmm!!!! You too, enjoy your weekend.

  7. Ohhhh…I would love that very much and in fact I would have ordered for extra chow-tah. Did they fry it with pork lard?..that would be an extra point πŸ™‚

    No idea, just that it tasted good. I know in Penang and elsewhere, they melt the fat to get the lard and then fry the kway teow in it, crusts and all. If Melissa were to go with me, I would have to order a plate that’s especially burnt – she loves it that way.

  8. Wow…RM3 damn cheap lah! Some got all the ingredients of course minus the eggs…he he he. In Penang, the char keoy teow can go up to RM7 to RM8 per plate! πŸ™‚

    I know. Branded ckt mah…so famous. LOL!!! πŸ™‚

  9. for RM3, i prefer toasted bread with hot teh o πŸ™‚ simply healthy!

    Healthy? Throw in two eggs and a banana and then I would say it’s healthy. Toast is just carbs, no protein, no roughage…and watch out. And if you’re into bread, you’d better buy a breadmaker and make your own – those available in the shops are full of preservatives to prevent them from going moldy too quickly. I certainly would not call that healthy, I’m afraid…and other than that, I’m a kopi-o person. Tea makes me pee a lot…

  10. Reasonable price…..

    I think that’s the same everywhere for something like this – not prawns, no cockles but some may not do it very well. I do know of a couple of other places that are pretty good as well…

  11. Oh thats cheap, and look yummy too! must try it soon, esp now i foresee im coming to sibu a lot! Uncle can take me also there… can can? hehe

    No problem. Just let me know when you’ll be in town…but if it’s ckt you want, I know of one place that is a lot nicer, prawns, cockles and all. My missus says it’s nicer than what she had in Penang. πŸ˜‰

  12. RM3 is certainly cheap. Looks good, too. My favourite version is kway teow + mee goreng, semua pun mahu except bean sprouts πŸ™‚

    Why? They’re nice. Veg, fibre…and protein! If over there, I would push all the pork fat crusts to the side – not crazy about those. 😦

    1. Yeah, I don’t touch those pork fat crusts either. Over here, some vendors add in chinese sausage. I think it spoils the taste. Hey, I do eat vege, you know…just don’t like bean sprouts. hehe..

      Yup, Chinese sausage in char kway teow, not bad…but not too much lest the smell gets too overpowering. Ok, no taugeh for you then… LOL!!! For one thing, too much of it can lead to a gout attack! Had that once! 😦

  13. This shop had been there for many many years already right? Before i came to KL it’s already there, if i am not wrong, so that means, it’s more than 20 years? Rejang Park , i use to hang out there a lot and my music school was there too.

    Ya, I think it has been around for a long time though I don;t know if it’s the same people. It probably is…like the kampua stall on the other side of the cinema block.

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