My missus and I stopped by here for lunch as I wanted to order one whole vanilla mille crepe on behalf of Annie-Q  for her mum on the occasion of Mother’s Day. Sigh!!! I’ve been to this place so often and I’ve eaten most of the things on the menu that I would want to eat…and I can’t have the ones that I like either as that would mean that I would not have anything to blog about…unless I keep featuring the same things over and over again.

That was why I ordered the wanton QQ noodles – dry (RM6.20)…

NoodleHouse wanton QQ noodles - dry 1

…even though I did not really want to try that, just that it was something that I had not had before. Well, I think QQ is actually a transcription from Chinese (Hokkien) meaning “curly” or “firm/springy” depending on the intonation. I do not know why they call their pian sip (meat dumplings), wanton as these are not the same, not at all – the colour and texture of the skin are different and these are definitely our own local pian sip. Period.

Incidentally, I usually spell wonton or wanton as wantan for if I’m not mistaken, that is how it is pronounced in Chinese…and besides, as far as I know there is an English word, wanton, meaning excessive. Nevertheless, I decided to look it up via google search and imagine my surprise when I discovered that it also means “a sexually immodest or promiscuous woman”. LOL!!! Imagine asking a friend, “You want some  wanton or not?” Hmmmm…I didn’t know that! We certainly get to learn new things every day, don’t we? LOL!!!

Anyway, back to the noodles that I had…

NoodleHouse wanton QQ noodles - dry 2

…I must say that it was just so-so, nowhere near the noodles that I would cook for myself in the morning for breakfast. The deep-fried pian sip…or if you insist, wanton, were good though – nice and crispy.

I also ordered the wanton soup (RM4.20)…

NoodleHouse wanton soup 1

…and although the soup was nice and the dumplings were tasty, the skin was a bit too thick and hard – not soft like the nice pian sip that I can find at a  couple of other places in town. I have seen on more than one occasion people rolling the pian sip skin to make it flatter and thinner before using it to wrap the minced meat inside – perhaps, the people here did not do that and just used the skin the way they got it from the market…and hence, it wasn’t all that great to me…

NoodleHouse wanton soup 2

I must say that I prefer the fried ones a lot more.

My missus had the sizzling black pepper beef kampua that I have always recommended to friends who drop by this place – in my opinion, it is one of the best choices that one can find on the menu…but the price has gone up from RM8.80 the first time I had that to RM9.20 now (and it certainly looks like they do not give as much beef as before anymore)…and the kompia with pork belly/three-layer pork has gone up from RM3.90 to RM4.20 for a set of three.

I certainly hope that they will not make a habit of this – increasing their prices according to their whims and fancies or I would have to look for other cheaper watering holes in town, never mind if the food isn’t as nice – as long as it is something that an old man like me, surviving on my measly pension, can afford. Tsk! Tsk!!!