What’s your name…

My young friend, Nicholas, was back in Sibu recently to visit his grandparents and we were able to go out and grab a bite of something to eat before he left to go back to the UK where he is currently studying.

My missus and Melissa came along and his sister too…and we went to this place which despite its name, hasn’t got that many choices of noodles on their menu. I ordered their wanton QQ noodles (RM6.50)…


…which I vaguely remember having had before and was not all that impressed by it. Well, I still think it isn’t anything to shout about plus the noodles were slightly overcooked – I sure would prefer them a little bit firmer…or as they say, al dente.

Nicholas had another noodle dish – their sizzling black pepper beef kampua (RM9.50) that I insisted he should try and yes, he said it was nice. His sister wanted  their porridge and Melissa and the mum shared their seafood cheese baked rice (RM16.90)…


…which they said was not as nice was what I had – the pork chop version plus the seafood was hard, probably overcooked.

I thought the golden wanton (RM6.20) was overdone too…


They look fine in the photograph but either we were seated in a dim corner that day or they actually looked a darker shade of brown to me, not golden at all. They tasted fine though and I guess that was all that mattered really.

On the other hand, their dry-fried dumplings (RM8.90)…


…were under-fried – only on the bottom unlike when we had those a number of times before…but as in the case of the wantons, they tasted all right. I wonder if it was one of those days when the chef was not in his element or there was quite a crowd at that point in time and the kitchen hands simply could not cope but for a place like this and at those prices, I do think there should be a fair amount of quality control or people may start going elsewhere instead.

We had the mille crepes for dessert – their rum and raisin (RM7.80) and the tiramisu (RM9.00)…and yes, everybody agreed with me that the former was the much better choice.

It sure was nice seeing you again, Nicholas and to your sis, glad to have made the acquaintance. I do think it is so sweet of you two to come all the way to spend your holidays here in Sibu just to keep your grandparents company. Frankly, the likes of you are few and far between in this present day and age, I would say.

Anyway, to get back to the topic of names, this place certainly has a good one…


Untong in Malay means profit so as far as the name goes, that certainly augers well for this particular business enterprise and I would think it is most likely the case as it has been around for quite sometime now – two years, at least and it does seem to be going on strong.

I don’t frequent the place though despite the fact that I live pretty close by but that morning, I dropped by the place to meet a friend to discuss some personal matters and we had some steamed paos (buns)…


…with our drinks.

I had the meat one…

SP - meat

…and I would say it was very nice – both the skin and the filling, nicer than the celebrated ones at Hua Kiew Road here. I don’t know the price, I’m afraid as my friend picked up the tab so I can’t make any comparison in this aspect.

I saw these plastic miniature food models on the counter as we were leaving…


…and I could not resists snapping a photograph of those – I thought they looked so real and so very nice.

Of course, there have been places around here that I have blogged about before and there would be some people asking why they have been named thus – like this cafe here…or this one. Whatever it is, as Shakespeare would say:
What’s in a name? That which we call a rose
By any other name would smell as sweet

…and to me, the most important thing is whether the food is nice or not, never mind what the place is called. I bet all of you would agree with me on this one, right?

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

29 thoughts on “What’s your name…”

  1. so long as the name of the pace is not “teruk” or “tahi”:P

    there is a place in Rawang called “try to eat”. seen it so many years and we have yet to step in 😛

    Hah!!! I often type Thai food as Tahi food – hope nobody makes the same mistake when making the shop signs. 😀 We have more! There’s Hao Ke Lai (Good come again), Eat comes first…and in fact, I usually go to Dick Hair Salon for a trim. Muahahahahaha!!!!!

  2. That’s too bad that some of the food wasn’t that great, but it was nice to meet up with friends and fellowship for a bit. One day soon, I’ll have to try and make steamed paos, will have to search online for a recipe. I bet my daughter would love those.
    Yesterday I made two types of samosa’s; spicy potato and beef. My daughter loved them. Since I didn’t make a lot, they’re all gone now, heh.

    You’re correct, that food does look real.

    No, my daughter’s not a fan of steamed paos – I am. She is more into anything that’s deep-fried…even though eating those may give her a sore throat. 😦 I bet she’d love your samosas… 😉

  3. WOW! Those ‘buns’ are perfectly shaped on that plate! The broccoli looks great – so GREEN!

    Nice. I like broccoli that way – not overcooked.

  4. Ung Tong originates from Kapit if I’m not mistaken. Their shop in kapit is famous for their buns. Kapit folks line up to buy their buns. If u go to kapit just ask anyone for “kedai untong” and they will surely know where it is. Cheers STP!

    Oh??? It’s that one, is it? I’ve been there – more than once, if I remember correctly. The shop is somewhere facing the market, same row as a hotel in the corner, the Ark or something. Cannot remember exactly but something like that. Always very crowded.

  5. Though it looks good to me but sad that it has all the negative review. At times, looks can be deceiving. Generous amount of meat in the pao.

    I notice that they keep increasing their prices – fair enough, the prices of everything are increasing…but they must make sure they do not shortchange their customers. One friend complained that she had their pork dish and got a very small piece – if they go on like that, I am pretty sure they would start losing the crowd very soon.

  6. Maaf cikgu.absent a few days. Jungle no Internet line. Mxs data also like chipsmores.

    Mmm rum raisin memang sedap. Ate too many times tiramisu so rum raisin a good change for me

    Tata….I c u again when m out of jungle

    Wahhhhh!!!! I thought connection over at your side all best one, not like what we jungle people here have to put up with?

  7. So many more outlets to explore, Arthur? Guess we have to diet first before flying over to Sibu… so much good food to offer.. hahaa…

    No need. Eat now, pay later… Diet when you go back. LOL!!! 😀

  8. I notice this problem too at some restaurants – inconsistency. Some days the food is really good and then the next time it is not as good. So it sort of make you hesitate to go there again especially when entertaining guests. I like that plastic food model, quite realistic like what they have at some Japanese restaurants.

    Yes, they look real, don’t they? Ya…what I know is at some places, they have a number of people doing the cooking so on some days, you may get a not-so-good one and what he dishes out may not be as nice as usual. Perhaps they should consider specialisation…and not leave things to their jacks of all trades. 😦

  9. That food miniature sure looks nice. But nice to see, not nice to eat?? Lol!

    Steamed meat paus!! I want! I like the soft paus with a lot of fillings. hehehe!

    You can drop by here, it’s very nice – behind Delta Mall, opposite Bread Sense (across the road). No egg inside though… 😦

  10. Manyak ungtong or not? hehe. I remember my aunt used to tell me the sound of chinese symball sounds like “un tong! un tong!” while malay kompang sounds like “tak tak untong ” Lol. Make sense right. hehehe…

    LOL!!! You heard that joke too? That was what I was saying in my reply to the earlier comment by Bananaz.,..just that I did not want to be specific. 😉

  11. hahaha, yeah, those plastic miniature cakes actually attracted me the most!! they look so real, i thought you didn’t have enough of those food and continued with this plates of desserts!! haha.. hmm, you should have asked the boss where he/she got it then you can have them at home 😀

    You want, is it? If you want, I’ll go and ask lah… 😉

  12. Look can be deceiving. How sad….cos the food looks good in your photo. e.g: seafood cheese baked rice 😦
    Yalor…the plastic miniature food models look real. I actually thought you eaten those desserts :-p

    If only they were real. I don’t think I would be having that pao at all then… LOL!!!

  13. Wanton Mee! My all time favorite, but must be complemented with some spicy hot sambal! 😀 😀

    There’s a whole bottle of that there, just help yourself. I didn’t touch it though – I would always want to enjoy a dish by savouring the original taste of the ingredients used and would not want to drown it all out with sambal – unless that is part of the whole eating routine, not an option according to one’s whims and fancies…or when something is tasteless or does not taste great and I would have to resort to some sambal to save the day. 😦

  14. ooo, rum and raisin millecrepe … i wonder if they used real rum in it, heheh 😀 ya, i guess ultimately, the food’s more important than the outlet’s name, though i also appreciate restaurants where the owners took some effort to think of a nice name, heh 😀

    Same question you can ask Baskin’Robbins regrading their rum & raisin ice cream – my favourite! Ya…some names can be misleading, some quite ridiculous…not just here but all over the world. Just got an email that day with a photograph of a place called Ball Brothers….and one would wonder what they sell.

  15. My name is henry… hahaha! The dumpling chao ta already but still underfried? That’s baddddd

    I don’t mind it slightly burnt – more fragrant that way. My bone to pick is the fact that the rest of the dumplings was not fried at all – might as well order the steamed ones then – for one thing, they’re cheaper. Oh? I thought your name’s Munkey? Hehehehehehe!!!! 😀

  16. Seafood cheese baked rice, looks so tempting to me! I love anything cheese!

    Both my missus and my daughter said it was not so nice – not like the one I had with pork chop on an earlier visit. That one was pretty good.

  17. The plastic miniature food is so colourful and nice. It reminds me of Japan.
    I think the food prices were not cheap with the small portions like the fried dumplings and Golden Wanton.

    Cafe mah!!! You pay for the nice surroundings, the aircon and all. I can get cheaper and just-as-nice dumplings elsewhere in the usual kopi tiam environment. These were what I had last year, same place – they certainly looked a whole lot nicer!

  18. The seafood baked rice looks awesome!

    Especially with the way they plated it with the prawn tails sticking out…it’s like “the cup overfloweth” except this is a bowl. 😀

    Not as nice as it looks unfortunately… 😦

  19. hmmmm..i only been to this place once. When look through the menu i want everything, but when real thing come, i think it just taste so so. If i will go again, i will try their dessert instead.

    Ung Tong? Ok, will tell my mum to check out this place. 🙂

    Yup…will have to know what is nice and what isn’t – will be able to narrow down to only a few items, actually. The desserts are good, of course…and I like the pork belly kompia plus a few other things there. All the rest, can just give them a miss. 😦

  20. the second dish as well as the wanton was very scrumptious looking
    and the pictures speaks for itself, as for those miniatures at first i thought it was real
    i was fooled by it

    Ya…they do look real, don’t they? 😉

  21. Ohh…is that the gyoza? I just realized I don’t know how to cook it in a proper way. What I did was just pan fried it and served. Then HB said I need to put some water to simmer it in order to bring up the moisture of the dumpling. Silly me…only know how to eat gyoza..ahaha

    Don’t ask me, I wouldn’t know either. Not really a fan of those – will eat but you would not find me ordering them for myself.

  22. agree, its the food and service that matters… 🙂

    btw.. I also cannot stand over soft noodles… its like eating gooey starch…

    Maybe in years to come when I’ve lost all my teeth…but not right now. 😀

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