Somebody told me…

Somebody told me the the mee sua at this coffee shop here is very nice so I just had to drop by to give it a try.

It is the standard practice in most, if not all, of the coffee shops and restaurants here to bring out the cutlery dipped in a mug or glass of hot boiling water and at some, they will give you the water and you will have the choice of either the plastic spoon and chopsticks or the stainless steel fork and spoon from those placed in a special holder on the table. You help yourself to whichever you want to use and promptly dip them in the water yourself. So it was at this particular coffee shop…and I was quite tickled by the mug that they were using that morning…


That’s really so cute, don’t you think? LOL!!!

The coffee was pretty good that day…


– not exceptionally fantastic but it was good enough for me which is more than what I can say about the same at some other places in town. Even if it is just a glass of coffee that you want, what more to say the things that you would like to eat, you really must know where to go so that what you get would be to your satisfaction.

So how was the mee sua? Well, exactly like what my friend told me, it was red in colour, very very red indeed…


…but these days, it’s not the colour that I’m looking for but the fragrance of the traditional Foochow red wine used.

I’ve been told that if I use the cheaper version of the wine – the one that has not been completely filtered and there is a bit of the ang chao residue in it,  then, my mee sua would be red in colour…but not necessarily fragrant compared to if I use the very much stronger unadulterated clear (or light red or orange, to be exact) red wine.

Thankfully, there was some of that red wine fragrance in what I had that morning…


…so I quite enjoyed it and there was a lot of ginger used in the cooking of the soup. All things considered, I would say it was good enough but at RM6.00 a bowl, I thought that was a little bit steep. Perhaps, if they can reduce the amount of mee sua in the bowl and the number of pieces of chicken from 3 to 2 and have more of the very nice soup, they may be able to sell it at RM5.00 a bowl which I would think is more reasonable by our local standards.

After having had my fill that morning. I headed on home…and it so happened that the postman was doing his rounds along my lane at that point in time and he gave me my mail…and among the bills (What else? Tsk! Tsk!), there was this very-much-welcomed relief…

You've got mail

…and inside, there was this very lovely souvenir key chain from that “fine” republic down south…

From Claire

…from my dear friend, Claire, in Ipoh who was there recently over the Independence Day weekend.

Thank you so much, Claire…and thank you especially for remembering me when you’re out there having all that fun. I owe you one! 🙂

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29 thoughts on “Somebody told me…”

  1. Nice Mee Sua! I thought you mentioned before that you dislike ginger?

    I don’t mind the taste but I do not like it if it is over-powering. Some things can only go with ginger, not that compatible with other things and traditional Foochow red wine chicken soup is one. When my missus cooks it, she likes pounding a whole lot of ginger for a stronger ginger taste…and I don’t like it either when the ginger is cut into thin strips. I don’t like EATING or biting into the ginger…and would spend all the time picking out the bits or strips. The one here was sliced so I could easily pick out the slices and put them aside. In fact, when I cook the soup, I would use the ginger in one big chunk, bruised.

    Local ginger is stronger, the dirty ones that are still covered in earth/soil and require much cleaning – will have to use less compared to the clean ones, imported from China or dunno where.

  2. Slurppp!!!..looks good for a cold morning. Sometimes I wonder why the mee sua looks so red and sometimes not. Learn something new everyday. Ya, a good bowl of mee sua is all about the fragrance and not the colour. Nice key chain from Claire.Weekend is here again.Have a great one.

    Same to you. Ya, now I know…having found out how my SIL gets her mee sua and chicken so red and since I know, I do seem to realise that the red ones sold outside actually lack the nice fragrance of the wine.

  3. I like the mug idea. It’ll change the customer’s feeling while tasting their beverages. Talking about mail, I’ve received your parcel. Thank you so much! 🙂


    The mug? That’s not used for serving the drinks…just boiling hot water for customers to sterilise the cutlery for use when eating the food. They do not have such practice in Kuching? I think this started when the late YB was the mayor in the town’s council…and it has been the usual practice here since.

    1. We have this practice too but ours is using plastic cup/glass. No cute mug like this one.

      That may vary between coffee shops.

  4. Perverted? hmmmm… I dont think I will like.. but I will surely lLOVE to have an ang ang foochow misua this morning… it is very cooling over here this morning!

    I am waiting…and all the mee sua that you want! 😉

  5. See… Now u r her number 1 fan oredi… Can kick start back ur project…

    What? What? I’m sure she gave you one as well…and a lot more! 😉

  6. I loves that mee sua, there a stall in Chinatown, that sell the mee sua as in your picture, but without the egg and ginger, at S$3…

    That’s RM7.50! Cheap!!! Unlike the ones in KL – nothing less than RM10, all wine – different from ours…so intoxicating and sweet! Not nice.

  7. so sweet of Claire, which reminds me, I need your address to send you gifts too. :P..

    the mee sua dish is really red, a bit off-putting, but I guess if its good, we can overlook the colour 😀

    No lah, no need to send. When I go over, we can meet up and you belanja me eat, good enough lah. 😉 Yup…I agree – not really fond of it looking sooooo red but if it tastes good, then it’s ok by me.

  8. Wow! that mee sua sure is red. I am done with mee sua once I am out of my confinement. haha. Enough of mee sua. lol.

    That is indeed a very cute mug. hmm. Are they indirectly talking about you? 😉

    Hahahahaha!!! Maybe. 😉 Ya, I know…having to eat it every day….after 30 days, I am sure you would not want to eat it for a long long time. I have friends who would insist that I eat up everything…so they would not have to eat for that day – so sick by the mere sight of it.

  9. oh, i got that keychain from Claire too!! and that “love letter” too, of course, hehehe~~

    Hehehehehe!!! She certainly is most generous and kind!

  10. I love ang chor. Cook it with chicken or poach an egg in it. Yum!

    You mean any chiew the wine or ang chao, the residue? Or ang cho – red dates?

    1. Ang Chao! lol

      You have that in Singapore? We do fry meat with that, nice…but for poached eggs, we have the egg drop soup with ginger and the red wine – also served with mee sua but we do not add ang chao for that.

  11. That looks like a cross between Sitiawan’s ang jiu mee suah and Sibu’s ang jiu mee suah, which reminds me that I didn’t get to eat any mee suah during the recent trip home .. aaaaaaahhhhhhh!

    Personally, I preferred Sibu’s anytime over the Sitiawan’s. Sitiawan version redder as they usually use ang jiu together with ang chao, and sweeter too.

    You didn’t? Most people would buy a lot of the mess ua to take over there…and as many bottles of the ang chiew as they can carry. Their mee sua not the same…and can’t get our Foochow ang chiew there. Yup…Sitiawan’s kompia looks so different too…quite miserable looking and those who have tasted say not as nice as our Sibu ones.

    1. Frankly speaking, in Sibu, I never ever eat ang jiu mee suah other than home cooked one. This round needs to entertain the guests, and too many foods to try, so didn’t get to it. But I did bring some mee suah back, but not the ang jiu.

      As for Sitiawan’s kompia, it’s like comparing kolo mee and kampua. They got similarity yet they are different stuffs. Which one is nicer, kinda depend on the one who eat it. I’m going back to Sitiawan more often than Sibu, so I had a fair share Sitiawan’s Foochow food. As for which one is tastier … ehhmm, let just said I prefer the food I grow up with .. :p

      Ya, never mind where they tell me is very nice…so far I find that the nicest would be the one we cook ourselves at home. Hehehehehe!!! Oh? Your in-laws from Sitiawan? I thought they’re from Ipoh? Dunno Sitiawan, but Ipoh food is nice and not expensive…anytime better than KL.

      1. Yup, my in-laws from Sitiawan, but they are not Foochow. FIL is a Hakka (his mum is a nyonya), while MIL is a Hainanese. People usually go the Sitiawan for its seafood, as it is the closest town to Pangkor Island. Unfortunately, Sitiawan food is quite expensive, in fact it may be more expensive than KL … haiz. Hubby blamed it on tourists saying that they usually exclaimed how cheap is the food until in the end the restaurant owner raises the price .. hahaha

        I see. Wahhhh!!!! More expensive than KL? No, thank you. Would love to drop by at least once though to try the Foochow stuff there – then, I’ll know the difference. No kampua in Sitiawan? Another place would be Yong Peng in Johore, lots of Foochow there too.

      2. Oh they do have their own kampua. But it’s nothing like those in Sibu. To me, it’s more like wantan mee but using different type of noodles … oh ya, they don’t have the white version..
        See for yourself..

        Yalor…not the same at all. Exactly like wanton mee – the shape and appearance of the noodles and also the dark sauce/gravy. Completely different from our kampua here. Bet the taste is completely different too…

  12. Can just send via the normal mail? haha, i’m an complete idiot when it comes to sending mails 😡

    Of course, but snail mail…you’ll get it in a week or two. Poslaju, the next day…but you pay at least 10 times more.

  13. Is a bit too red for me…Anyway, I still haven’t develop any fondness with this red wine noodle, yet.LOL

    Yup, I would prefer the chicken to be a bit reddish and not so much the soup. You tried mee sua when you were in Sibu or you had the one HB’s grandma cooked? Never tried hers so no comment. I’ve yet to find one outside that’s nicer than what we cook ourselves at home but there are a few that aren’t too bad.

  14. Referring to paragraph 2..I wonder why it’s not practised in our coffee shops here. After all, it’s not something tough wat :-p

    I like red wine mee suah! I agreed on this —> ‘it’s not the colour that I’m looking for but the fragrance of the traditional Foochow red wine used.’

    Indeed,not really a problem at all. Should practise – these little things really go a long way. Dunno where they keep everything after washing – night time got rats or cockroaches crawling over them…and then they just take and let the customers use.

    Ya, your hubby’s Foochow so you would have had the best at home – usually those outside, no matter how nice, not as great as our own homecooked ones.

  15. I really want to try the red wine mee sua. I think I had something like that with duck leg many years ago and I loved it a lot. Must find where to buy that red wine. When I first saw that cute mug, I thought one of your fans gave it to you 🙂

    If only… 😦 LOL!!!

    You’ll have to come over here if you want the red wine. Even the red wine from Kuching is not the same – good for cooking kacang ma, not as nice for chicken soup and mee sua like this.

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