You like it like that…

I have never been a fan of pan mien or handmade noodles. I remember some colleagues of mine were raving over the ones at a stall in town and I went to try…but I thought it was all right – nothing to shout or get excited about or at least, that was the case from my point of view. I remember going all the way here for the pan mien but again, although it was pretty good, it did not really turn me on.

However, I went back to the stall where I had the hay/har mee sometime ago to try their pan mien. I asked for the soup version (RM3.80) as I was told that it would be hand-torn, not cut with a knife or whatever and that’s how my NZ friend’s hubby, likes it…

SibuBusTerminal pan mien 1

I must say that it did not look very alluring or enticing owing to the fact that it lacked colour but when I tasted it, I found that the soup was really very nice…but then again, I always have this soft spot of nice clear soup.

SibuBusTerminal pan mien 2

This is where the lady makes the pan mien

SibuBusTerminal pan mien 3

…She used the roller to flatten the dough and then tore them into pieces to cook. I wanted to take a photograph of her in action but by the time I took out my camera, she was already done. Tsk! Tsk!

I was wondering why there wasn’t any fried ikan bilis (dried anchovies) in the noodles but later, I discovered them all buried underneath the noodles and the other ingredients…

SibuBusTerminal pan mien 4

Personally, I thought it was just all right. I did not quite like the noodles as I thought they were a bit hard like pek koi, not limp and soft like kway teow…and I did not like the cangkuk manis either as they were served whole and not torn or shredded so that made it quite hard to chew. All things considered, I think I would still go for the hay/har mee