Honey, I’m home…

Well, I’m home – back in Sibu, safe and sound and in one piece!

My daughter got to Wellington, New Zealand safely too and is currently readjusting her body clock  and resettling herself down there. Thanks so much once again to my NZ friend for meeting her at Auckland International Airport and taking her out for lunch before sending her to the domestic terminal for her flight to Wellington. I’m really thankful that I am truly blessed with such wonderful blogger-friends here, there and everywhere.

And talking about blogger friends, I met two for the first time on this most recent trip to KL – Isaac Tan and Bananaz…and I also met Annie-Q and her twins for lunch. Watch out for my posts on these encounters – coming soon! In the meantime, my sincere apologies to one and all as I was running here and there, doing this and that in KL and did not have time to bloghop and drop a comment or two on your posts – well, I’m back…and should be back into the old routine as well by now.

Melissa and I flew on Malaysia Airlines MH2715, 17th February from Sibu to KLIA. It was a pleasant flight and even though we did get the same Kit-Kat wafers, they were serving something different for lunch that day – a choice between chicken and fried rice or sweet and sour fish and steamed plain rice. My daughter chose the former, so I settled for the latter…but it was most disappointing. The fish had a heavy fishy smell and the boiled french beans and carrot slices by the side were extremely hard, almost uncooked. Melissa could not finish hers so I tried what she was having…and found that it was very nice – heaps better than the fish.

On my flight home, MH2718, 19th February from KLIA to Sibu, I had the chicken kusi and tomato rice

MAS chicken kusi & tomato rice

Yup, that’s right! They were still serving that same menu that they have been serving over the past few months, the other option being beef rendang and rice. The only difference was that we were given Cadbury Gold, instead of the usual Ferrero Rocher.

MAS dinner - Cadbury Gold

Never mind! At least, I enjoyed the flight – the cabin crew was great, always attentive, ready to serve, all smiles and very friendly…even though there was a patch of turbulence that we went through and it got me worried a bit when the captain’s voice was heard on the intercom saying, “Cabin crew, please be seated!” and the tone of urgency in his voice pressed the  panic button in me…and I quickly mumbled a few prayers. Thank goodness, it was all right after a while…and I did not end up as a news item in the next morning’s papers, praise the Lord!

Oh yeah! I must thank Mandy, Zee, Zul and Cash from my radio family who took time off to give me a warm send-off at KLIA. I will post on that as well soon…and believe it or not, those guys stayed on at the airport to eat and chat and have fun and by the time, I reached home in Sibu, they were still there!!! Crazy lot, aren’t we all?

Incidentally, they have these chairs at KLIA now…

KLIA - priority seats 1

…and it got me wondering whether I could qualify to sit there or not. Perhaps if I put on a dress, I might just be able to pass off as the one second from right…

KLIA - priroty seats 2

What do you all think? LOL!!!

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

30 thoughts on “Honey, I’m home…”

  1. Summer last year, I went back to Kuching. I flew with SIA (Singapore Airlines). The food drinks were marvelous. They hired 10 chefs from all over the world including the wicked Chef Ramsey (Hell’s Kitchen) to prepare a variety of foods. My fav food during that flight from HKG to Singapore was Shenzhen noodle with pork….I wanted to ask for second round but I was so shy…Anyway I managed to drink 4 glasses of wine during the whole journey back to Borneo…..MAS please upgrade your food!!!

    Well, beggars can’t be choosers. Flying out of Sibu, we only have a choice between MAS and the cheap airline and when it comes to the latter, no…thank you. Maybe I’m stupid or what but personally, good or bad, I would support our own airline unless it is really really bad which in my point of view, it isn’t. I’ve flown using other airlines and I do net feel there is much of a difference, plus I do not drink.

  2. You had chicken *kaisu* with tomato rice? muahahaha. Love the food served in the air no complaint from me in all my years flying around.

    Yup…the food is very nice (except for the sweet and sour fish) usually, just that they do not change the menu often. I was told that they do that once in half a year so imagine somebody flying regularly, a few times a month…and he would have to eat the same things over and over again.

  3. tQ for the mention and looking forward to see your next post about our good bad and ugly encounter hehe. So Mandy, Zee, Zul & Cash have their very own private seats at the airport huh, but errrrr guess none of them fall under this category leh hahaha.

    Unfortunately, no. I may qualify for the old man with a long stick category, I think… 😉 Muahahahahaha!!!

  4. You also not qualify no third leg yet until unless you bring along a tongkat *walking stick*. Age is just a number and you do not have only one gigi left bro still quite a lot …

    Got lah! But not so long one… Muahahahaha!!! 😀 Gigi in front still ok but all at the back, MIA liao…but obviously, that doesn’t stop me from eating. Hehehehehe!!! 😉

  5. The title sounds so “loving!” hahaha.. that is STP!
    So long I didnt sit on an expensive plane, the other time to Korea was also Air Asia.. tsk..tsk.. love the cadbury gold they serve.. gosh..next time guess i got to pay more to have a proper meal..
    Ok, will look forward to your coming interesting meeting-up posts…

    Read a post about an emergency landing in an army base in Danang and they could not repair the plane and another one came the following day to take the passengers to Macao, arriving one day late. I wonder what else has happened and we do not get to read or hear about it in the news.

    And all the students going back overseas after the holidays – missing their connecting flights owing to delays and cancellations and having to buy new tickets…and before that, the stress from having to worry about what will happen. I think I would rather pay more for safety, comfort and convenience…plus peace of mind.

  6. something new about the priority seat. must look out for it nest time.

    At KLIA…and you’re not qualified to sit on it – none of the 4 applicable to you! LOL!! 😀

    1. If I get pregnant… i sure qualified… but then again… even when i was 8 months pregnant, my tummy doesn’t show. U kno when I was pregnant last time, no one actually thought I was pregnant… they thought I’ve merely grown a bit chubbier…tummy so small… and not many give me those priorities that’s supposed to be given to pregnant ladies. Grrr! So susah back then…even sit in car oso police wanna cari pasal cuz I din wear seatbelts… walaoooooo!!! Pregnant woman pakai seatbelts… sakit lah the tummy!

      So skinny…and anak so small, how to see. If baby as big as me, see whether can see or not! LOL!!!

  7. LOL! I definitely would want to see you putting on a dress and sitting on the priority seats! That would surely raise eyebrows!! hehe.. Anyway, good luck to Melissa on her studies!

    Thanks. Hahahahaha….I certainly have the shape and the picture does not give any indication of the sex, so with a dress, I can pass off as somebody eligible to sit there. LOL!!! But I’m happy to say that those seats remained unoccupied…unlike in trains and buses…or even in parking lots, where people simply park their huge posh vehicles in those reserved for the disabled. Not just not civic-minded…uncivilised!

  8. Nice meeting up with you again, although is a rush one. Invite you for coffee but you don’t want, but end up you have it with Bananaz. *Hmmph hmmph hmmph*.

    hahhaha..just kidding, i know man and man got more things to talk. 🙂

    Priority chair? Oh..i should check this out today ya. 🙂

    Have a great week ahead, and won’t be visiting your blog till next week. See ya.

    Enjoy your holidays…but no, no, no!!! You are not qualified to sit there. Your twins are too big already…and you’re not expecting another one, are you? Wink! Wink! LOL!!! 😀

    I was a little worried as you asked me to go for coffee and Bananaz asked so many times. The Melanaus believe that we must at least touch if somebody offers food or drink (and they say coffee is the worse) and I would be flying that night. The last time I turned down coffee, I slipped on the steps at Sunway Lagoon and sat down on my butt, my elbow hit the upper step (lightly) and my arm bone broke into two. True or not true, I’m definitely not going to take the risk! 😦

  9. Nyahaha! Second from the right photo? I guess you will not pass. 🙂

    Anyways, welcome back STP.

    It is good to have you back and I am also thankful that you trip was safe.

    Praise the Lord, it certainly is good to be back. LOL!!! I guess if I wait a while longer I will qualify for the third one from right then… 😉

  10. Normally in-flight food is not nice.

    Hahaha….laughing at the last sentence….hmmmm. …. look like a 6 months preggie woman?

    The food on MAS flights isn’t too bad, no complaints…except for the fish that day. 6 months? No such thing…more than 9 months – 9 years overdue more likely. LOL!!! 😀

  11. i think de great of flying with MAS, we always get the best chocolate…LOL.

    The service is better too…most of the time – not like they’re in a hurry and their tempers are wearing thin.

    Once, I sat in a chair that could not recline (such a new aircraft and the button had gone missing), so I moved to the empty seat at the back – around the emergency exit…but I was rudely told to get back to my seat as I was not sitting there when they were briefing the passengers seated in that part of the aircraft – as if I had never flown and heard that so many times before…and anyway, they rattled on so fast, whatever would make them think that anyone was listening! Tsk! Tsk!

    On my MAS flight home that night, one of the rows in the emergency area was empty so I asked the steward if I could move to one of those seats and he replied so very nicely, “Of course, you can! No problem at all!” These little things make all the difference.

  12. Praise the good Lord she’s safe in NZ. 😀 And nice of Shereen too to bring her makan makan… 😀

    Yes, I’m so blessed…getting to know all these nice people who would go out of the way to help – like Mandy too and others as well.

    1. Actually, friends are blessed to have you in their lives too. I know I feel blessed to have you in my life.

      Thank you, thank you. I’m glad we are all so blessed…

  13. Good on you,Arthur.Must support our national carrier and not the other one.I am so afraid that our national carrier will go bust or will opt for no services flight as many other carriers around the world do as stiff competition from budget airlines.
    I think you’ll fit somewhere between picture 2 and 3 from right..muahahaha!

    No, not somewhere between…but both – pregnant and old. Muahahahaha!!! No sweat! See, when Melissa flew home for the hols, I got her to book MAS. Her coursemates using the cheap airline via Auckland and cities in Australia encountered all kinds of problem. Besides, MAS flies KL and from KL, it’s straight back to Sibu the next day.

    If to Kuching, even better – there is a connecting flight an hour or so later – can be home that same night. If miss the flight due to delay or something, they will put you up for the night at Pan Pacific or Concorde Inn, FOC! Best lah! Sibu, unfortunately – the next direct flight is 8 something the next morning. But using other airlines, have to go via Singapore to Kuching and then to Sibu…or through Brunei to KL and then to Sibu – all not so convenient for us here in Sibu.

    P.S. I heard that cheap ailrine – flights cancelled/retimed that day when their aircraft crashed/overshot the runway at Kuching airport…the passengers stranded at LCCT were only given free return train tickets to KL Sentral, nothing else.

  14. I support MAS. lol… y? Cuz I used to take that cheap airline… but once kena turbulance on that cheap airline, scares me to hell to take that cheap airline liao… I would have sworn macam that series… ‘Lost’. Scary man! Dahla terrible turbulence, the pilot sounded very panic…the air stewardess oso was not very assuring either…cilaka…no, no more cheap airline for me…MAS for me, tankiu. I had a couple of bad experience with that cheap airline…and my complaints were just brushed off just like that. Geram…

    Oh well, at least with MAS they would kasi me some free drinks or peanuts! Grrrr!

    *sigh* My daddy flying off soon… sobsob! Now is the time to call my mum and ask her make some of her nasi tomato for me. *evil grin*

    I thought you said you can cook your own nasi tomato, so very easy? You see what happened to the KL-Macao flight – I read that in somebody’s blog. Scary…and the worst thing is how come it was never reported in the news. Some major cover-up going on? Or that blogger posted a fictitious story?

    1. But tak sama wif what my mum cook ma…I like her cooking… even her fried eggs oso taste diff. =.=

      Actually that cheap airline banyak problem and banyak horror story la… just that ppl cover up alot. I wouldn’t say the blogger’s posting is fiction… cuz I oso kena so many horrible things when I was still using cheap airline!

      I’ve flown on it a few times – less than 10 after all these years…and thankfully, no problem – only when the rural air services in Sarawak were handled by their subsidiary – Fax – that one real pening kepala! Cancellations, delays…and their only excuse – they inherited the old lousy aircrafts from MAS. Bluff one, most of the time! Not enough passengers, just cancel the flight! Tsk! Tsk! They still do that – put the passengers from two flights in the same day onto one flight and things like that…or ask them to fly the next day.

  15. Aduh… O.K.U. punya seat kau juga nak rampas.. haha.. MAS low on budget perhaps XD?

    I am OKU…already old and extremely pregnant! Muahahahahaha!!!! 😀

    You mean the change in menu? A steward did tell me once that they only change around once in 6 months…but I don’t know when the six months will end and we’ll be served some new stuff. The chicken kusi and tomato rice is quite nice – after all, curry, by any other name, will taste as nice.😉

  16. Cleffairy, ya..don’t support that other airline…not safe…hahahah (jahat I hasut orang). Hubby’s friend was from another airline (a mat salleh) and just joined that said airline. He was on training and he wasn’t happy with the safety procedure ( he’s been flying for many years with many jet hours) and voiced his concerns. Guess what? ..he got suspended.See la..even their own people cannot say anything..apa lagi kita orang?

    My daughter simply refuses to use that airline…because she watched that show on Discovery Channel – said all the air disasters involved cheap airlines. Tsk! Tsk! Kesian bapa, have to fork out the dough to let her travel in style. LOL!!!

    But of course, if it concerns her safety and comfort, I would willingly pay. Besides, she does not spend on much else, so she certainly deserves a little pampering, minus all the unnecessary hassle. After all, it’s only money…and I’m not going to take it with me when I join the heavenly choir. 🙂

    1. Eeeee… another horror story about the cheap airline in my list! LOL. I used to take that cheap airline to balik kampung…. but I wasn’t satisfied with a lot of things….complain banyak dari puji…den one time, kena turbulence…the plane shake like going to split to two… den swear off the cheap airline liao… takut… sorry ye, I sayang nyawa… so TAK NAK to cheap airline!

      So far I’ve been lucky…no cancellation and once or twice only, delay…and that too, only for a while – less than one hour.

  17. lol so sweet one la ur title this time! good to hear u n daughter back to own place safely. 🙂 hahaha!! LOL @ Witch’s comment! :p but but… kinda agree wit her oso wor. mwahahaha

    You so romantic bah! LOL!! Wait till you see me in person baru you know – woman full term pregnant also kalah! LOL!!!

  18. at least there’s free food on your flight, budget flight doesn’t have any and passengers have to buy from them instead. 🙂

    why do you live in sibu and not KL? 🙂

    Born and bred here, worked all my life here and retired here. KL – not the kind of life for me…expensive, traffic jams, all the hustle and bustle…I think I prefer Sibu with its peace and quiet and life is slow and easy…and cheap.

    Ah yes! And that too, they have double standards – we can buy nasi lemak (see next post if you don’t know what that is) at RM8.00 but if you are flying from Australia, same airline, you have to pay AUD10 for that very same thing.

  19. The priority seats look quite low to me, it’s kind of inconvenient for the old folks or pregnant lady!

    LOL, thank God that you arrived home safely! I never like Airplane food though, but no choice hor if we need to take a flight!;D

    They’re just the usual airport seats…just that they put a cover over it. Have to block the seats for the special passengers bah! People will never give up their seats for them one…, the typical Malaysian. Even boarding – just called for passengers travelling with children, half of the plane load already gone in. I lodged a complaint via their website…and that night, it was a free for all…or maybe there wasn’t anybody in those priority seats so no need to ask them to board first. MAS food isn’t too bad really…just the same things for a longtime, never change the menu for so long.

  20. LOL @ putting on dress to pass off as pregnant woman!

    By the way, i had the same options for my KL-Kch flight last week. Only I opted for beef rendang cause MAS’ rendang is nice! Oh, and I much prefer Cadbury Gold to Ferrero Rocher….cause i don’t like hazelnuts.

    LOL!!! Ya….the rendang is also nice except that it goes with plain rice…and me too! I do not like Ferrero Rocher, would just take home and throw in the fridge. The missus will eat them eventually.

  21. You must be happy to meet them right? 🙂

    About the seat…I don’t think you are qualified….YET.

    Yes, I love meeting up with friends – old and new. Not yet? If considering the shape, already more than qualified. Muahahahaha!!!!

  22. Honey i’m Home Too!! XD

    LOL, thanks for mentioning and linking my blog, much appreciated STP!

    I think if I wore a dress I would be eligible to sit there as well!!

    Come back for the post tomorrow – it’s all about you. Chesh!!! You’re so very thin. And make sure you control…or else you will not fit into the penguin suit when the time comes.

  23. Actually, Cikgu… ur not that big lah. Bapak kucing bigger than u! 😛 And btw, today is his bday. LOL!

    And I was so happy to know that. And I’m not the oldest too, believe it or not. There ARE other bloggers older than me. Muahahahaha!!!! Ya, must wish him on Facebook…

  24. the MAS food doesn’t look appetizing, .. aiya i always use airasia one. no chance to eat MAS food.

    When it’s all packed like that, you expect it to look good? Like the nyonya kuehs I bought from KL – in plastic packs. Kesian…all looked terrible, kemek but tasted great. Wait for my post on those… Yum! Yum!

  25. you don’t need to wear a dress, just get a tongkat! Hey they are serving cadbury gold now?!! how can?!!! ish ish.. where’s snickers!!! lol

    You’re promoting knickers? I mean…Snickers? Muahahahaha!!!! Work harder – I may get that on my next flight.

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