Flying high…

I flew to KL on Friday last week on Malaysia Airlines MH2715 from Sibu to KLIA…

MAS MH2715

…and talking about the warm Malaysian Hospitality (MH), it was so very hot when I boarded the aircraft…

MAS MH is Malaysian Hospitality

…and it certainly did not help that the flight was slightly delayed by about 10 minutes. Thankfully, somehow or other, we managed to arrive at KLIA on schedule, so it was only a matter of 10 minutes and I was in no hurry anyway.Β Once airborne, it was not so hot anymore and the flight as a whole was smooth and comfortable.

The in-flight service was good…and I was impressed by this air steward, Clarence – I guess he was Indian but he spoke Mandarin very fluently and was very helpful in assisting the passengers with their hand baggage and what not.

Lunch was a choice between “chicken rice or sweet and sour fish” and from what it was called, I had expected something along the line of Hainanese chicken rice…only to be disappointed when I removed the aluminium foil and discovered this…

MAS inflight lunch

It was chicken all right, chicken fried in some kind of sauce and though it was not what I had expected, it tasted quite good. Anyway, I was saving tummy space for the dinner that I was going to have with my friends that evening.

My daughter arrived on Saturday night at KLIA on her Malaysian Airlines flight (MH130) from Auckland, New Zealand. Her flight was on schedule as well and the next evening, Sunday, we flew home to Sibu on the evening flight – MH2718…

MAS MH2718

Dinner was a choice between beef rendang with rice…

MAS inflight dinner 1

…or chicken kuzzi with tomato rice…

MAS inflight dinner 2

My daughter opted for the former, so I requested for the latter. It turned out that mine was nicer, so I swapped mine with her and I ended up eating the rendang instead. It was all right actually…tasting like what all rendangs would taste like, just that the kuzzi was nicer and it did not come with plain rice.

Along with the main course, we were also given Ferrero Rocher and a slice of fruit cake…

MAS fruit cake

…which my daughter did not want, so guess who had her slice. Hehehehehehe!!!!Β It seems that for lunch, you do not get these extras – just a bar of Kit-Kat.

Again, it was an uneventful flight…except for the baby that cried all the way from KL to Sibu and thankfully, they were sitting quite a distance away, so it did not bother me much. I seem to notice that sound does not travel as much on MAS aircrafts unlike those of the other airline where a few passengers engaged in a conversation would be enough to create some kind of coffee-shop atmosphere on board. We arrived in Sibu some five minutes or so earlier than scheduled.

Well, we’ll be flying to Penang, transit KLIA and back in December and I certainly look forward to such pleasant flights again then…

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

30 thoughts on “Flying high…”

  1. LOL… one thing I love about flying with MAS is that the passengers are much more docile and civilized. Not many will make noise and yak yak yak… most will opt to sleep, or read. While me… I prefer to write or play crossword puzzles while on board.

    I always prefer MAS to that cheap airline… used to take cheap airline to balik kampung… but there’s once, a turbulance in the air… and the cheap airbus rattled, omg, and the oxygen mask fell out from up there… cilaka… scares me to death and the scenes from ‘Lost’ and ‘Swiss Family Robinson’ flooded my mind immediately. KNS. Air stewardess and captain did nothing to assure the passengers too… so… goodbye cheap airline for me. No way I step into it again… cilaka, so takut!

    Experienced nasty turbulence with MAS before as well, but they’re much more professional and assuring. Even the captain spoke thru the speaker to assure us. And the aircraft tarak rattle til so bad like cheap airline… though the turbulence was said to be rather nasty.

    Hmm… and as for airline food… I dun really like it. 😦 Rather dehydrated… but MAS nasi lemak and nasi tomato is quite good.

    Never flew on the cheap airline through a turbulence before – touch wood! But even the sound is different – the Boeing has a nice sound like blowing air/jet…while the cheap airline’s Airbus sounds like the express boats we use to go upriver or perhaps, even like a motorcycle. Their aircrafts are supposedly new…but I have sat on seats that did not recline – the button’s stuck or gone missing and just yesterday, a friend posted a photo on Facebook – of one of the panels being held together using celotape!!!! If that is an indication of the maintenance they provide to their aircrafts, I don’t think they will be very new for long… Like cars driven by women, asal dapat jalan! Oops! Muahahahahaha!!!!! *runs and hides from the stones being hurled at me…

    1. I’ve flown thru turbulence with both airlines before… the one with cheap airline punya… walao… I really tot it’s going to crash. Cilaka! And the staff are not friendly too. 😦 And one would have thought that they have a standard for the pilot…the pilot would have to be fit and sturdy… but one of the cheap airline pilot… alamak… the size macam papakucing. You see oso sked… he masuk the cabin, the aircraft’s cabin summore will squeak. *PENGSAN*

      Size doesn’t matter – skill is what’s important. What I know is bad weather, MAS will not take risks…but the other airline will not waste time circling in the air and will just land. Dunno true or not, I heard people say that they do not carry so much fuel…so cannot go round and round in the air (and waste company’s money). Sort of it’s now or never kind of thing! 😦

  2. hi good morning… me on the way to penang shortly…when r u going to Penang in December?

    Aiyor…so soon – I will be there the 11th weekend… Hopefully, you will hop over too and we can get to meet again. Don’t think I’ll be going to Ipoh this time – no kind soul like Mandy to take me there… Hint! Hint! LOL!!!

  3. MAS, my favorite airline. They used to serve nasi lemak in economy and it was always delicious. Now the food’s been downgraded but so has the fare. It used to cost RM600 roundtrip to KL so I guess can’t complain. I had that fruit cake too, very good (Marcus, here we come). I think you spoil your princess too much! You gave her your food because it was better? But come to think of it, I’ve been guilty of that myself many times too.

    We get nasi lemak for breakfast if we take the morning flights. The food’s quite ok really…just the “crockery” and cutlery used. Well, I only have one daughter…and I only want the best for her. Don’t all parents do that? I remember when I was small and whenever we had chicken, my brother and I would get a drumstick each (and we would pretend to eat like cavemen), my dad would get the wings…and my mum would eat the not-so-popular breast meat. Then my sister came along and the drumsticks had to be chopped up – no more one each… 😦

    1. No, just wondering if you were going to be in Sibu when my son is there. Don’t have my FB acct anymore. Should I write to your old email?

      When is he going to be in Sibu? I’ll send you an email…so you’ll have an avenue to stay in touch.

  4. Ohhh, your daughter doesn’t like fruit cake? It’s delicious, specially the one with rum! Yummy!^-^

    Have a nice saturday morning!

    Somehow or other, she’s not into those fruits in the cake… Not a fan of raisins.

  5. Penang? NICE… see if I can make a trip there… πŸ˜›

    Ah! Would love to see you there… Come!!! Come!!! Let me know if you’re coming…must bring extra goodies from here for you as well. πŸ˜‰

    1. *whine* I wan go Penangggggg~

      Come! Come! Ask Cynthia to take you along in her boot! Muahahahaha!!! We can have bloggers’ meet there with the Penang bloggers. πŸ™‚

      1. Chamzzz… nid to start bodek Cyn and my hubby liao… I wan go Penanggggg… ooo… Penang I got many lobang to makan. LOL… mebbe I can hook up my teachers as well… LOL… ask them feed me! LOL! They sure boohoo see me punya… me still so scrawny… tarak grow since the last time they saw me. LOL!

        Really…if I had met you alone, I would think you were an abused and battered wife…but since I saw your whole family and they ALL look like that, it was obvious that was not the case…

  6. i just flew a few times recently and I miss flying again.

    Can use the cheap airline to Sibu – nice small place and lots of good things to eat! LOL!!!

  7. 10 minutes delay? You are lucky. Local airlines here in my country is delayed not 10 minutes but 20, 30, 45 minutes.

    There is a local airline here that is delayed by a day. ^_^

    Nice flight eh. I miss riding a plane. I just rode one last year.

    Ya…10 minutes o.k. Quite common as sometimes they may have some administrative or other things to see to before getting the green light to take off. Delays and cancellations more common with the cheap airline here – just yesterday also, another friend (not the one who took the photo of the celotaped panel) posted on Facebook – the morning flight cancelled and he had to take the evening flight and he was not informed. Usually, they will sms the passengers.

  8. Such a nice daddy…Mel is 21 and not 12 I guess we as parents will always treat our kids as babies no matter how old they are.
    Wait till I tell you the training…or rather the quality of those pilots from ‘the other budget airline’. Hubby used to do the training for them and MAS and private students. If you know the horror stories,you won’t dare to board their aircraft. From quality of the pilots to the maintance of the aircraft…everything is questionable. Once, while we were living in Bangkok and couldn’t get any other airline to go back to Bangkok, we had no choice but to take that airline. I swear to you I really thought if I were to die young, that would be the day. I would never again fly with that airline no matter how cheap the tickets are…and I don’t know why, I cringed when I saw the standard of passengers, their terminal and their steward and stewardess…especially when they go round with their black garbage bag and sometimes with rubber gloves on their hand entering the toilet. I have flown budget airlines in other countries but none as bad as ours. Flying was so romantic and wonderful experience before budget airline exist. Now, like their tag line says,’everyone can fly’ cheapen the whole experience.On the closing note, I wouldn’t say that ALL the pilots in the other airline are bad…there are some good and experienced one, but very few and far in between.

    She’ll always be daddy’s little girl, no matter what. πŸ˜‰ Eyewwww…don’t tell me all that! Like you, sometimes I may be forced to use the airline – all flights full, time not so suitable and considerations as such. Now, a bit better than when they first started – it was horrible…but still, cheap is as cheapo does. Don’t expect too much other than the minimum – to get from one place to another…and you will not be disappointed. Ya…those black plastic bags do send shudders up one’s spine… LOL!!!

    1. Actually nothing compares to Aeroflot. Flew that back from Europe once. Talk about dying young. The plane was nothing but a rickety old truck with two wings. Lucky no headline news from that flight.

      Ah yes! I remember that airline. My friends used to take that to fly to the UK as it was the cheapest. Well, when I was younger, I used the Fokker to Singapore…and KL – there were night flights certain days of the week when it would fly back to KL for servicing and maintenance – those flights were much cheaper than the normal day flights…

      1. Aeroflot is still around?? Isn’t that a Russian or Eastern European country airline? Sounds dodgy, like a Skoda of the skies. Hehe

        That’s a Russian airline, dunno still exists or not.

  9. Haha! I had the same chicken kuzzi when i flew back to Kch the day before you flew into to KL. I would have opted for the beef rendang but they had run out. I didn’t think the chicken kuzzi was anything to shout about – just tasted like chicken curry. Thought the poor boy’s (well, air steward who looked like he just finished form 5) pronounciation was so bad that he couldn’t say curry! Never knew there’s such a thing as kuzzi.
    And by the way, it has nothing to do with whether you’re flying on a day or night flight which determines if you’re getting kitkat or ferrero rocher and cake. MAS Catering Sarawak serves the kitkat and fruits (which i personally prefer) which MAS Catering KL serves the sliced fruit cake and ferrero rocher (both of which i loathe!)

    Oh? The cabin crew these days – the boys – can easily pass off as my students, all so young…or I’m so old, whichever. Hey! You get the same impression too? Hehehehehe!!!! Now, I didn’t know that… No wonder all out-going flights from Sibu, we get Kit-kat as the planes all come from Kuching. Eeee…the 7 a.m. flight, we get nasi lemak…overnight one then! Flies in from Kuching the night before…

    I don’t like Ferrero Rocher too – don’t like choc with nuts but I don’t mind Kit-kat. I like the fruit cake though – nice and moist. You don’t like the fruits too…like Melissa?

    1. i don’t like fruitcakes….except the ones i make. Haha! Cause i’m biased like that.

      Well, I don’t bake…and to wait for somebody to make, will probably have to wait till kingdom come…and I do not love it so much as to want to go out and buy…so I do like these once-in-a-blue moon treats on MAS flights. Bet yours would be a whole lot nicer. Christmas is coming, isn’t it? Hint! Hint! LOL!!! πŸ˜€

  10. December ah? what date? 25/26? gng to drop by Ipoh or not?

    Christmas – have to be at home lah! Even though not really celebrating – we need to be around, keep my mum happy…

    1. *sobs* the kucing’s family going to Ipoh on that date if not wrong… while me… I have to be home la… Xmas, celebrating… bapak balik.

      Oooo…then she will meet Claire – sure Claire will take her for BIG makan – she’s such a nice and generous lady one…and Elin too – I wonder what cakes she’ll make for Christmas… Sigh! Wish I could be there too. 😦

      1. *sobs* Come, we sit one corner and cry together. LOL!

        No lah…I’m not sad. Back home, I can spend quality time with my anak…and we can plan and cook for a nice Christmas dinner together like the one we had last year. Yum! Yum! Ya…you go ahead…sit in the corner and cry alone! Muahahahahaha!!! πŸ˜€

  11. Your daughter will go back to study in Penang?

    No, one more year in NZ…and then 2012, she will go back to SP for brainwashing (as they have been overseas and exposed to “negative elements”) and teaching practice and what not… Right now, she’s back for her summer holidays. We’re going to Penang to attend a niece’s wedding and for a short holiday.

  12. Ah Yuuu!! such nice food in MAS, kah?? from KL to Sibu??
    I had a few times those fast food hamburger style, from KL to Kuching YAK!! with kit-kat for dessert.

    Fast food? Hamburger? From KL to Sibu? When was the last time you came home? I remember once they served some horrible burgers and sandwiches in a very nice box – I guessed they had too many complaints, so in the end, they went back to more or less what they used to have before.

    1. fast food from KL to Kuching!! you read it correct! Those were those fatty burgers and sandwiches (gee-lick, lah!!) in a very nice box. I was home this 2010 Feb and last year, too. What would a first time Malaysian tourist think??? first impression of Malaysia???? Malu,eh?

      Last year and this year, no more burgers and sandwiches leh? That was quite a few years ago… ALL the time, I would get quite decent meals like those in my post…even when I had to fly transit Kuching to Sibu before. You’re sure you flew MAS or were you on Air Asia on which you would have to buy your own meals…or you’re confused with some other sector or airline?

  13. LOL… here… I curi-ed ur pic and ur cousin’s pic to put in my blog…

    And for a moment, Pete tot ur cousin was me. *PENGSAN*

    I saw that… that fella’ mabuk with work already…and he thought we’ll be going to Penang because my daughter’s going back there to study…

  14. ah the fruit cake brings back memories…my mom always made fruit cake around this time of year in preparation for Christmas. All the candied fruit, raisins, currents and a little bit of rum (I think) was big deal and an annual ritual. As a kid I was never a fan and by the time I realized that this was something special, I was only able to enjoy it for a few years…such is life.

    You didn’t like it? I loved my mum’s fruit cakes and her dark fruit pudding – lots of fruits and brandy. Yum! Yum! She can’t make them anymore…so none for me to enjoy. Sobs!!! 😦

  15. MAS always give out Ferrero Rocher rite? I got it like in all of my MAS flight! πŸ˜€

    Well, according to an earlier comment, all flights going out from KL – not those from Kuching or here…we get Kit Kat!

  16. oh! no! the flight from Frankfurt to KL was ok (typical Malaysian food) but the connection flight (meal) was terrible. My hubby was there, too. No Air Asia. All MAS. You have the luck to have such flight meals.

    Ya…never had sandwiches and burgers before except at one time when the airline was making BIG losses and trying to get out of the red…but that was only for about a year, I think – 2007/2008, if I remember correctly. After that, no more…

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