4 in the morning…

Thankfully, it was not 4 in the morning but a bit later, at 7 o’ clock…

Bukit Bintang KL 7 a.m.

It would still be dark in KL – like 6.00 a.m. in Sibu and here, by 6.30, it would be as bright as day already.

At the hotel where I was staying in KL, complimentary breakfast is served from 7 till 10.30 a.m. daily. Some hotels may start a bit earlier at 6 or 6.30 a.m.

My daughter would prefer to sleep on till late and go without breakfast while I would be up and about by around 6, so I would usually go alone and have breakfast for two. That first morning in KL, I had the nasi lemak (RM13.50)…

Bintang Warisan KL - nasi lemak

…which wasn’t too bad except that they did not give enough sambal and the rest of the stuff for that huge amount of rice – unlike the previous occasion when I had the “double”.  Still, it did not change the fact that it was quite good and the rice was fragrantly lemak (rich in santan/coconut milk) unlike the very first time I had it there – I thought it really was not worth the calories then; perhaps they have changed the chef and they now have somebody else doing the job.

I also had the three-egg omelette (RM8.50 on the menu)…

Bintang Warisan KL - three-egg omelette

…with mushroom, cheese and onions but unfortunately, I found it somewhat bland. I am pretty sure that I would do a much better job at cooking an omelette.

The second morning in KL, I was alone as Melissa had left for New Zealand the previous night. My blogger friend, Isaac Tan, had suggested getting together that very night after I had come back from KLIA but it was running late and I counter-proposed that we could meet for breakfast since I had vouchers for two. He agreed and said that he would come at around 8…or was it 9?

Then he remembered that he had an appointment to go somewhere with his wife at 11 so we had to meet earlier…at 7. No problem for me as I would be awake by then…but he got up late and sent a message saying that he would only be at the hotel by 7.30.  Well, I was not surprised – young people…and newly-weds some more. “I know what you did last…night!” Hehehehehe!!!!

So there we were in the cafe at 7.30 having breakfast. Isaac had the nasi lemak and I had the set American breakfast (RM13.50) for a change…

Bintang Warisan KL - American breakfast

We spent quite sometime getting acquainted…and taking about this and that and by around 10, I reminded him that he had another appointment at 11…and so he left.

It certainly was nice getting to meet you in person, Isaac and hopefully, we will meet again someday. At your wedding reception in Penang perhaps? Wink! Wink! LOL!!!

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

28 thoughts on “4 in the morning…”

  1. ROFLOL… Cikgu, you do enjoy attending weddings, don’t you? 😛

    ps: What were you doing fb-ing at 3pm++ in the morn? Kenot sleep kah? Or u feel unwell?

    See! Last year, attended so many weddings…and before the Tiger Year ended, I struck lottery. Got ong lah…all that joy and happiness, all the good vibes.

    3 a.m. lah…ooi!!!! Had to go and sit on my throne, emergency…so in the meantime, facebook via mobile lor! Multitasking, they call it! Muahahahahaha!!!!

    1. *faint* Alamak… ya, 3am… the 3pm is MY time. *pengsan* Aiyo…emergency onli kah… I tot wud happen y u still awake that hour. ROFLOL.

      U hebat ah… masuk throne room oso bawak handphone… tsk tsk tsk… talk about multitasking!

      Time is precious…cannot waste! Oops! Excuse the pun! LOL!! 😀

  2. nom3, eat nasi lemak with omelette ka?and have egg again next day, wow 5 egg in two day.hehehe. the nasi lemak look yummy..

    Never mind… I know people cut down on everything and in the end, they turn allergic to all kinds of food – even eggs. Just eat a little, all rashes. I just hantam…and it’s not that I eat eggs every day like some people for breakfast – every morning must have two…and then again in the other meals. Sometimes, for days and days, I do not eat eggs.

    1. Dun worry, Cikgu…I am much more of a bottomless pit than u… hahahaha… I can hentam 4-5 eggs per day den next day still baham eggs! See… at least ur still good!

      Yup. still alive and kicking! No problem. LOL!!

      1. Hey. Talk to me re eggs. Ask k for witness

        You’re like me too? I love eggs…never mind how they cook them! 🙂

  3. I read in Isaac’s blog about you meeting up with him, first time stumbling upon his blog…looks like Mr Arthur’s network is fast spreading lol…i am sure one day you shall be featured in Star Sibu (if there is one) just like our friend Pete.

    No, thank you. They do not pay the blogger…or at least, not that I know off. Dunno Pete, but the last time, my friend…they did not even contact her to ask for permission – just simply use. Real kurang ajar one. Our local English newspaper had something like that for a while – featuring interesting posts. I was featured twice…and at least, they asked for permission first and they invited us for dinners (we said small matter, no need to pay). Btw, Isaac’s from Penang – must ask him to go and pay respects to the Penang Godfather when he goes back to the island.

    1. Thanks Eugene for visiting my blog! I’m quite new to the blogging world as I just started like around 3 months back.

      I just realize you’re also a Penang lang! Nice!

      STP: thanks for the link to me from your post. Much appreciated!

      Most welcome. Ya…must meet Eugene if you go Penang – very very nice man!

  4. Good morning STP.. so your next trip will be in Penang?? *wink wink, hint to Issac* hahaha…
    I thought u said the buffet breakfast is free? why the prices there?

    The prices are for walk-in diners, complimentary for those staying in the hotel. I checked the prices in the menu. Next trip to Penang will probably be for my niece’s wedding in April, Isaac’s much later. Hint! Hint some more! LOL!!!

    1. Claire: Wahahaha.. XD inviting is not a problem, but I’m sure STP will be too busy with his schedule to fly all the way to Penang just to attend my small wedding reception.

      STP: Wow, I’m really touched you thought of that. Thanks! No need hint already, lots of hints before, and hint taken! LOL

      Busy, busy also…if can go, sure will go. Make sure got nice food…I’m so tham ciak! LOL!! 😀

      1. Cikgu, u so tham chiak ah… I wanna go bodek my hubby buy me another oven. Come, come… I negro one chicken for u to eat! *grinZ*

        No, thanks. I may be tham chiak…but I’m no Somalian refugee…or scavenger. Hehehehehe! 😀

  5. STP said “Well, I was not surprised – young people…and newly-weds some more. “I know what you did last…night!” Hehehehehe!!!!”

    Isaac said “Nothing happened !! Haha. 7am is always early on a weekend, except for maybe my dad, or STP!

    But it was great meeting up, and thanks for some pointers on life, blogging, everything!

    I love the belgian chocs btw! Don’t worry, I did share it with the mrs.

    Nothing. Good…still a long way to the big wedding-do – later both cannot fit into baju. LOL!!! 😀 Glad to hear you did not eat all the chocs yourself. Phewwww!!!!

  6. Stay up till 4 in the mornin and the tears are pouring
    And I want make it worth the fight

    In the morning when the moon is at it’s rest,
    You will find me at the time I love the best
    Watching rainbows play on sunlight;

    You like Gwen Stefani? Bananaz likey Biji lah..~;).

    I like both – the best of both worlds. 😉

  7. Alamak ….. I was still sleeping and u gobbled up good food !!!

    See what you missed, sleeping half your life away! LOL!!! 😀

    1. That’s why I sleep 4 hrs a day onli. Hahahaha…. (ok… who wanna lempang me? 4 hours is not healthy!)

      That’s why skin and bone… Better to have enough sleep, not enough food, they say.

  8. Coming for my wedding reception bro? Got a friend who constantly reminded me with these words “if you are my friend please don’t invite me to your wedding”. Huh! He does not like to attend any wedding dinner at all hate to wait long hours and finished the last dish late at nights.

    Yours? When is that? If got invitation, sure will try my best to go – depends on timing. If weekend or holidays, should be fine… I love attending weddings – good feng shui…can win TOTO! LOL!!! 😀

  9. Hi Mr STP! Sorry for not dropping-by for loooong. Happy to come here ‘coz it’s normally all abt food, hahaha… As for nasi lemak, I’ll prefer those selling in pasar ‘coz I can request for curry pour on the rice & as u said more sambal cili plus the rest 🙂 welcome to KL 😉

    Back in Sibu already – just there to send my daughter off. She’s back in Wellington now. Ya…a friend keeps telling me about those Malay stalls at Jalan Alor (behind hotel) – very very nice nasi lemak and you can tambah this and that…but the one in the hotel is free and it is also very nice even though the condiments kurang sikit. Plus I’ve been to see the Malay stalls – they never cover the food, so geli…

  10. wah you can stomach 3 eggs?!! ok lah.. i know you can do better than that but 3 eggs is really too much loh!

    Blush! Blush! *hangs head in guilt and shame*… Muahahahaha!!!!😀

  11. Hahaha.. sir, you’re floating all over Malaysia eating lol.. hmm.. is ‘o jien’ the same as omelette?

    Yup…that’s fried oyster omelette. Nice! Btw, I saw Mr Siao Pao at Lot10 Hutong. Will post on the place soon…

  12. Wah…so many eggs..no wonder the kapalterbang bergegar when you visited the loo..and the poor passengers thought it was air turbulance..tsk!tsk!

    Hahahaha!!! Once I was walking down the aisle to the toilet and the plane started shaking. The stewardess was standing there – I looked at her, she looked at me and I said, “No! No! It wasn’t me! I’m not the one causing the shaking!” And she could not help but burst out laughing….

    1. Hahahahahahahahah… omg, got such thing happen ah? *pengsan* So bad la….hahahahahaha…

      I’m a funny man…or at least people find me very funny. Ask Xavier or any ex-student how they used to roll on the floor laughing at my jokes…when I was in that mode. 😉

  13. Whah…you are an early bird. I guess as age catches up, we don’t need so much sleep…haha. You must be missing Melissa. I’m sure she misses you and your missus too and all the wonderful food. Great that you were able to meet up with another blogger.

    Used to it – all my life, must be up by 5, off to school at 6…and starting work at 7. Old habits die hard. I must have breakfast at home…and I went early to avoid the jam! Melissa and I are in touch every day so it isn’t so bad… Wouldn’t be long before she comes home again.

  14. Wow…I would be meeting with more people too once I reach your age. LOL 😀

    What’s stopping you now? Can’t meet people, have to wait till you’re old? Well, you met Merryn or somebody not too long ago? Wife jealous , tarek telinga kah? 😉

  15. nasi lemak seems to be the main dish for almost all malaysian hotels.

    Typical Malaysian breakfast…even at the buffets in more expensive 5-star hotels – there will always be a nasi lemak counter, a Teochew porridge counter…one hawker stall specialty for the day….and then a whole lot of other stuff- western plus Asian.

  16. LOL, meeting with bloggers is certainly priceless, so far I have only met them once!^-^

    What the world needs now is love…and what we need now is friends…the more the better! And I am glad that through blogging, I have made so many wonderful friends all over. 🙂

  17. Naughty naughty cikgu for teasing Isaac like that. Uiks…is that a double yolk egg in the photo? For you or for Isaac ? kekeke

    Where? I was merely stating the expected mah… Too bad – those eggs were mine. He would have to go and buy his own eggs…or chicken essence plus ginseng. Muahahahaha!!!!

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