The next best thing…

I was hoping to make a brief visit to Ipoh to say hello to my blogger-friends, Claire and Ivan but my daughter had too many assignments to complete within the one-week holiday and was not very keen on going anywhere. Then when I told Mandy about it, she offered to drive me there on a day trip and I was thrilled by the whole idea, to say the least…but later I had second thoughts and a change of heart. I was thinking that it might be a bit too tiring for me, considering that I’m no spring chicken anymore.

Anyway, the next day, an old blogger-friend of mine, nyonyapenang, who’s no longer actively blogging, came with her hubby to the hotel where I was staying and took me to the next best thing…

Ipoh Road yong tow foo 1

…for breakfast/brunch. As the English proverb goes, “If the mountain will not go to Muhammad, then Muhammad must go to the mountain.” Since I would not be going to Ipoh, then Ipoh would have to come to me – Ipoh Road Yong Tow Foo, at least. LOL!!!

Ipoh Road yong tow foo 2

Great heavens! She ordered SO much – enough to feed an army…

Ipoh Road yong tow foo 3

…including this quaint paper-wrapped chicken for me to try…

Ipoh Road yong tow foo 4

…which I had never had before and I found it to be very tasty indeed…

Ipoh Road yong tow foo 5

She also ordered a plate of this tau pok (fried bean curd)…

Ipoh Road yong tow foo 6

…as well as this plate of rojak…

Ipoh Road yong tow foo 7

…which I thought was very nice and I particularly liked the pieces of keropok (fish crackers) which certainly did not seem like any keropok that I had eaten before.

I did not get to meet any other (ex-)blogger from that circle, I’m afraid. Sengkor had gone off to Penang for the long weekend, though I did speak to him on the phone…and Cocka (who does all his crowing on Facebook these days) had gone back to JB, so there wasn’t anybody else other than nyonya and her hubby and me. I ate SO much that I couldn’t possibly have lunch again that day. Thanks so much, nyonya…and hubby. It certainly was so very nice of the two of you to take me out for this delightful breakfast/brunch.

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23 thoughts on “The next best thing…”

  1. MORNING MORNING STP.. I also want to chuuppp! Hope by the time i finished commenting, i m still FC…
    The yong tau foo looks extremely delicious but wanna tell u that IPOH doesnt have this type of sauce over the “liews”. All come with soup or crispy fried… the ones u posted were Ampang style yong tau foo.. i love them too, tried them once in Rawang, half an hour from KL… now i m drooling at this 7.50am!! Your fren, Nyonya and hubby really knows where to take u.. with the crispy tau foo and rojak.. BEST!

    Yes, you’re FC!!! For once, it’s not either tekkaus or annant! LOL!!!….Ya, normally I would have yong tau foo in clear soup but the one here’s different. So this is the Ampang style? I didn’t know that!…Ya, I’m indeed so lucky that everywhere I go, there are always such nice people to take me out to enjoy all the good stuff…

  2. STP.. no wonder la.. IPOH Road only.. not from IPOH.. hahaha.. I think this bungalow style restaurant appeared in TV before or Astro.. not so sure.. it is bungalow styled right? Yummy man… i wanna eat too.. maybe now fast fast make fren with your nyonya blogger first… hahahahahha….

    Yes, it was in a house/bungalow. So crowded even though quite early in the morning and the parking – so congested. Can’t imagine what it would be like if we had gone later. Was it on Astro? I’ve seen yong tow foo on some show on AFC but didn’t really pay attention, dunno if this one was featured or not. You have so many blogger-friends (so many blogs some more)…so I’m sure if you let them know you’ll be coming to KL, they will all line up to take you here, there and everywhere…That’s the beauty of becoming a blogger! LOL!!!

  3. While cracking my head the other day figuring out where to bring you to makan-makan, Jalan Ipoh Yong Tau Fu did pop up my mind. I guess after you’ve acquired your own camera, “Still crazy after all these years!” will have to be changed to “Still FOOD after all these years!” or simply “Still crazy after all these FOOD!”. Haha! Enjoy your day!

    PS: Sorry for not dropping by that often anymore but that doesn’t mean I don’t miss you. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Hah!!! Picking on my photos now eh? Last time, complained and complained – so small, so blur…and now still complain cos they make you drool! Serve you all right for complaining! I could have been using my miserable hp camera still…if not for all the complaints! Muahahahahaha!!! Yalor…so seldom you drop by these days, like big pegawai already, so very busy…no time for this miserable, lonely old man! Come tomorrow – got special post for you!

  4. I actually like that English proverb. It’s very true… if you can’t go to Ipoh, eat at Ipoh road la! Lol… I only have been there once and then I don’t know how to get there again! Prefer the real IPOH IPOH (in Perak) anytime!

    It’s an old English proverb we learnt in primary school – in the book “The Student’s Companion” by Wilfred D. Best. I still have my copy somewhere… Wah! You live in KL and you dunno your way around? Ummmm….get chauffeured here and there in luxury cars, that’s why, right or not? Hahahahaha!!! Ah yes! You’re from Ipoh – they say Ipoh girls…and Sitiawan Foochow girls…all very beautiful one???

  5. The chicken looks good. Paper wrapped chicken, melts in your mouth, love the stuff. I’ve never been a big fan of yong tau foo though.

    Haha! I love that quote: If the mountain will not go to Muhammad, then Muhammad must go to the mountain.

    I learnt that in primary school – old English proverb. I would prefer yong tow foo in soup…but I think I had a lot in Penang, so not that crazy over it. Ya…the chicken was nice.

  6. Ahhh…paper-wrapped chicken….love them! Usually eat them at Jalan Imbi.

    First time eating…very nice but it did not drive me wild – unlike the durian pancakes. Oooo….still craving for them! LOL!!!

  7. eh where’s that? next time i take you to eat fish mee hoon ๐Ÿ˜€ and not to forget night tong sui! ๐Ÿ˜€

    you can punish me for not able to meet you recently… ok?

    In KL…must be along Ipoh Road. Dunno the way myself. Blind2-just follow! LOL!!! Ya…next time your treat – eat-all-I-want! There goes your bonus! LMAO!!!

  8. This place looks like the one near Segambut round about!

    I think there is a roundabout…not far from KL city centre. I’m sure if you google, you can get the info you want…since it’s such a famous place.

    P.S. Ok…I googled liao! You can go ky’s blog to look see…

    …and note to Eiling: ky knows the way so you know who can take you (and pay) if you feel like eating some yong tow foo!!! Hahahahahaha!!!

  9. Been to Ipoh Road yong tau foo once for lunch. So crowded! I still prefer there is a place at Puchong and quite far in, the yong tau foo there is superb, sometimes it finishes at 8.30pm!!! Next time if you come to KL again, make sure you try the paper-wrapped chicken at Seri Kembangan. Yummylicious!!

    Seri Kembangan? Where is that? I’ve heard of the place but dunno where it is. Plus, no transport, so dependent on some kind and generous people to take me to nice places to makan… Hint! Hint! ๐Ÿ˜€

  10. OMG! This post is meticulously written…I like the proverb you use. Thumbs up bro! ๐Ÿ™‚ Now…Ipoh have to come to you huh!

    Excuse me! All my posts are meticulously written. What makes this one different from the rest?…The only problem is that I’m using titles of songs for my posts and sometimes, not so easy to find a suitable one that I can blend into the post… So sometimes the title may seem remotely related…

  11. War…the yongtafu looks really nice ler! The chicken…aww….so mouth-watering. Damn! I should have gone to my favourite yong tau fu shop just now. :p

    The light was good at the shop – natural light, so the photos came out nicely. Got you drooling, did they? Good! Hahahahahaha!!!!

  12. Cikgu… I frequent this restaurant… they got a branch over here in Jln. genting Klang KL too… the place rocks, and it’s so affordable. I have yet to try their paper chicken, dunno if it’s any good, and since you say it’s quite good, i might gv it a try soon! ;-D

    Klang…so far, never been there. Dependent on kind people to take me here and there, no transport and dunno where to go… Hint! Hint! LOL!!!

  13. OMG.. so long didn’t drop by.. and you changed your template and the pics quality is superb now.. tee hee hee.. got a new cam?

    your food pics make me super hungry ah.. haven’t been eating the whole day cos i’ve super sourish mouth.. 2nd day only.. hope after tmr.. everything will beback to normal.. and i can start makan besar.. kekeke..

    Ya…haven’t seen you around for ages. Welcome back. Actually, I bought a new camera for my daughter and I inherited her old one. I posted on that here:
    So now that I’m no longer using my hp camera…I guess some, if not all, of my food pics will get a lot of people drooling… Hehehehehe!!!!

  14. that’s true. I wouldn’t deny that most pretty girls come from Ipoh! Haha…. It’s just that I don’t venture out of PJ a lot.

    LOL, vainpot!…..Ya, you’re not the only one. On my last trip in May, Drumsticks who lives in PJ, didn’t know her way in KL either when she had to go to Bukit Bintang to meet up with me….

  15. this picture you take one meh. dun bruff.

    Yalor…you think old man cannot take nice photos meh? Humph!!! Step aside, Tock! Next time, got food review…better invite a pro – ME! Hehehehehehehe!!!!

  16. Hi Cikgu,

    The pleasure was all ours. Glad that you enjoyed the food and thanks for the great company too.

    Always glad to meet up with you, enjoyed your company and hospitality too. Watch out for the next post…but I’m not posting the photo I took of you as you may prefer to keep it private. Will email it to you instead…

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