When it’s over…

My friend, Ivan, wanted to pick us after all that pomp and pageantry that morning – our 3rd day in the peninsula but smallkucing and his parents said they would be coming to take us for lunch…and they did.

They took us to this place which, if I’m not mistaken, is somewhere in Seri Kembangan or somewhere around there…


…and of course, we had the yong tau foo

LY - ytf

All of us enjoyed everything on the mixed platter though personally, I prefer the soup version. It seems that they’re more into the dry ones here like what I had sometime ago on one of my previous visits. I can’t really make a comparison between the two as the earlier one was a few years back and I don’t exactly recall what it was like – let’s just say that I like them both.

I also had these chicken packets…

LY - cp 1

…then but before I checked out the post, I could not even remember having eaten that. For one thing, I think the ones here are much bigger or perhaps, that was because they had another layer of paper inside…

LY - cp 2

The chicken tasted something like the nyonya ayam ponteh

LY - cp3

…probably because of the use of taucheo (fermented beans) in the cooking. It tasted great, I must say…and I sure would like to try it sometimes. Maybe I would wrap it in aluminium foil and bake it in the oven instead of deep-frying – I wonder if it would still be the same or not this way.

We also had this very delicious dish of mixed beans…

Mixed beans

…but the petai (stink beans) certainly brought about a lot of after-effects the whole night through. LOL!!!

I loved the lotus root soup…

LY - lrs

…which looked kind of plain and not too impressive but to my surprise, it tasted really great – very clear and refreshing.

I certainly enjoyed the lunch especially considering that I did not have much for breakfast as we had to leave the hotel real early…and I was so hungry by then that I could eat a horse…literally.

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31 thoughts on “When it’s over…”

  1. ooo, i quite like paper-wrapped chicken. it can get a bit oily sometimes, but the flavor is quite addictive, and if the preparation’s all done right, the meat’s pretty juicy! 😀

    This one’s very good…and not oily. I guess it should be oily on the outside of the paper only – if it’s fat inside, probably the chicken’s too fat…maybe those fattened quickly on those not very desirable hormones and chicken feed – the fat would melt and you would see a layer of oil floating in the sauce.

  2. Ohhhhh! I love petai…it is supposed to be healthy, but wun be so healthy if you’re going on a diet… I mean, that thing will make you eat and eat and eat and top up the rice. LOL! I dunno if that is the case for everyone else, but it is for me. 😀

    Oh? Then you must eat petai every day. You’re so skinny! LOL!!! 😀

    1. LOL… yea…but den… over in my place it’s quite seasonal… 😦 Sometimes ada, sometimes tarak la at the pasar pagi. I love petai… especially the sambal ones.

      Ya, I guess it is seasonal. Sometimes you see a lot, other times…none at all.

  3. That’s a great lunch. Oh dear, you are so hungry and eat like a horse, hahaha!!!!…..Actually my first time seeing dry version of yong tau foo. Still prefer the soup version. The mixed beans looks heavenly.

    I had the dry version before – but me too! I think I would prefer the soup version.

  4. I prefer the dry yong tau foo. And the mixed beans dish is something I look forward to but I don’t get that “special effects” afterwards hee..hee…:D

    You don’t? Lucky you!!! LOL!!! Imagine the “explosions” in the hotel room… Hehehehehe!!! Ah!!! To each his own, I guess… I always have a soft spot for clear soup, you see.

  5. Leong ya! Love the paper wrapped chicken from this eatery. Have been here more than once. Recommended for those in serdang and looking for some nice family noms

    Oh? Your regular haunt when you were in uni? 😉

  6. Love your Sibu paper wrapped chicken 100% fresh with money back guarantee if not fresh haha.

    Sibu ones? The old mother hens wrapped in newspapers? LOL!!! 😀

    1. Yalor was grinning when Small Kucing linked post about Sibu wrapped live chicken with all of them lining up in a row ‘dressed’ with old newspapers which we can never find in WM.

      Come, come here and see! They look quite comfortable though. My younger days, they kept in cages and when someone wanted one, they would catch and cut away all the feathers and tie the wings with string…and tie the legs too…and you would carry home the old mother hen dangling by the legs. This wrap-in-newspaper way seems a lot better…but the thing is I wonder if they let them loose at the end of the day if nobody buys them.

      1. Faster book tix to sibu, bananaz. Sibu market have loads of things to see…

        Yalor, worth a visit really!

  7. Ah!! Good..Kathy brought you here for lunch. We love this place too. Sometime a bit too out of way, when we think of paper wrapped chicken we will think of this place. Evening can be very crowded. U didn’t yry their vinegar pork trotters? I love theirs, not many place can cook a nice one. Yum yum.

    We did try at home to do it, but fail a few times, end up give up. Hahahah. Now will wait for your version.

    LOL!!! Long wait – KL posts right till the end of the month…so no homecooking posts in the meantime. Got vinegar pork trotters? Oooooo….I didn’t know. Would have liked to try – just a bit! I LOOOOOVE that!!!

    1. Oh really the vinegar pork trotters are ho liao..Great! Bananaz can flood the vinegar gravy onto the rice and Mango to eat the trotters hehe..tQ for the tips

      Me too! Me too!!! Next time I go KL, you take me here again, ok? Want the pork trotters, don’t want these anymore – must try different things.

    2. My mil cook.nice vinegar pork trotters. I am same like bananaz, always flood my rice with the vinegar gravy.
      We try at home is doing that paper wrapped chicken. LOL.

      Will try one of these days. My missus can cook vinegar pork trotters but these days, she does not want to buy pork leg for me to eat…for obvious reasons. Tsk! Tsk! 😦

      1. I didn’t know got the vinegar pork trotter there too. Do they put cili kering in it? If yes I wanna go try. Some dont put

        You go and try, see! Or bring your own cili padi kering…LOL!!! 😀

  8. The chicken looks good! Different from what I usually eat.

    We do not have anything like that here. 2nd time eating.

  9. The food makes me drool!! Yong Tau Foo, I like! Next time I must go KL for longer stay.. better still, stay in Kucing’s house! hahahaa…

    Yalor!!! Sure she will take you around, feast till no end one…

  10. well the first dish looks great (aside that ladies fingers which I dont like)
    but that chicken packet really got myatntention it seems pretty tasty
    and the fact that it has that cover effect, i bet it was cooked special

    All nice, all very special!!! Yum! Yum!!!

  11. I never try the paper wrapped chicken before. Must give it a try next time! hehehe! That is why I never taste petai because I heard so much of its after-effect. :p

    Petai has health benefits, good but heaty…like ginger.

  12. When I was working for a car seat belt manufacturer in Balakong, we used to have lunch at this restaurant. Since I left the company, I have not been there and that was many years ago. It is good to know the food is still good there.

    Yes, it certainly is…and yes, it is quite a distance from KL side – not that convenient to come all the way to eat here.

  13. heard about this place.. the paper wrapped chicken is super famous… and so is the vinegar pork trotters…. must pay visit soon… everything looks yummy!

    Sigh!!! Wish I had known then about the vinegar pork trotters… 😦

  14. I like their paper wrapped chicken! Used to dapao them back for my mom when I was studying near there 😉

    Hmmm…looks like this is a favourite among the uni students in the vicinity.

  15. I know this place. It is just right oppositr the serdang KTM. I used to stay somewhere near here when I was on training at putrajaya many years back. The packet chicken is very nice. It has been many years since I been there. Miss the foods in KL.

    Hmmmm…once you’ve tried the food in Sibu, you’ll miss it even more. Hehehehehehe!!!!

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