I’m sure every parent – father or mother – possesses strong paternal or maternal instincts and whatever they do, they will always think of their child(ren) first.

This actually happened when I was still back home in Sibu, that is before I came over to Penang to spend my daughter’s one-week break with her here. One fine day, I told myself that perhaps I should go and get myself a cheap digital camera…and since I’m not into photography nor is this a photo blog, as long as it could take some decently-presentable photographs, that would be good enough for me. So off I went to this studio opposite the school where I used to teach. I always went there before to develop the photographs for the school magazine.

The guy took out one Nikon, selling for RM550 and started to show me how to take photographs with it and then, he took out this one

Digital 1

…a Canon IXUS 95IS and he went through the same routine. I was impressed by the superior quality of the photographs taken compared to the other camera and the colours were so much more vibrant and beautiful. Why, I could even press the shutter while shaking the camera and the photo would come out absolutely clear. It came with a very nice pouch…

Digital 2

…and when the man told me that there were other colours available, I declined politely as green is my daughter’s favourite colour. Wait a minute! What has my daughter got to do with it?

Somehow it seemed that the fact that I went there to get myself a digital camera had slipped my mind…and I was thinking that it was a good camera and I should get it for her. After all, she would be leaving for Wellington, New Zealand next year…and with this better camera, she would be able to take much nicer photos there.

So, in the end, I bought the camera…

Digital 3

…for my daughter. Actually, she’ll be 20 on the 17th of next month (September) and once again, she’ll be celebrating the occasion on her own in Sungai Petani, so I thought I could give it to her for her birthday present – a little bit in advance.

As for me, I can always use her old camera – the one that I bought for her in June, 2007 for around RM700.00…before she left home to further her studies. In fact, it’s as good as new…

Digital 4

…and is certainly good enough for me.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

22 thoughts on “Sacrifice…”

  1. Hahaha….. trapped yourself. Nice camera, wish i had one too.
    Your daughter must be very happy, there will be plenty of nice scenery for her to capture in NZ.

    I guess she is…but she hasn’t started using yet! Simpan…sayang! I’m the one going round with her old camera snapping away like all Hell has broken loose! Hahahahahaha!

  2. Oooh nice color! How much was this one? Still prefer point and shoot cameras for normal use, so much more portable than the bulky DLSRs!

    The lowest the guy was willing to go was RM950.00, plus 100 complimentary copies 4R prints…

    1. If not printing a lot, ask for three 8GB thumb drives to store your pics!
      By the way, I normally hand down my old stuff, not the other way round…hahaha! Your daughter very “kwai” so is okay. Mine, I have to make sure that he knows things do not come that easily! I got new ipod nano, so he gets my old one…that’s how it works here.

      I think they gave a 4GB memory card with the Canon camera… Well, I think I’ll be inheriting her laptop by the end of this year. Thinking of getting her a new one to bring over to NZ… So when the time comes, I’ll be blogging on an Asus! Hahahahahaha!!! Me old man, no need for nice, nice things already mah!!!

  3. you are a good daddy! =)
    I have my camera for 3 years already, need to change liao ahahhahaa

    You’ve graduated…soon going to start work soon, so ur daddy no need to buy liao – you have to buy your own! The price of independence! Hahahahahahahaha!!!

  4. Yay! About time we get to see some clear pictures of food eh? 😛

    Haven’t you noticed?….Not this post, of course – this one’s still using the phone camera, but the Blue Reef and the rice posts, any good? Can’t wait to go home and see on my PC. Using my daughter’s laptop here…and they all look the same!

    1. The Blue Reef wan only the pasta picture clear so I was wondering if that one was taken using digital camera. The rest still hp quality. Haha! Well, practice more! Hahahahahaha

      Aiyor… That one’s the not-so-good one, if seen on laptop! Have to see on PC when I get home… All taken using the digital camera, and only the fish and chips one slightly not so sharp – based on what I see. Maybe later I check at cybercafe 2 doors from hotel… Raining heavily right now!…Or perhaps I should go back to my good ol’ handphone. So much easier to upload to flickr – so fast, low resolution! This one takes ages!!!

      1. Takes ages? Maybe u should resize it first before uploading. I do that to every photo in my blog.

        Oh? Well, let me get back to Sibu first…and I can learn all these things slowly…

  5. yay! no more foggy pics 😀
    clearer food pics making us drool :d

    I wish I could see what it looks like on PC – any improvement or not. Maybe I can go to that cybercafe two doors away from the hotel….

  6. hey, looks canggih.. small and sleek too.. i bought a sony one in december, now given to my son.. eventually i also use the 6 year old camera instead, it is still digital but with an small screen of 1 inch! that time it was selling for 1300rm.. imagine how tech improves and so much cheaper now… now your nikon for RM550, it is indeed a good buy!

    The new one I bought for my daughter cost me RM950 – always saw it advertised on Astro channels. I did not buy the RM550 Nikon in the end – I just inherited my daughter’s old one – also a Nikon, over RM700 when I bought it for her in 2007. Looks pretty good and definitely good enough for me…

  7. Nice camera! 😉
    Reach here from Eugene’s blog. He’s so right your way of writing is interesting! 😀
    Nice to meet u!

    Welcome, welcome…any friend of Eugene is a friend of mine. Don’t listen to him though… I just write what I have to share, nothing special or great. Glad you do like it this way…and hope you’ll drop by again…often!

  8. Aww….you are one good Papa huh Suituapui! I will treat my children well too. :p

    I believe they deserve nothing but the best. When are you going to start having a few kids of your own? Hurry, you don’t know what you’re missing out on! It’s beautiful…

  9. Haha. That’s what parents do. Taking good care and always think for the children. This prove that you are a good papa! Canon is a good choice. I am using one now and mine is already 4 years old and still good. Happy with the price and quality of Canon!
    You must be busy with your Nikon now in hand and snapping all the time. no? :p

    Snapping is easy, pictures all look clear and colourful and nice…but uploading to flickr is hell! Takes so very long to upload 6 at a time…. Handphone, I can go online and upload straight from images to flickr….very fast, very easy!!!

  10. Hi, STP
    Know abt ur blog via Eugene’s blog. Since got such a nice photo of you two in his latest post, so must come and visit ur blog lah…

    LOL!!! Sometimes photos can be deceiving….so you can’t depend on what you see! Ya…I saw the pic in Eugene’s post – so shy lah! I’m so big, so fat…especially when compared to him, so fit and slim! Anyway, welcome…and do drop by often.

  11. wat a filial daddy, hehehe. So i wondering wat next, an ipod…? so i bet u hv ur money saved to visit ur daughter frequently when she is in NZ.

    Well, so far she hasn’t asked for one…thankfully, but anyway, she’s not the type. Would rather do without if it means spending money and especially if the thing is very expensive.

  12. All parents are like you. They will get the best for their children. Like my parents, they always use my hands-me-down-mobile. Haha…

    Yalor…so kesian the parents. Hope the children will remember and try to reciprocate when the parents are old.

  13. children have the best deals but often, they don’t realise it – until they have their own children!

    It’s a cycle… Shower them with love and they will do the same for their own when the time comes. Abuse them…and the vicious cycle will go on and on and on…

  14. Gerrie, I think STP is also like me when it comes to all these electronic stuffs. It is not a matter of spoiling the kids. We never thought of getting them for ourselves because we do not know how to use them!!!!!!! Poor kids if they have to inherit from us!!!!

    Can use lah…just that we are not into those things and do not think that we need them at all, so no need to buy for ourselves lor…

  15. Very good choice in camera. WTF is never without his Ixus in his pocket and Sher has one too. What I love about Canon is the after sales service.

    So angry liao! Saw the same one in Penang selling for RM849…and they’ve a newer/better model – 100, selling for around RM950!

  16. superb pictures for this camera!

    Sometimes it’s the skill and artistry…not the equipment. Hehehehehe!!! But frankly, I’ve seen photos in blogs that are not nice…and then to my surprise, I see a pic of the blogger taking pics using a DSLR. Just about proves my point…

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