Talk about coincidence, but the other day, I wanted to take my daughter to Uncle Dom for lunch and I was whistling away happily. The song was “Dominique”, a one-time hit by The Singing Nun…and when we got into the car, the moment I switched on the radio, presto! The song was being played on the air on RedeFm…by who else but Coma Smith, now TSA for reasons known only to him alone.

I have been to Uncle Dom once before, so this was my second time at that food joint…

Uncle Dom menu

Now that my blogger-friend, Anthea, has found herself a permanent job in Miri and is no longer working there, I was stumped by one non-English speaking waitress. Luckily, she could at least understand the names of the food and drinks and what amazed me most was she could remember the numbers in the menu without looking and jotted everything down on the order slip quite efficiently.

My daughter had the lemon wheat grass with Sprite while I had the Ipoh kopi-o-peng

Uncle Dom's drinks

I remember I had the same drink when I was there the previous time but I do not remember it having so much froth. Maybe the idea of whipping up the coffee in a blender for that extra body has caught on…and though it was very nice, I still think that the one at Ruby is nicer and that probably has got something to do with the coffee powder used.

My daughter had the fish and chips…

Uncle Dom's fish and chips

…and I can actually hear some people gasping right now at the sight of all that mayonnaise. Ah well…what do you expect for RM8.90? Not tartar sauce, that’s for sure! LOL!!! My friend, Ben, had that when he dropped by the place and said that it was nice…and in fact, it WAS nice – if you do not mind all that mayo’, that is.

I had the chicken chop…

Uncle Dom's chicken chop

…with mushroom gravy which did not send me into fits of ecstasy but it was all right, especially at that same price tag – RM8.90.

All in all, it was a nice lunch for the two of us and at such prices, I wouldn’t mind going again once in a while.