Walk hand in hand…

I got to know nyonyapenang a long time ago when she was a blogger and I wasn’t but I would drop by her blog (and a number of others) very regularly to comment. Everyone was wondering who this suituapui was, male or female, why he/she did not have his/her own blog and yet they would see his/her comments all over the place. By the time I started my own blog, she had already stopped blogging but we still kept in touch…and in 2008, when my missus and I went to spend Chinese New Year with Melissa in Penang, she and her husband were in town and we met for the first time. Later that year, when Melissa and I went to KL to spend her one-week August break, we met again for lunch and in September 2009, I was in KL again, she and her hubby took me out for yong tofu and then on a tour of KL Pac.

Then sometime back, I received a phone call from her and she told me that she would like to invite me to her son’s wedding. I could not promise anything but I told her that I would try my best to attend. Eventually, I received her invitation card and since Melissa would be home by then, I thought we could just go over for a short break and at the same time, attend the wedding reception. As soon as I had booked my air tickets, I RSVP-ed (something that many Malaysians are not at all bothered to do) via sms…and got a call from her right away. She was so delighted that I could be there to share the joy on this very happy occasion.

That day, Isaac was up in Genting but subsequently, I received an sms from him saying that he would be down by around 4 or 5.00 p.m. I said that would be good and asked him if he could give us a lift to the venue of the banquet…

Oriental Pearl
*Melissa’s photo*

,,,at the Oriental Pearl of the Tai Thong group of restaurants located at the Bukit Kiara Equestrian, Golf and Country Club and that was what he did. Thanks so much, Isaac…and so sorry for troubling you and thanks a lot also for the fruits – so very sweet of you. Of course, I would not tell anyone how you were misled by your GPS (I think I could give better directions to places in KL than that darn thing) and we went on a merry-go-round before we finally got to the place via the old-fashioned way – stopping and asking someone by the roadside. Oops!!! Muahahahahaha!!!!

This was the backdrop on the stage that evening…


…and this was the main table for the bride and the groom and their parents and distinguished guests…

Main table

There were door gifts for all the guests – a Tai Thong mooncake in a very nice red and gold pouch…

Door gift 1

…and also a pair of chopsticks, prepared by nyonyapenang‘s older sister, also a retired teacher like me…

Door gift 2

I was reminded of my MUET lesson one year where I asked the students to brainstorm and list the things that a solitary chopstick would bring to their minds. A pair of chopsticks, of course, would symbolise togetherness – one would be quite useless without the other.

The menu for the evening had all kinds of fanciful, somewhat pompous names for the dishes and this first one was the Oriental Pearl Four Season Hot Combinations…

Four Seasons

In Sibu, we usually have more than four…and when it’s supposed to be hot, it is served steaming hot. When it is something like this, we would call it the “cold dish” (leng pua).

The Braised Shark’s Fin Soup with Seafood Treasures sounded promising…

Shark's fin soup

…but at best, I thought it was just so-so. Melissa enjoyed it tremendously though as she had not had that for a long time – especially now that I would not have it at our sit-down full 8-course Chinese dinners. Hmmm…treasures? What treasures? I don’t see no treasures?

I loved the duck in this BBQ Roasted Duck & Roasted Chicken dish…

Roast duck & chicken

…but the fish was a let-down…

Steamed fish

It was supposed to come in third according to the menu but was served fourth instead and it wasn’t so bad that it was not piping hot – the so-called Steamed Australian Grouper with Soy Sauce was hard, not soft and sweet…and the ladies at the table said that it had been overcooked.

Thankfully, the Chef Special Two Varieties of Prawns was good…


The steamed ones with mayonnaise were ok but I particularly loved the Nestum/cereal ones. I think I had quite a lot of that.

I wasn’t really into the vegetarian Braised Assorted Mushrooms with Vegetables…


…and I wished they had all glutinous rice for their Fried Glutinous Rice Wrapped in Lotus Leaves dish…

Fried glutinous rice

– there was no sign of the lotus leaves though when it was served. On the contrary, the ladies at the table quite liked it that way though – mixed with ordinary rice so it was not really that sticky.

Lastly came the desserts – the Sweetened Longan Sea Coconut with White Fungus…

Longan white fungus

…and the Two Double Pastries…

Deep fried Chinese pancake

– thus named owing to the two different types of filling in the Chinese deep-fried pancake.

I hear that a table like this in KL would cost over RM1K at a place like Bukit Kiara or in the hotels. Good grief! We can have a RM350 table in Sibu and get stuff a whole lot nicer, believe you me.

At my table was a mummy blogger, Laundry Amah, who turned out to be a friend of Annie-Q and Elaine. Gee! Small world indeed! Then there were others such as willphua and King’s Wife and another one named Matthew – I didn’t quite catch the name of his blog but if I’m not mistaken, like nyonyapenang, they are all no longer active. The blank looks on their faces when I introduced myself by my real name told me that it did not ring a bell but when I said that I was suituapui, one of them exclaimed, ” Oh! The famous suituapui!!!” Blush! Blush! I would have scrambled under the table to hide but I think I would be a bit too big to do that without knocking everything over. LOL!!!

Well, on the whole, it was a delightful evening. The food may not be anything to shout about but still, I had quite a lot that I enjoyed and had my fill but more importantly, I sure am glad that I could be there to share the joyous occasion of a friend and I did find the songs played by a trio in attendance very entertaining – when the bride and the groom entered the hall, they sang “Walk Hand in Hand”, a golden oldie by Engelbert Humperdinck. Good grief! It had been so long since I last heard the song and throughout the evening, there were nice songs like this one, old and new.

Thanks so much, nyonyapenang and hubby, for the invitation and congratulations once again and all the best to your son and your daughter-in-law. Cheers!!!

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

36 thoughts on “Walk hand in hand…”

  1. Standard dishes, but I love them all the same! Hehe

    I love wedding dinners – the food is secondary, the happy atmosphere all around, the socialising…. I enjoy that.

    1. I love wedding dinners. Provided not relatives or in laws punya. Damn stress satu meja with fault finding kind of people and kaypochees. Food sedap oso will taste like ash in the mouth!

      If like that, I would just RSVP, with regret… Don’t care – nobody’s going to say any nice things about me anyway.

  2. i like the food at wedding dinners – though most of the time I don’t really know who is the couple getting married.. that’s when I go with the family lah.. haha.. 😛

    LOL!! You’ll know the couple when you yourself get married, I’m sure. Don’t forget to invite me, k? 😉

  3. Hello ! Yes ! You’re the famous suituapui !! I think it was really nice of you to attend a wedding of a blogger friend’s son ! My… I can imagine.. now we’re attending bdays of blogger friends and soon.. it’ll be wedding of blogger friends’ son/daughter ! That would really be something worth celebrating !

    No lah…when people have the heart to invite, I will surely try to attend if circumstances allow. All your children too small lah – now let’s see whose children are of marrying age – Claire, Elin, Wenn, Quay Po… Hmmm…quick, quick! Ask them to get married soon and invite me over. LOL!!!

    1. My anak oso too small…at least 15 morw years onli i can get menantu….tskkk

      Like that, how? I knowwwwww….. You can have a baby and then invite me over for full moon dinner. Yaaaa!!!! Great idea! Muahahahahaha!!!! 😀

    2. yeah.. Claire’s kids slowly slipping through her fingers.. one by one.. the rest .. I do not know but when it’s Melissa’s turn.. you better be prepared. .we’re gonna gate crash Sibu .. hahahahaha..

      I certainly look forward to that. So scared that nobody will bother to come… 😦

  4. Congratz! Suituapui ‘choot mia liao’ *famous already* & up color woh *kee sik liao*..haha. Keong Hee Keong Hee!

    No lah, this kind of choot mia…bay tat pua ciam (not worth half sen)… 😦

  5. Have been to birthday and wedding dinner recently, and I was hoping the dessert is deep fried pancake….sobs***both also NO pancake.

    You like? I prefer the or nee…the sweet yam paste. This kind of deep fried pancake – so so only…

    1. So chamz kah…wokay…if i rajin i will try make sweet panckes for u to baham. See sempat or not…

      These Chinese deep fried pancakes, where got the same? Personally I prefer our regular pancakes…not these.

  6. too bad i didnt join n regret it 😦

    Yalor! I was looking forward to seeing you there. Your khek ma must be so disappointed…

  7. Seems like you did not enjoy the food STP. What you enjoyed is being with the newlywed couple and the guests, and that is the most important thing in occasions like this.

    BTW, I haven’t greeted you yet. Merry Christmas STP! ^_^

    Belated Christmas greetings to you and your family too… The food wasn’t great but at least, there were a few things that I enjoyed so no problem at all. Certainly did not have to go home hungry. Yup…most important would be the chance to share the joy – the good positive vibes will definitely do me a lot of good.

  8. wow… You are really a famous blogger!! I have yet to receive a wedding invitation.. make sure u dont leave me out when your girl ties the knot!! I think one contingent of bloggers will fly over … must give face to STP… or else………………….. 🙂

    Hmmm…I don’t think so. In the end, not a single one will turn up. 😦

    1. Don’t be too sure about that… let’s start with a bloggers’ meet up first!

      Well, Yee Ling is coming in April. Get the dates from her and book your tickets – come over at the same time…

  9. I used to visit her blog too before I started blogging 4 years ago. She has stopped blogging now.

    Wow! Mooncake and chopsticks as wedding gifts. Very creative.

    Ya…I like the chopsticks. Very symbolic…

  10. Wow!….you are not only famous in Sibu but also in KL. Once mentioned your name, everybody knows. No need to blush!!…blush!!!…just accept it with open heart, hahaha.

    Well…well…it is the seasons of weddings. Food looks ok but RM1K per table is way too pricey. Maybe it is KL standard price and people are rich over there too. Am I rite?

    Anyway, congratz and many good wishes to the newly-wed couple. Cheerssssssssssss!!!….

    KL standard mah! Ya, they all very rich there. I hear in ordinary restaurants around RM800 plus…and depends on whether you have suckling pig or not. In Sibu, can have two tables already… Thanks for your wishes on their behalf. 🙂

  11. i always look forward to the starters and the desserts at every chinese wedding dinner. hehe

    Here, I would eat a lot of everything…but halfway, I would be forced to slow down already. Too full… Greedy people like that lah. LOL!!! 😀

  12. The one and only, famous suituapui (cantik punya si gemuk).. you’re just awesome Arthur.

    No lah… These days, kalah liao – Isaac Tan so famous, you see him in almost every other blog. Real hebat one! 😉

  13. I am surprised when you told me you attend nyonyapenang’s son wedding dinner. I thought you’re attending your cousin or relative wedding dinner. You must be a good and nice friend to nyonyapenang till the invitation extend to you.

    This is the menu in KL most restaurant, serve almost the same food, only price is different and either with suckling pig or no. Nothing to compare with Sibu lei? Cheap and with lots of food and less than RM500 per table!!!! Eat till you full!

    Like i mention in FB, so nice you get to meet up with Laundry Amah the Malaysia Sammi Cheng and King’s wife. Me and laundry amah on off still keep in touch, but never met King’s wife before. Last time use to read her blog, now she stop blogging, and now sometime we chat at FB.

    We’ve been friends since her blogging days and we’ve always kept in touch…and since people have the heart to invite, I was happy to attend lor. Good excuse for me to get away and have a short break too… Yalor…Sibu one, so cheap…and yet so nice. Next time you come, I get enough people for one table and we can enjoy… 😉

  14. Oh dear, GPS failed? Must use Garmin, has been quite reliable to me 😛 Hehe. The dinner looks good, except for the fish! Nowadays dinner in KL definitely costs more than 1k per table.. so expensive!!

    *pengsan!!! Never mind, you KL people all very rich one… Hehehehehe!!!! 😀

  15. Lol…i have this habit of introducing myself with my real name whenever i meet up blogger friends….and they will gv me blurr blurr look too. Lol.

    Many do not know your real name so you can’t blame them…

  16. my cousin held her wedding at a hotel at somewhere of subang, it’s 1500 per table. of course, the service is good. but food, nah, so-so nia seimou

    Ya, service is good…but what is most important is the food. 😦

  17. So nice of Isaac 🙂 Very good chap.

    Anyway, I thought you dont take sharkfin soup geh? Now nyonya penang blog no longer active? I went to the link saw latest post is in 2008

    Yup…all of them have already stopped blogging. Only me, still going strong. LOL!!! 😀 I will not order that soup when I’m hosting dinner…but at other people’s dinners, I will eat…and on special considerations, I may make certain exceptions. Not really a die-hard activist. Wink! Wink! 😉 Ya, Isaac is very nice… You met him already?

  18. That was the same place I attended a Chinese wedding last year but from what I remember, we had much more food than that and mom and I enjoyed the food and the company we were with.

    Last year and this year where got the same anymore – prices are escalating like nobody’s business… I just bought some Foochow delicacies for my friend today – 3 for RM1 just a couple of months ago, now 50sen each…and RM1.00 before, now RM1.20. 😦

  19. Wah, STP famous liao……..

    Mmm, these Chinese wedding dinner always serve almost the same dessert…….maybe next time they should have Haagen Dazz ice cream…..nice leh….he he he!

    Here, we have almond jelly or or nee (yam paste) or just freshly cut fruits…and at once place, they have this very nice dessert made from deep fried egg white. Very nice!

  20. Pullman hotel in Kuching is charging RM800 to RM1000. So there are no surprises when you said it can cost RM1000 in KL. For similar quality food, Sibu is much much cheaper.

    Ya…not much cheaper at the other hotels like like the Hilton…

  21. Arthur, another common thing between you and my Quay Lo. He too is not a fan of sharks fin, he said it is like eating rubberbands. hehehe… At least you eat at Chinese wedding dinners, he won’t. Another thing he will not eat is abalone, again he said the texture like rubber and no taste. OOOO… better still, it is MY FAVORITE and I am happy to eat his share! LOL! For RM70 for the lunch, is really cheap. The turkey looks moist and not like some place dry like a piece of bark.

    Go, go and enjoy the set lunch with Quay Lo – just the two of you. December ends tomorrow… 😉 Abalone!!! I can’t chew!!! Only one upper molar left and now I can’t eat abalone. Tried once…couldn’t chew, thought of just swallowing but scared that I would choke myself…so in the end, I had to spit it out. Sobssssss!!!! 😦

  22. Arthur,
    Tai Thong usually not bad for their food but then again, maybe for weddings they might give not so good quality food lar…same with all restaurants,I guess unless you get the most expensive package with strict instruction and willing to pay more for quality.
    I love the idea of giving chopsticks for wedding favours..feel so romantic with its meaning:)
    Don’t care what you say about the shark’s fin..I simply love them..hahahaha. maybe it’s not the shark’s fin la but more about the way the soup is prepared. As long as it’s prepared that way and uses synthetic shark’s fin kah, sea cucumber kah or simply egg, I would like it. Nice photos by the way, Arthur.

    Shark’s fins? You want to eat? Here, they have…premium ones – served in impressive individual blue and while porcelain covered bowls – RM80 per person. I suppose if you have RN1K table here in Sibu, you can get that already… I can’t afford. 😦

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