My radio-friend, Mandy, picked me up last Saturday upon arrival at the KLIA from Penang and she took me to SS2 for lunch. Another radio-friend, Cash, the friendly cabbie, joined us there later.

I ordered the beef noodles…

SS2 beef noodles

…which were ok but not that great. Even the ones we have in Sibu are better, not to mention those heavenly ones in KK. We also had the Penang po piah (spring roll)…

SS2 Penang po piah

…and the Penang char kway teow

SS2 Penang char kway teow

…and the Penang lor bak

SS2 Penang lor bak

In my opinion, all of them were just so-so…but then again, I had just come back from Penang where I had been feasting on all the authentic stuff. On my last trip (in May), peteformation took me to another place in Paramount that specialised in Penang hawker fare and I quite liked what I had there…but I had not been to Penang yet at the time. I did not meet Pete this time around as when he heard I was coming, he left town! ROTFLMAO!!!

Anyway, getting back to our lunch, Cash ordered this char siew fan

SS2 char siew fan

…and this plate of wantan noodles…

SS2 wantan noodles

…and I did not hear him singing their praises either.

We sat and chatted till quite late and then Mandy sent me to the hotel where I was staying to check in. Actually, we had planned to make a day trip to Ipoh the following day – Sunday, but I had second thoughts later as I thought it might be too hectic for an old man like me. At almost 60, I should slow down a bit and take it nice and easy, don’t you think? LOL!!!

Well, thank you once again, Mandy, from the very bottom of my heart for everything…and especially for helping me pick Melissa at Sungai Petani and bringing her over to Penang. I hope you will make a trip to Sibu sometime…and I’ll  try to make it up to you somehow. In the meantime, all the best and take care,…and you too, Cash!