I enjoy watching The Kumaar Family on Youtube that features an Indian guy, originally from Malaysia, and his American wife and their two kids and members of his wife’s family and they kept insisting again and again that the BEST instant noodles would be Maggi kari (curry) and they even got the other family members to try and give their opinions.


Mi Maggi, kari

…of course, was the first instant noodles to come into the scene a long long time ago or at least, as far as I know. Who doesn’t know their tagline, “Cepat dimasak, sedap dimakan!” (Fast to cook, good to eat!)? Eventually, others came into the picture and there were others that I would prefer along the way. We did not like the texture of Maggi’s noodles and we did not think their seasonings were anything spectacular, nothing really nice.

So why does this Kumaar Family praise it to the skies? Have they improved so much over the years? I remember when we flew over to Wellington, we stopped for a night in Auckland and my friend insisted that I took with me packets of Maggi mee so I would not go hungry…and I loved those so much! Was it because they made better ones overseas or did they taste better in their nice and cool temperate weather? Well, the only way to find out would be to buy a pack to try and that was exactly what I did.


Maggi Mee, curry

…come in packs of 5, selling for RM4.50 here. The Made-in-Sibu Daddy Mee was going for that same price before but to my horror, when I was at the shop the other day, they now have FOUR in a pack selling for RM4.80, RM1.20 a pack, MORE expensive than Maggi! Darn!!!

Two things on the wrapper impressed me – this thing about there being 12 different spices…

12 different spices

…being used in the making and their claim that the wheat…

Wheat from Australia

…they use is from Australia. Well, I don’t know anything about wheat so I wouldn’t know if the one from Australia is superior to any of those from other countries, China, perhaps. Having said that, using 12 different spices in the making did sound promising!

Inside a packet, you will find the noodles and a sachet…

Noodles and seasoning

…with the seasoning that did seem to me a little bigger with a little bit more inside compared to others like the Daddy Mee ones, for instance.

I got down to cooking the noodles in boiling water, added the seasoning – all of it and I also boiled two prawns and  fried an egg to serve with it…

Mi Maggi, kari - served

Oooopsss!!! I broke the egg yolk while transferring it from the saucer into the bowl for the photo shoot.

I couldn’t wait to sit down and try and yes, I loved it! I thought it was really nice, bursting with the flavours of the 12 spices and yes, I find the noodles perfectly all right now, unlike the ones long ago…and on top of all that, it was spicy, definitely not for those who are not into anything a little bit hot! This isn’t the pedas giler line so I cannot imagine how spicy those must be!

I certainly would not mind buying this again but I probably would go for something that is nice too and a little cheaper. At the end of the day, it is what it is, instant noodles – nothing more and nothing less!

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

9 thoughts on “Theirs…”

  1. Maggi Mee=instant noodle. I think for people like me born in 70’s would get used to say like this for instant, “Anyone wants to eat Maggi Mee?” But it not necessarily mean Maggi Mee, it can be any kind of instant noodle.

    Yes, you see Maggi goreng in the menu at the Malay stall and in the cabinet, you see all the Mee Sedaap!!! LOL!!!

  2. Never try never know, right? Not only have Maggi improved the texture of the noodles but also the curry seasoning, not as salty as before but quite spicy for me. I am still searching for my Mee Daddy curry flavour….😄😄😄

    I did not check and see that day when I bought their chicken, family pack – 18 packets for RM15.00 so not as bad as the pack of 4, RM4.80. They probably have increased the price as well.

  3. You certainly make instant noodles look good to eat!!

    Thank you, I take that as a compliment. Wink! Wink!

  4. I think Maggi curry flavour so far is the best among other. I just had it last week. Must add some green and an egg in it.

    Have you tried Daddy Mee curry/ It’s nice too and it’s not spicy.

  5. Maggi Kari is the OG classic instant noodle that most of us know and grow up loving. 😀

    Yes, but eventually I fell out out love with it. Glad that it has come back with a vengeance, very nice now.

  6. Fried egg in a soup dish, interesting combo, I shall try that soon.

    I don’t mind egg in any way, poached, fried, hardboiled…as long as there’s egg!

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