I really did

All these years, I have wanted to make my own so much so that I even bookmarked this 2012 post in this particular blog that appeared very detailed and comprehensive about how to go about it. However, it has turned out to be a case of the spirit is willing but the flesh is weak and I never got down to doing it.

I am talking about my favourite Malay kuih, the serimuka

…also known as kuih salat or what we call, for reasons unknown, tinggi salad.

Over the years, we never had any good ones here unless we get it from Kuching – I do not even recall enjoying any special order homemade ones that were good. The ones they sell at the Chinese cake stalls or the Malay kuih ones are not worth the calories. I do not know why the pulut (glutinous rice) is extremely white but it is very obvious why the upper egg custard layer is a stunning apple green – it is all artificial colouring, not pandan, and as if that is not bad enough, the texture is all wrong, something like agar-agar which should not be the case.

Well, lately we have been able to get some pretty decent ones from a couple of places here and the other day, my sister bought some from here and gave us a couple of packs. One thing that I liked about this one was how they did not staple the corners of the plastic packs…

The lid fits perfectly so it will not open by itself anyhow. I do not mind the ones that use cellophane tape, unlike the stapled ones – those are very hard to open as the flimsy plastic tends to tear easily and besides, the hardly visible staple may come loose and drop into the kuih! That is so very dangerous if it is accidentally swallowed!

We all tried these…

…that are available on certain days only – the ones on other days may be from this girl – hers would be good too but all of us agreed that this one has a slight edge over hers – it was a little bit more lemak and my missus was praising the texture of the green layer that she said was very nicely done.

I hear there are other types of nice nyonya kuihs available but I do not know how much they are selling them for – they shouldn’t be very expensive. Usually, these kuihs are quite affordable here unlike the ones over in the peninsula and they may not even be nice! However, much as I love them, I am staying away from these sweet delights at this point in time – they usually have a high sugar content and pulut (glutinous rice) is notorious for its level of hidden sugar. Do drop by the place yourself and ask the people there if you are thus inclined.

HONG KONG PUFF is located along Ramin Way (2.291180, 111.826634), beside Sin Kiaw Coffee Shop, right behind the Petronas station at Kpg Nyabor Road (formerly Esso) across the road from the HSBC Building, Sibu branch.