Going strong…

I’ve blogged about this…

Made-in-Sibu Mee Daddy instant noodles, chicken flavour

…a few times already, my ever loyal follower in Kuching, Irene’s favourite…

Sibu's Daddy Mee

…our very own made-in-Sibu…

Made in Sibu

…instant noodles.

It has been around for a long time already and is still going strong despite the fact that it is more expensive than most of the regular instant noodles on the shelves, over RM4.00 for a pack of 5 while we can get the rest for RM3.00 something only and there are some Indonesian brands that are only RM2.00 something.

For one thing, the packaging is different – instead of the usual flimsy plastic that one can easily tear by hand, this is some kind of aluminum foil – you can see it on the inside and you will need a pair of scissors to open it. Other than that, there is a sachet of shallot oil…

Shallot oil

…inside and that sure goes a long way in bringing the taste to a whole new level, way above all the rest.

I like it a lot…

Mee Daddy close up

…because I feel it is like our Sibu chin therng mee (clear soup noodles) that we can get at all the kampua mee stalls around town, the kampua noodles served in pork bone soup. I’ve been wanting to try it dry to see if it is anything like kampua mee but so far, I have not got round to it. For one thing, it is half the price of our celebrated instant kampua mee, also made in Sibu.

That day, when I shared that last photograph on Facebook, my friend, Annie in KL, shared hers…

Annie's photo

Obviously, she keeps some in stock over there to enjoy as and when she pleases.

Well, the other day, I saw on Facebook that there was a promotion – somebody was selling it for only RM3.90 a pack. Of course in view of the current situation with the escalating number of cases in Sibu every day, I did not bother to go out and buy. I am quite willing to pay the usual price to enjoy this…when better times come around, God willing.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

4 thoughts on “Going strong…”

  1. Yeah, one of my favourite among all the other brands. Never failed to keep a packet or two in my pantry. Be it cooked dry or soupy I like both ways. Just with the shallot oil added, it makes the whole plate of noodles taste so heavenly. When I cooked the dry version I need 2 pkts in one sitting, believe me or not?…and can finish it clean and clear in a jiffy. It is that good.

    WHAT? It’s THAT good? Now I can’t wait to try. Fried the curry flavour the other day – review on it coming up soon!

  2. Curious question: How long have you been blogging now? A fellow blogger just told me it’s been 11 years. I am also coming up to that number!

    13 years. I started in 2008 after I retired end of 2007.

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