She tried…

We had this kadai paneer once at Payung…

Kadai paneer

…in 2019 when the Indian chief, Varun, just came over to Sibu – he has gone back to India since though.

Well, the other day, my girl tried to cook her own…

Mel's kadai paneer

…and it turned out really well and we all enjoyed it very much. I don’t know what went into the dish but I saw her mum getting ready a whole lot of spices and herbs for her to use and I heard curry powder and garam masala being mentioned too.

It looked a whole lot nicer the day before, freshly cooked – this had been reheated for dinner and again for lunch the following day when I took the photograph. It had a more yellowish, curry-like colour and the green peppers were still green. The other ingredients such as tau kua (bean curd cake) slices, potatoes, sliced Bombay onion, of course, did not contribute much to give the dish a bit more colour.

In the meantime, the mum cooked this…

Missus' ayam berlada

…that they call ayam berlada

Ayam berlada at Bandong

…at the Malay food stall at Bandong that I used to frequent a lot except that theirs tended to be more on the dry side, not much gravy to drown the rice with and enjoy.

No, it isn’t curry – no curry powder or curry paste is used in the cooking and there’s kunyit (turmeric) instead. I would say it is more like ayam percik

ayam percik

…or the Indonesian kalio ayam

Indonesian kali ayam

…and yes, we do enjoy this a lot too!

Gosh!!! We have not been out and about for so long that I really do not know how all these places are doing. I guess most of them are still open as I have not heard anything otherwise.