Five more minutes…

How many of you find it very difficult to get up in the morning? The alarm on your smartphone goes off but you simply switch it to SNOOZE – just five minutes more, you tell yourself and went back to sleep…only to jump out of bed at the very last minute, rush through your daily bathroom routine, change and dash off to work.

Breakfast? Now, that’s one word that does not exist in your vocabulary. It’s the most important meal of the day, they keep telling us but unfortunately, many do not bother. All through my growing up years, my mum would wake up early to make coffee (and tea for my dad), two hard-boiled eggs for each of us and something for breakfast – steamed paos, toast and whatever, fried rice, mee kua tossed in soy sauce, crackers and biscuits. I carried on with this practice even when I had left home and started working – I would never miss breakfast.

These days, I have all the time in the world to prepare a lovely breakfast that I can sit down and enjoy and of course, I will not want to have fried rice…

Egg fried rice with luncheon meat

…every day even though this egg fried rice with luncheon meat that I cooked that day was very nice and also all the different varieties that I may dish out in the morning according to my whims and fancies whenever I spot any rice in the fridge left over from the day(s) before.

These days, there are countless varieties of instant noodles…

Instant noodles

…so many that I suspect if you eat a different flavour of a different brand, soup or dry, every day, there will be enough to last throughout all the 365 days in a year.

They even have this very nice instant Vietnamese pho

Vietnamese beef pho

…that I really love a lot. You do not even have to go to Vietnam or drop by some expensive Vietnamese restaurant in the big towns and cities to enjoy this…or something that is not quite as nice even! This was the last packet we had in the house and I finished it off that morning. Now I must remember to check and see if they have any stock at the supermarket at the mall round the corner from my house – if they have, I sure would want to grab some more!

Incidentally, if you are having instant noodles or for that matter, bread or crackers, for breakfast, it is all carbohydrates and by mid-morning you may start to feel hungry already and at times, even jittery. That is why it is best to add an egg or some meat for a bit of protein. I whipped up this platter of hi-protein, low carbs, low sugar…

Luncheon meat, pan-grilled tomatoes & fried eggs

…but unfortunately not low salt for my breakfast that day. This should be filling enough to last till lunch – some may want to throw in a slice or two of toasted bread but no, I wanted to cut down on carbohydrates, – all the hidden sugars and on another morning, I had this platter…

Sausages, eggs & grilled tomato

…substituting the luncheon meat with sausages. Ah well! As they say, variety is the spice of life! LOL!!!

The schools here in Sibu are still closed at this point in time so I do not go here and there for something to eat for breakfast after dropping off my girl at school. That is a lot more convenient and I have a wide variety of things for me to pick and choose and usually, when it is so early in the morning, there are very few people around so physical distancing will not be  a problem. That, of course, means that every morning, I shall have to think about what I am going to cook to start off my day.