Young and beautiful…

I mentioned in my blogpost not too long ago that I planted some sweet potato leaves by simply sticking the stalks/stems from the bundle that I bought into the ground…

Sweet potato leaves

The ones in this plot did not do too well – the leaves started turning yellow like they were withering so I got rid of all of it and right now, I am using that plot to plant the stalks of the cangkok manis that I harvested that day for my fried bihun with the canned clams in soya sauce. I did have some more of those sweet potato leaves on the other side at the end of my vegetable plots and yes, those grew very well and were starting to crawl all over the place. That was why I decided to harvest all of it that day.

I sliced the stems of the leaves into two…

Sweet potato leaves, sliced stalks

…which wasn’t really necessary, actually – I just felt like doing it (this is something you would do with paku or wild jungle fern too) but when you buy these leaves from outside, they are usually too old, hard to chew and doing this would help make it easier to eat and the leaves would be harder too…not like mine, so young and beautiful.

I like these leaves fried with sambal hay bee (udang kering/dried prawns), the same way we cook paku, kangkong, ladies fingers and even long beans but my missus just cooked some kut kut chai (slippery vegetable) that way the day before so I decided to do it differently.

I chopped a whole lot of garlic and got ready some prawns…


…and the leftover seasoning from my Daddy Mee instant noodles, chicken flavour.

I fried the garlic in some oil till golden brown, threw in the prawns followed by the leaves and when it was more or less done, I sprinkled the seasoning all over it, dished out and served…

Sweet potato leaves, cooked & served

Yes, it was very nice and yes, I replanted some of the stalks in the hope that more will grow and perhaps when I harvest it the next time around, I would have enough for two meals!

Author: suituapui

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7 thoughts on “Young and beautiful…”

  1. I like it stir fried with lots of garlic. Just like that. I dont mind belacan too.

    Yes, both nice!

  2. With prawns, everything will taste extra nice as prawns gives out natural sweetness. Usually I fried my sweet potatoes leaves with garlic only, never with sambal hay bee. The sweet potatoes I planted looks different from yours. Mine has heart shape leaves. I guess different species. I like the kut kut chai too and that veg. must eat immediately once out from the wok, cannot leave it too long.

    Yes, different species. I did google to see why mine looks different from those I saw before. I always put aside 2-3 prawns for frying vegetables, packed separately so easier to take and use.

  3. Fresh, succulent prawns will make all the difference. 🙂 Nothing beats vegetables that you harvest from your own backyard.

    Definitely! Pesticide-free, weed killer-free, chemical fertiliser-free!!!

  4. That looks good.

    I can’t wait until spring starts in my part of the world so I can plant. I had sweet potatoes in my garden, but I am not sure if kangkong will survive here. I’ll look for it at the nearest Asian market and find out if I can regrow them from stalks.

    Is it spring yet? Or if you are down south, autumn has started – getting cold so all the tropical plants are going to hibernate. Should be easy to plant kangkong – yes, that’s from their stalks too. Good luck!!!

  5. I tried to plant some also at home but they didn’t survive.

    You’re staying at a landed property? These need a lot of space as they crawl all over the place, out of control.

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