A bit more…

Last Saturday, my girl cooked this Vietnamese pork rice noodles salad

Melissa's Vietnamese pork rice noodles salad

…for lunch except that she substituted the pork with the ribeye beef that we still had in our freezer. It reminded me of those dishes that my blogger-friend, Phong Hong, would prepare to take to the office for lunch, very pretty but not really something up my alley even though she does seem a whole lot more generous with her lunch bowls.

No, I don’t think this was supposed to be healthy as there was red meat – beef, which is probably worse than pork. Chicken would be healthier, breast!

She did use brown rice noodles…

With brown rice noodles

…though, instead of the regular bihun (rice vermicelli). Other than the meat and the noodles, there were the julienned carrot and cucumber, lettuce and Thai basil leaves plus a special sauce…


…of calamansi lime juice, fish sauce (I saw in a CNA documentary that day that it has a higher sodium content than soya sauce) and dunno what else to toss them with and she did make a special sauce for the beef too.

I guess this is meant to be a salad, something to be served by the side and not as a main dish but I did enjoy it for my very very light lunch. It probably  would need a bit more to be more substantial and for dinner, I threw in some prawns, mussels, sliced hardboiled egg and sprinkled a bit of crushed peanut for the taste and fragrance. We did not have any tofu or tau kua (bean curd cake) or those would be nice to add as well, deep fried and sliced thinly.

Well, whatever it is, I certainly would not ask my girl to cook this again as it looked like hard work, very tedious and time-consuming