In transit…

In the past, we could fly from Sibu and catch the night flight to New Zealand, arriving there the very next day but these days, that is no longer possible. We had to take the sole MAS flight from Sibu arriving at KLIA at around 1.30 in the afternoon and our flight to Auckland would be at 8.50 the following morning.

Thus, we had to spend the night at this transit hotel where I have stayed a number of times before. Upon check-in, I was told that retired pensioners would no longer be eligible for the special government rate and I would need to pay around RM100.00 more per night. I did not bother to argue but later, I posted something about this on the hotel’s page on Facebook…and the next morning when I went to settle the bill, I found that I was given that discounted rate after all. Probably the receptionists, all trainees from Indonesia, were all wet behind the ears and would just follow the management’s orders to the letter…and when the manager-on-duty saw what had transpired on Facebook, he quickly made the adjustment accordingly. Talk about the power of the internet, eh?

smallkucing and his father met us upon arrival and since they had not had their lunch yet (we had lunch on the flight), we dropped by this place near the hotel called Downtown KLIA for a bite. There are quite a number of eating places around but I think there is only one or at the most, two Chinese shops. We went to one that seemed to enjoy pretty good business even though it was way past lunch hour and I had the wanton mee

Wanton mee

…which wasn’t that great. Ok, I would say it was edible – it did not taste awful…but of course, it did not come anywhere near the kampua noodles that we have in Sibu. Hehehehehehe!!!!

My missus and papakucing had rice with this plate of pork belly…

pork belly

and braised shitake mushrooms…


…both of which were very nice, that I must admit. Even though the pork belly was kind of fat, the meat was tender and very tasty.

Papakucing also gave us some of the celebrated cakes from Medan in Sumatra, Indonesia…

Medan cakes 1

The kek lapis  (layer cake) was very well done, soft and moist but I thought the smell of the spice used in the making, cinnamon, I think, was a bit too strong for my liking. The green-coloured pandan-flavoured  sarang semut (ants’ nest) or what is usually called bee hive or honeycomb cake, was the best – very lemak (rich) and nice. The blueberry kek gulung (swiss roll) was good but preety much like what we can get quite easily here but I would not say the same about those with cheese or minced meat floss…

Medan cakes 2

I felt they were somewhat mismatched or perhaps, I was not that accustomed to the taste so I did not really enjoy those.

Later that afternoon. my very good friend, Mandy, dropped by the hotel and brought along with her these lovely cakes…

RT cakes

…and cream puffs…

Cream puffs

…and one whole vanilla chiffon…


…from someplace called the RT Pastry House. All of them were indeed very good, I would say…but the cream puffs in Sibu are a little bit nicer. Hehehehehe!!!

She also got these very cute soft toys for Melissa on her graduation…

For Melissa

That’s Mandy for you – always so sweet and ever so generous.

We got up early the next morning and yet another great friend of mine, Ivan, came to the hotel at 5.00 a.m. to give us a ride to KLIA for our 8.50 flight – it was an international flight so we had to check in around 2-3 hours before the scheduled time of departure. He brought along these for me…

From Ivan

…as he felt the padlock would come in handy. How very nice and  thoughtful of him really! Our flight was a little bit delayed by 45 minutes till 9.35 a.m. owing to bad weather in Auckland – there was a tornado there the day prior to our arrival and all flights going in and out of the city were affected!

We landed in Auckland at around 1.00 a.m. in the morning, New Zealand time (7.00 p.m. in Malaysia) and my very dear and awesome friend and her family were all waiting patiently at the airport to give us a warm welcome despite it being the time when all good people should be in bed. LOL!!! We went to their breathtakingly-beautiful house that was as warm as its owners and were served this “supper” of these lovely fruit and cream tarts…


…and these quiches and mini meat pies…

Quiches & pies

…and it was around 4.00 a.m, I think, before we managed to go to bed and get a little bit of sleep.

The next morning, they cooked us an absolutely fabulous breakfast of the most delicious sausages and bacon, scrambled eggs (Yes! My friend did it perfectly well, so nice and creamy…exactly the way I love it!), hash browns and baked beans and toast. Cripes! I was so excited and so very anxious to sink my teeth into that most alluring breakfast that I forgot to take the photos!!!

After the sumptuous and absolutely filling breakfast, we were whisked off to the domestic terminal in Auckland before 9.00 a.m. to catch our 10.00 a.m. flight to our destination – Wellington, the capital city of New Zealand.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

36 thoughts on “In transit…”

  1. you’re also berry generous and sweet, as far as i remember! 😛

    congratulations on Melissa’s graduation once again!

    I still am. Will see you soon in Sibu, I hope… Thanks for the wishes.

  2. Wow….Arthur, you and your family are really very well loaded with food all the way to Wellington…..haha. With such good food, who can resist! 😀 Congrats again to Melissa’s graduation!

    Thanks. Everyone’s worried that we’d go hungry… Hehehehehe!!!!

  3. There you again… Shereen and her ‘wonderful’ husband and son!… Hrmphhhhhh!!!!! Wait u Jalan kaki balik!!!!!!
    So nice of papakucing to buy those cakes all the way from Medan as I think most men would not bother to do that and lugged those cakes all the way home. I think Medan has the best kek lapis spekkoek and kek sarang semut. Agreed with you though that the savoury cakes would taste weird for us although they are pretty popular in Indonesia. RT pastry is famous for their Hokkaido cupcakes and their cakes and bread are pretty good.Love the soft toys especially Rudolph and from today onwards, all cameras are banned in the house!!!! See you soon 🙂

    I’ve all the photos I need… Now, to blackmail somebody… Hehehehehehehe!!! 😀

    1. Shereen sayang…Arthur wrote “my very dear and awesome friend, Shereen” – this is heeeapsss better then just “wonderful” lah, heh heh! Put less on his plate every time he sits down for his meal, that will teach him 😉

      Aiyor…she cooked nyonya mee siam, curry chicken, pavlova, red velvet cupcakes, Hokkaido cupcakes, kuih jala…and that was just for the lunch. At time of writing, yet to have dinner…dunno what she has up her sleevs. Cannot imagine how I can get on the plane after a week here…!!!!!!

  4. Truly truly blessed with so many real friends from all over the world!! Thank God for these friends who really go all the way out… I am so happy!! hahahaa.. So sweet of them.. really… and the desserts.. hmmmm..what more can I say!!

    Yes, they’re all so nice and kind to go out of their way. Really appreciate all they have done…

  5. Nothing else beats kampua, eh?? Arthur, looks like you are given a warm welcome everywhere you go with lots of good food too 🙂 You are indeed blessed!

    Indeed, praise the Lord!

  6. The wanton mee I’m used to doesn’t have taugeh inside. Something different, I must say. The braised shitake mushrooms look lovely too.

    Hmm, I thought RT Pastry House is only popular among the Subang (Jaya) folks. Man, suituapui, you’re lucky to have so many wonderful friends.

    P.S. How’s the Auckland and Wellington weather? Still as windy as ever?

    Wellington’s windy…but sunny throughout our stay, so lucky. Yes, I am very lucky indeed to have the wonderful friends. Me too, never seen wanton mee with taugeh – first time seeing it like this.

  7. nice to have friends around that care so much ya! guess the trip must be a great one!

    It certainly is. All the nice friends all over, so blessed. Enjoying every moment of the trip – still a week to go…

  8. You are blessed with so many nice and wonderful friends from far and near. So much tempting food and cakes. Love the cream puffs & vanilla chiffon. Cute looking padlock.

    Yes, so nice to all all he great friends. Nice padlock, no key – use a card.

  9. Wah, so much goodies. Arthur, I say again…you’re much much loved and spoilt 🙂 *I am not jealous* …nooo..*I am not jealous* 😉 Have a fantastic time in Auckland!

    I know you’re not! You’ve got such a bigggggg heart! No worries, will enjoy every minute in Auckland….and all the food here. Hehehehehe!!!! No, I’m not rubbing it in…I’m not rubbing it in… LOL!!!! 😀

  10. quietly sneaking in KL and never let us know.. not even want to join the gathering we had on that very same day!! haiz, this STP only likes the kucing family and not us lah.. tsk tsk tsk..

    Didn’t she tell you? You all at the Mines for the book sale? I thought you would all drop by to say hi…but nobody came. All the things I bought and brought all the way…wasted. Just left in the room. 😦

  11. yalor, other friends bring him makan here and there and also feed him with lots of nice cakes and food.. of course this Food Mayor of Sibu doesn’t even bother to meet up with the HHBC that only talks hamsap things and nothing about food at all~~ :p

    No food? You all went to some classy place at MV leh? Where got want to come with me to cheap kopitiam with the likes of me?

  12. Congratz to Melissa. Like I told you before buy your own plane and fly as and when you like lah no need transit mah. You never listen so don’t complain bro…haha

    Thanks. Ya…if only I could.

  13. Good to hear that you’re back with from NZ and congrats to Melissa on her convocation!

    I didn’t know you were here or I’ll have dropped by to say hello.

    It seems like you have your plate full anyway. 😉

    Catch you back in Sibu buddy!

    Thanks on behalf of Melissa. I’m still in NZ, staying a week in Auckland before going back. Was just a transit stop, not really worth going all the way to KLIA… We’ll get together in Sibu, no worries – I’ve got something for you… Wink! Wink! 😉

    1. Oh no, you really didn’t need to!

      Thanks Arthur! I’ll catch you back in Sibu and enjoy your time in Auckland! 🙂

      Least I can do after all the things you’ve given me… 😉 Hope to see you soon.

  14. You are so blessed with all the goodies. It’s good to make a lot of friends around the world. Congrats to Melissa on her graduation again!

    Thanks. Ya…it certainly is true, I’m so very blessed. Make friends through your blog like me – you will have lots of nice friends all around eventually too… 😉

  15. have a happy holiday arthur, and congrats to melissa! 🙂 i love all the makan makan photos you have in this post 🙂

    Thanks, and thanks on behalf of Melissa. Not much makan photos in the next few posts – temporary relief! Hehehehehehe!!!

  16. food porn! from the main dishes up to the desserts
    i was drooling my eyes on it yum yum yum

    Hahahahaha!!!! Look on the bright side – you’re not the one piling on the calories!!! 😉

  17. haha well those two stuff toys less their clothing was just a like some of my toys here haha

    Oooo…your toys are naked? Hmmmm….. Muahahahahaha!!!!!

  18. Ooo..finally get to read a bit of ur trip to NZ.

    Yea..the honeycomb that Papakucing bought was fantastic. I think they put lots of lemon grass if not mistaken. Agreed with you the kek lapis was a bit too strong for me but nevertheless it still taste good and spice lover will love it.

    Quickly post more pics of ur trip in NZ!

    No worries, the next post onwards you will get nothing but NZ…NZ…NZ!!! Ya, we share the same taste eh? Can become food reviewers liao! LOL!!! 😉

  19. Wow!! On transit also got so many food & dessert, you’re loved by everyone and everywhere you go.

    Yes, RT pastry, all their pastry and cake are good, they are famous for their hokkaido cupcakes, i think they are the first who start the hokkaido cupcakes that sell like hot cakes!!

    Wow..i can imagine, Shereen busy in the kitchen, to prepare the supper and waiting for the VVIP to arrive, very sweet of her!

    Omigawd!!! You cannot imagine what she has been stuffing me with – eat…eat…eat…. Just half a day here and I think I’ve eaten enough for a week. Hope I will be able to get back on bosar the plane to go home. 😉 Ya…everyone’s so kind, going through all the trouble and going all the way.

  20. How wonderful! =D
    I wish I had gone for the Graduation Parade at VUW… Wanted to save money then but now I know I shouldn’t have missed it for anything.

    It certainly is something to cherish and remember – worth coming back all the way for it. Too bad you missed yours… 😦

  21. STP, you are so loved by your friends. I was amazed at all the goodies, cakes, gifts, tarts and all the hospitality that your freinds showed to you. I am drooling at the NZ tarts and cakes from Indonesia. Your NZ friend must be black belt in cooking.

    She’s a real pro – can cook better than any place outside and the whole family’s so very nice, so sweet and hospitable. Ain’t it simple great to have such fantastic friends everywhere?

  22. wah.. pit stop also got so many ppl visit you…. it goes to show how nice & dear you are to all your friends…. some more they make sure to feed you… hehehehe..

    are you back in Sibu now or still in NZ?

    cannot wait to see what else you have in store for your trip!

    Somebody told me long ago that it’s the structure of my jaw – with jaws like mine, one would always have lots to eat…and looks like it’s quite true, eh? Hehehehehe!!!! Still in NZ, in Auckland right now…another week to go.

  23. The pork belly looks yummy! But fat fat oo.. 😛
    I am more interested in the cakes, but also fat fat, hehe >.<

    Still young…exercise! Otherwise, starve…which isn’t very wise – you’ll end up with all kinds of health problems as well.

  24. Those cakes from your friend Mandy look mothwatering! You can give me the leftovers! haha!

    Wish you were here! There was really sooooo much for just the three of us…and guess who had to eat most of it. 😉

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