A whole lot better…

I was looking for a nice brand of instant noodles, the curry flavour, once and in the end, I settled for this made-in-Sibu brand. It used to be cheaper, only RM3.20 for a pack of 5 – the chicken flavour is a lot more expensive all this while. In the process, I tried a lot of brands and some were really awful, to say the least, but there were some really special ones, usually a lot more expensive, that were nice too.

I never bothered about the one from Maggi (left)…

…though. This was the first ever instant noodles in the country – everyone was head over heels in love with the noodles. I bet we all remember their caption/tagline “Fast to cook, good to eat!” (Cepat dimasak, sedap dimakan!)…

Eventually, other brands started to appear on the shelves and it was overshadowed. Not only did we feel that it did not taste as nice but we also felt dissatisfied with the texture (and the price) of the noodles. That was why I stopped buying for a long long time.

It was not until I started watching the Kumaar Family Youtube videos featuring these instant noodles that I decided to give them a second chance. That was when I went out and bought a pack (RM4.80 for a pack of 5 now) to try and yes, it…

…was very nice! I cooked a bowl the other day and as you can see, I did not add a lot of ingredients other than the few cherry tomatoes from my garden (and two eggs) so as to retain its original flavour.

To compare between the two brands, I also bought a pack of our made-in-Sibu, Mee Daddy, curry flavour. Sometimes we cannot tell the difference because of the time lapse when we eat the two separately. Gosh!!! It has gone up in price – a pack is now selling for RM4.50, a little cheaper than Maggi and more expensive than many of the rest.

I cooked a packet, also with a few cherry tomatoes and two eggs…

…and yes, I would declare, without a doubt, that I prefer the one from Maggi – I do think it is a whole lot better.

The taste is a bit stronger…and nicer but spicier (and this is not the pedas giler version) so if you are not into anything even a little bit spicy, then you’d be better off giving it a skip. I also prefer the taste and texture of the noodles – I think I did mention in an early blogpost that they have improved on it since that time long ago.

I have mentioned it again and again that I simply cannot understand why, even though it is made in Sibu, its chicken flavour is so expensive, a lot more so than many of the other brands and now, even the curry flavour costs more. Yes, I went and checked and indeed, they have increased the price of the chicken ones as well to a whooping RM5 something for a pack of 5!!!

Anyway, considering how the prices for both Maggi and Mee Daddy, curry flavour, are more or less the same and one is a lot nicer than the other, there’s no question as to which brand I will buy once both these packs run out.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

7 thoughts on “A whole lot better…”

  1. There is always a 2nd chance. I agree that Maggi has improved the texture of the noodles and the seasoning, not as salty as before but abit too spicy for me. Being a person who is not into spicy taste, I think it is best for me to stay put with Mee Daddy curry flavour, mild in taste that suits me. Was wondering why it is so hard to find Mee Daddy curry flavour over here. Has been searching high and low for it. The few Supermarkets I used to patronise sell only Mee Daddy Chicken flavour and the prices for Family Pack Chicken flavour has increased from RM15.50 to RM17. 70 now over here. Sighhhh!!!..

    Ya…the prices keep going up and up!!! I am not going to buy the family pack anymore as I am the only one in the house eating it. Took me a long time to finish the last one I bought. Still have a few packets of the curry left so I’ll finish them off, will not buy anymore. I’m ok with Maggi being a bit spicy, much nicer!

  2. Thanks for the review!! Which reminded me, my Maggi curry flavoured noodle finish!! My Jay has been having supper lately and he loves its curry noodle. I need to stock it up soon.

    Never thought of putting tomato cherry in the curry noodle but I bet it is tasty. Usually I like adding cangkuk manis and egg. Will try tomato cherry when I am having curry noodle next time.

    Our cherry tomato plants are very productive, we have bags and bags in the fridge so we would throw them into most everything these days. I guess they will help enhance the taste. Usually I would add a lot of things such as prawns, fish balls, fish cake and whatever – will surely taste a lot nicer but this time around, I stuck to the bare minimum to keep it original.

  3. Don’t think we have Daddy Mee in my little kampung.
    We sure have all varieties of Maggie Mee though.
    Here in London, we can only get chicken and curry flavours from Malaysia.
    But UK Maggie make their own BBQ flavour too.
    You can also get Masala flavour Maggie from India.
    Still, Malaysia Maggie is the best.

    1. Maggi! Maggie was the British PM at one time, Margaret Thatcher! LOL!!!
      I did buy some made in the UK instant noodles when I was in Plymouth in 1994
      – it was green in colour, edible…but no, not really nice
      and when I went to NZ, my friend in Auckland gave me a few packets of the NZ ones, Maggi,
      – she was afraid I would starve to death in Wellington – everything was so expensive there
      and I enjoyed them A LOT. I thought the NZ Maggi was nicer,
      did not know then that after all those years, they had improved.

      No, I don’t think Daddy is well-marketed. Don’t think any of my West Malaysian friends
      have seen it over there. Maybe that is why it is so expensive – have to charge more to cover costs.

  4. I remember that commercial and my grandparents were fans of Maggi mee then. My dad loves it too but my mum restricts his consumption.

    LOL!!! Mums!!! I knew about the craze but I don’t think we had the chance to eat it a lot. Same thing with Sugar Bun hamburgers – I was in Lower Secondary then but I hardly ever ate. I sure had a very deprived childhood.

  5. I always try to buy locally-made goods when possible.

    Where available and quality is ensured…and if it is cheaper. Believe it or not, our local Sibu made instant noodles may be more expensive than the imported ones, and they are not necessarily nicer.

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