Two ways…

The other morning when I went over to the neighbourhood shop to buy the ingredients for my Sarawak laksa, the lady boss kept trying to persuade me to buy the fresh venison/deer meat that had just arrived. I was not all that keen as I have never been a fan of the meat. I feel it does not have its own unique taste or smell unlike beef or lamb or wild boar. At best, I will eat when there is any but I will not go out of my way for it.

I don’t think there is a problem getting to eat it at our local Chinese chu-char stalls and restaurants but as far as I know, they all cook it in that same way – with lots of ginger and soy sauce, served in a hot plate like the one here

Mom's Place venison

…or here

Ruby venison

…or just simply in a plate…

Y2K venison

…like what we had here.

What I did not know was that my missus  was quite keen so when she went over that afternoon, she bought this huge chunk…


…of the meat.

Of course that was a lot so she divided it into two and cooked one half of it…

Fried venison

…for our lunch and dinner that day.

She cooked curry…

Venison curry

…with the other half to keep in the fridge to take out and enjoy on another day. My late mum used to buy venison sometimes – it must be dirt cheap way back then – and cooked curry with it.

Yes, it was nice and yes, we enjoyed it very much but like I said earlier, because it does not have any taste or smell of its own, it could jolly well be pork or chicken – they’re all pretty much the same.