Back in business…

I was here

5th Ave. Kopitiam

…once before but we did not think what we had from the Malay stalls there was anything to go back for.

Soon after, they closed down the place. I heard that there was a fire there, the work of an unhappy customer or somebody and they stayed closed for a long long time. I actually thought they had given up the idea of running the coffee shop for good until one fine day, as I was driving past, I saw that they were back in business once again.

I walked around the place and saw one Malay stall – the dishes in the photographs at the stall looked good but no, I did not order anything from there. There was also one “Curry Station” selling curry rice and stuff but it was not open. The chu-char (cook & fry) place at the back was but I had decided to order something from the kampua mee stall in front…

Kampua mee stall

…already, run by a not-all-that-young couple. Another time perhaps!

I had been thinking of going for the Eight Treasures (pek ting eyok) mee sua for a while now but I never got round to doing that and the photograph at the stall was quite alluring so I asked for that. It came soon enough (RM6.00)…

Pek ting eyok too kha

…and yes, it was very nice. I was expecting chicken but no, it did not matter that it was pork trotter instead. I was fine with that.

I asked for some freshly-cut chili in soy sauce and when the guy brought it to my table, he saw that there wasn’t that much soup in the bowl so he brought some more and poured that in…

Extra soup

– no extra charge! Now, wasn’t that nice?

There is a canopy at the parking spaces opposite and there is a Malay stall there selling nasi lemak and stuff. I don’t know if you can order and ask them to deliver to you to eat at the coffee shop or not but I, for one, would not want to do that as that would be very unfair to the rent-paying Malay stall inside and yes, the one in the coffee shop does have nasi lemak and everything else too.

I liked the counters they constructed for the stalls – very neat and proper and they certainly brought the place to a higher level, very much nicer and cleaner and a lot more impressive and comfortable than the regular coffee shop. I think this bubble tea franchise has an outlet there as well and being far from the town centre, the place is not crowded and noisy, just great for people to gather and sit and chat. I know many church groups and gangs of retirees do that on a regular basis but no, I have never joined any of them, thank you very much! LOL!!!

5TH AVE. KOPITIAM is in the block of shops before the block where WOW WOW WEST Sibu (2.296407, 111.885216) is, on your left along Jalan Tunku Abdul Rahman, the road leading to the Sibu Airport, past the traffic lights junction where you would turn left to go to the Sibu General Hospital but before the next junction where you would turn right to go into Jalan Tun Ahmad Zaidi Adruce.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

8 thoughts on “Back in business…”

  1. Your Eight Treasures Mee Suah looks so good and the guy is so nice to top up the soup without additional charges. Thumbs up to him!

    Yes, I enjoyed it very much. Wouldn’t mind dropping by more often if it wasn’t so out of my way, nice place away from the hustle and bustle of the congested town centre.

  2. Pek ting eyok mee sua looks great. That lean pork trotter is calling me. I thought pek ting eyok is usually cooked with duck but I might be wrong.

    Yes, traditionally, it should be duck. The first time I had it was in the mid-70’s in Kuching – I was renting a room at Nanas Road West and my landlady had a Foochow son-in-law from Sibu. His mum went over to visit and she cooked pek ting eyok duck and gave her some – she did not want it so she gave it to me to eat. Boy! That was love at first bite, so very nice! Maybe the local ducks (not those frozen Perak ones) are very expensive these days…or maybe a lot of people don’t eat duck, my missus is one of them.

  3. The pek ting eyok mee sua looks delicious. Quite a lot of meat in there too.

    …and very tender too! I sure enjoyed that! As a matter of fact, I saw a lot of people at the other tables eating that too. Wouldn’t mind going back for more.

  4. I wonder how the dark colour soup taste like, is it black vinegar? For RM6, it is a good choice! Nowadays in Ipoh, everything is so expensive, just now I ordered a bowl of curry, no noodles just 4 types of fish paste and some pork skin, it cost RM9!! I was shocked!

    No, no vinegar, only eight types of herbs that give it its dark colour! Come on over, you can give this a try – lots of other things here you did not get to try and the last time you came was so many many years ago.

  5. I love pork trotters… would be very happy if I ordered that mee suah!

    No plans to come over sometime? I’ll be your tour & food guide. Very different from over at your side, you’ll love it here, I’m sure.

  6. The price of the eight treasures mee sua is very reasonable and affordable with so much meat and an egg too.

    RM6 is the standard price usually for mee sua, be it with pek ting eyok or traditional Foochow red wine chicken soup.

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