During my growing up years, the central market in Sibu was right in the middle of town with Market Road on one side and High Street on the other. There was a coffee shop at the latter where they sold gu tor mee (beef tripe noodles) that was the favourite of many – I am pretty sure my late mum and aunties, all in the family, had their fair share of it whenever they went marketing.

I vaguely remember eating it but I don’t think it left a lasting impression unlike my cousin in Kuching when she was here once. She wanted that so I pointed out to her a few places around town. She liked some, did not like the rest and she declared, with no reservations whatsover, that none came near to the aforementioned High Street one.

Well, she would be happy to hear that they have made a comeback, the original High Street gu tor mee, at this shop…

Noodle Shop

…and of course, the main item on their menu from this stall there…

Gu tor mee stall

…would be the gu tor mee. I do not think that handsome young man at the helm was the one doing it way back then – my guess is the old couple helping out were the people responsible.

Yes, they had the right chili dip…

Chili dip

…for it unlike some places where they would just give you bottled chili sauce with a dash of soy sauce. Those would get my frown of disapproval right away.

The kampua kosong

Kampua kosong

…was good, like any other authentic Sibu kampua mee elsewhere but personally, I felt that it was the beef tripe soup (RM5.00 for the set)…

Gu tor soup

…that put it a cut above the rest. Yes, the tripe was perfectly done and the soup was very nice…and of course, they get my double thumbs up for not using those plastic plates and bowls plus the people were very nice and polite, very generous with their kam sia (thank you) and kok lai (come again).

I heard people saying that the serving is small and I beg to disagree – I thought it was pretty normal but if you want a larger serving of the soup, you can ask for the L (large). What I had was just nice for me but looking at the menu on the wall, I think the next time around, I would ask for the beef tripe + fish balls + liver combo for RM10.00. I did catch a glimpse of the fish balls that morning and they looked homemade and I expect they would be good. We’ll see…

NOODLE SHOP is located right next to BAKELICIOUS, a few doors to the left of LE CAFE(2.299452,111.830832) along Brooke Drive at the Brooke Business Centre, on your left if you are driving from town, in that block of shops past Jalan Kumpang after you have gone past the building where the Sheraton Restaurant is, before you get to the traffic lights where you turn right to get to the KPJ Sibu Medical Centre.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

10 thoughts on “Original…”

  1. For RM5, you get a plate of kampua kosong with the beef tripe soup? That is really cheap.

    Personally, I prefer beef noodles with gu tor and gu kin or kampua with beef soup with the two but this is nice too, good for a change.

  2. Good food plus congeniality. I really like that. Some of them are so aloof towards customers.

    Yes, not even a smile, much less a word of thank you when you pay them. How come they were never taught any manners? Tsk! Tsk!

  3. Wow beef tripe. I like that especially if it is prepared by a handsome young man 😀

    Come, come! I’ll take you there. Too bad he’s taken though…but as they say, for bidden fruit is sweeter! LOL!!!

  4. i like that the name of the shop is straight to the point – you know exactly what they serve 😀

    Can be deceiving at times. We have one Noodle House here, very very popular serving a whole lot of nice things but only a sprinkling of noodle dishes.

  5. How far is Sibu from Kuching? Can you drive?

    Like from KL to Singapore. Yes, accessible by road but not a good idea to drive now. The road is a mess with the on-going construction of the Pan-Borneo Highway.

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