Not all about the money…

I see young people these days hanging around those coffee places that can be quite expensive, in fact and I noticed that a lot of them are of the fairer sex. I mentioned it to somebody once and he told me that it is like guys hanging out with friends and boozing at pubs and all those places to chat and pass the time. Fair enough! That sure is a logical explanation.

Other than that, those franchised fast food restaurants do seem to have an appeal as well, not only to the young crowd but adults too. Generally, you will not find me at those places unless I am waiting for the ladies to do their shopping and they are convenient places to sit and pass the time sipping a drink and have something to munch…or maybe I am taking a flight to some place and I have not eaten yet or I may reach my destination a little late, too late to go out for a bite to eat.

My girl, however, does not fall into the same category. She likes going to those places and sometimes, she may bring something home for me, not that I enjoy it all that much. Ah well! Like they say, it’s the thought that counts.

Well, last week, on our way back from her school in the jungle, I asked her if she wanted to go to our Sarawak’s own fast food franchise, the Sugar Bun and needless to say, she was thrilled at my suggestion so there we were at the outlet at Swan Square here, formerly Giant Megamall.

She wanted the fish burger…

Sugar Bun fish burger 1

…one of her favourites here and since it was our no-meat Friday, I ordered three (RM24.30). Out of the blue, the mum said she wanted a beef burger (RM4.40) so I asked for that and requested for one of the fish ones to be packed for us to take away. The girl at the counter did not seem all that familiar with the computing and everything and I might confuse her all the more if I had asked for the order to be cancelled.

My girl had an iced orange juice (RM4.80) while my missus and I had their three-layer tea (RM4.00) and three-layer coffee (RM4.00)…

Three-layer tea & coffee

…respectively. I must say that mine was really very nice and I sure would not mind dropping by for it again like say, when the ladies want to go browsing around and shopping at the mall.

Our orders arrived – three fish burgers plus the beef burger in a plastic bag. Ah well! We just had to take the beef burger out and put one of the fish burgers in the bag. We also had their cheesy wedges (RM5.10)…

Cheesy wedges

– my girl said that the ones here were crispier than Colonel Sanders’ but we like the Colonel’s mashed potatoes more than what we had here (RM5.70)…

Mashed potatoes

Of course we enjoyed our fish burgers…

Sugar Bun fish burger 2

…as always. The mum did not say anything about her beef burger and since we did not hear her complain, I guess it was all right.

The total, with the 6% SST, came up to RM55.45 which is definitely not cheap and we can easily go some place to have something a lot more substantial and nicer for that same amount of money, or more or less. I guess it’s not all about the money – my girl enjoys going to such places and the food they have there so whatever will make her happy is fine by me.

SUGAR BUN, Swan Square is located on the ground floor of the former Giant Megamall that is located to the left of SMK Bandar Sibu along Jalan Ling Kai Cheng.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

11 thoughts on “Not all about the money…”

  1. you are right! it is not all about the money. The fish burger sure looks good and burgers are so convenient to eat.

    I quite enjoy the fish burger from Sugar Bun but generally, I am not into burgers though I do love some nice sandwiches. Maybe I’m not into buns. I could have gone for their very nice fish & rice dishes but I did not feel like it that day.

  2. As long as the ladies are happy, you are happy too! LOL… I have taken a lot of fast food over here in Aberdeen, I like the KFC hot wings, this side dish is definitely better than the original fried chicken anytime! My son and I ordered take away and we ate them while watching Netflix on TV, best!!

    Oh? Better than our hot and spicy? People coming home from overseas all say our KFC is better than where they come from and they will go and eat. I dunno, I had KFC in the UK and in NZ, pretty much the same to me – fried chicken…but somehow. everything does seem to taste nicer in the cooler temperate weather.

    1. Their original is not nice, according to my son, so I didn’t try their main meal, I only took their side dish, hot wings…

      The original should be the same everywhere. It’s the hot and spicy here that appeals to the local taste buds, Malaysians like it that way.

  3. I like Sugar Bun fish burger too. Infact, I prefer Sugar Bun to KFC, be it broasted chicken, beef burger or beef stew. The deep fried tilapia fish is also one of my favourite.

    Their assam fish is very good but make sure you ask for the body or else they will give you the head – nothing much to eat there.

  4. Once in a while fast food can be quite enjoyable. The only one at my office area is Texas Chicken. McDonald’s moved away years ago.

    Can’t remember the last time I went to McD. Long ago, I used to love their Big Mac.

  5. I still like and enjoyed food at Sugar Bun!

    I guess you do not have it in Seremban? There is at least one outlet in KL, I think…and some in JB, if I am not wrong.

  6. I like hanging out in such plCe with my friends with air con, nice food and good service. Hehe. As long as smoke free.

    Sugarbun! Now I miss its fish burger. Long time didnt have it. The one in my area has closed last year and nearest is in Emart, our usual grocery shopping place. But not on the way. So, long time didnt go to Sugatbun. Last time when it was still operating here, I would visit at leadt twice a month. My kids like its chicken and savoury rice.

    Yes, the savoury rice is nice but there are bits of sausage inside so we would not order that on Fridays. We have one round the corner from my house and a few more not too far away. We hardly go to the one in town, beside the bank, as parking can be a pain there.

  7. There’s only one sugarbun in KL I think, they also serve garupa fish meehun!

    Yes, ok but not really that nice but for us here, beggars can’t be choosers.

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