I’ll come back for you…

I was out real early that morning as I intended to stop by here on my way to town to try what I said I would go back and try, their beef tripe, liver and fish ball combo soup (RM10.00)…

Beef tripe liver fish ball combo soup

That was during the mid-year school break so the kids were able to help out at the shop…

Noodle Shop

I must say that is truly praiseworthy as that probably would be the last thing children nowadays would want to do especially when they will have to get up so very early after having stayed awake the whole night through playing online games on their smartphones.

The grandma asked me if I wanted noodles with my order and she did tell me that the serving would be quite big. Of course I told her no but when it…

Noodle Shop combo soup

…was served, it did not look that big after all or not to me, at least. There were quite a lot of the ingredients in the soup, that much I would say and I rather enjoyed eating everything dipped in the extra-spicy own-made chili dip.

Having said that, I would prefer liver in the traditional Foochow red wine soup and even though I did not think I would like it better with noodles, I sure would not mind some tang hoon (glass noodles) in it. All in all, I certainly would come back here again but not for this combo, not at RM10.00 a bowl, thank you very much.

NOODLE SHOP is located right next to BAKELICIOUS, a few doors to the left of LE CAFE(2.299452,111.830832) along Brooke Drive at the Brooke Business Centre, on your left if you are driving from town, in that block of shops past Jalan Kumpang after you have gone past the building where the Sheraton Restaurant is, before you get to the traffic lights where you turn right to get to the KPJ Sibu Medical Centre.

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9 thoughts on “I’ll come back for you…”

  1. Maybe that grandma is a small eater and thus felt that it was quite a big serving for one person to finish. Yes, I agree, with some tang hoon added would be nice.

    The bowl was the usual size but a lot of the ingredients. Would be nice if shared by two – sometimes, too much can be a struggle to finish…like what I had at another place – in tomorrow’s post.

  2. The grandma wants you to enjoy her combination, if add in noodles, you might get too full and not be able to finish the whole lot… LOL…

    Maybe some people go for something a lot heavier? Actually I saw a man that morning who ordered TWO plates of kampua mee. At first I thought he was waiting for a friend…but when he finished one plate, he moved on to the next one. I was dumbfounded! The amazing thing was he was not shaped like me! Maybe I should eat that way too…to keep in shape. I shared the photo on Facebook but I removed it after a while – later, some friends of his might see and tell him and he would come after me. LOL!!!

  3. This reminds me that I still have yet to get those beef noodle in KK!

    They have outlets in KL and the kawasan-kawasan yang sewaktu dengannya, but dunno just as good or not.

  4. Nice to have the grandchildren came to keep her company and help out.

    The soup did not entice me. I must prefer mee suah. Hehe.

    Hard to find children like that these days, most are spoilt brats.

    Haven’t had mee sua for a while now, weather has been rather hot.

  5. Visually, the soup lookeds good, so loaded with ingredients but unfortunately not so great tasting for you. At RM10 it is pricey by Sibu standards I guess.

    On the contrary, the soup was very nice and everything in it went well with the chili dip…just that personally, I prefer liver the traditional Foochow way – cooked in red wine soup with lots of ginger so it has that nice liver taste.

    But yes, RM10 IS mighty expensive by our local standard especially when it is just something for breakfast. The fact that it was loaded with ingredients did not ease the pinch. I would consider RM8.00 expensive too – see tomorrow’s post. Something around RM5-6 is bearable – we have other cheaper options from which we can derive just as much satisfaction, if not more.

  6. I am drooling at the livers and must be nice to go with the chili, the soup looks comforting too

    Soup was good, liver was good too…just that I prefer it in our traditional Foochow way.

    1. It’s a smart way of eating – much more sustainable than only eating the meat. I will stick with my veg though 😉

      LOL!!! A lot healthier too, that’s for sure!

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