Little bit too much…

This food court is just round the corner from the car wash that I frequent and the other day, after I had got my car sparkling clean, I decided to drop by and check the place out. We had gone there a few times before, here and also here, for instance but we did not think there was anything to get us coming back for more.

The iced coffee, black (RM1.70)…

Grand Wonderful Food Court, kopi o peng

…was good and so was the kampua noodles…

Grand Wonderful Food Court kampua mee

…that I ordered from Stall No.2…

Grand Wonderful Food Court, stall No. 2

…right next to the first one, the chicken rice stall. Hmmmm…usually, I would not cut my spring onions that long but I guess it does not make much of a difference.

The pork intestine soup…

Grand Wonderful Food Court, pork intestine soup

…that I had with the noodles was good too, very peppery and I enjoyed eating the innards with the own-made chili dip provided. However, there was just too much of it, enough to be shared by two. I sure would not mind a smaller serving for a little less than what I had to fork out for it, RM8.00 altogether!

Incidentally, while I was there, they started taking out the dishes for the chap fan (mixed rice) and they sure looked good. Perhaps I would drop by one of these days to give it a try.

GRAND WONDERFUL FOOD COURT (2.309601, 111.845163) is located along Jalan Pipit, off Jalan Pedada, on your left just before the Petronas petrol station a short distance from Delta Mall. You can also go in via Lorong Pipit 4, turning left into the lane at the junction where Starbucks Sibu is located and go straight ahead from there.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

9 thoughts on “Little bit too much…”

  1. Haha. Indeed the spring onion was cut too long. Lol. I don’t do that either. But I guess they use it to replace any greens.

    Dunno why he cut it like that. Normally at kampua stalls, they would cut a whole lot for use, chopped thinly, not like this. Maybe he ran out and had to cut quickly.

  2. RM8.00 only? Huge portion of kampua. This one was way cheaper compared to the one posted yesterday. I always cut my spring onions tiny tweeny bits, not that long.

    Me too! My missus would cut them that long when making her kin chi or for frying that Korean pancake.

    Not much cheaper, by RM2.00 only but noodles included and the ingredients, though a lot, was not as much as yesterday’s…plus there was not much variety. A smaller serving of the intestines and soup with the kampua for RM5/6.00 would be more agreeable to me.

  3. when you compare an iced black coffee here at RM1.70 to an iced black coffee that costs RM8 at a modern cafe, it’s hard to choose the cafe 🙂

    They are different – the local coffee at the coffee shops and the “branded” coffee at those coffee places. Personally, I prefer our local coffee but it varies from coffee shop to coffee shop, not all can brew good coffee every time.

  4. I would love that pork intestine soup and I’d be happy to pay RM8 for it 🙂

    Cheaper than what you paid for, your blogpost today. LOL!!!

  5. I can stop with just the coffee and noodles and be very happy.

    You can just order the noodles – the regular will come with just a few slices of meat on top – and skip the soup. Coffee’s good here!

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