Lunch or dinner…

That day, on Wednesday, after bidding a tearful farewell to her loved and dear ones in her school in the jungle, her colleagues and her pupils, my girl left for home and it was way past 3.00 p.m. when we reached town…which was rather late for lunch and a little too early for dinner so we decided to stop by here and eat to our hearts’ content and that would be our lunch AND dinner for the day.

I don’t think I ever had ramen before or maybe I did a long long time ago (my girl wasn’t even born then) when I went to a small Japanese noodle shop in Tokyo where they could not utter a word of English and I ended up having a huge bowl of noodles in a whole lot of soup, no other ingredients whatsoever. Thankfully, it was very nice but even way back in those days, things there were not cheap – RM8.00 a bowl at a time when such prices were quite unheard of here.

That was why for our individual orders that day, I asked for the shiro ramen (RM12.80)…

Shiro ramen

…and the instant it was served, I felt kind of disappointed at the sight of the hard-boiled egg. I always saw those onsen eggs in friends’ blogs, hard boiled on the outside, the yolk still runny…or soft and moist. Maybe they should invite me over to teach them how to cook eggs like that. Tsk! Tsk! I was also put off by how it reeked of sesame oil but thankfully, when I ate it, I could not detect the taste and much to my delight, I found the soup really nice…but I still could not get over that egg!

My girl had their tori katsu don (RM12.80)…

Tori katsu don

…which she felt was nothing to get excited about – after all, it was just fried chicken and in comparison, she thought the one that her mum had here not too long ago was very much nicer.

The mum had the tori teriyaki don (RM12.80)…

Tori teriyaki don

…and we did not hear her complain so I guess it was all right.

We had the tempura ebi maki (RM7.10)…

Tempura ebi maki

…for one of our side orders and yes, it was very good which was more than what I could say about our other side order, the shisamo (RM4.90)…


…something that I saw in other blogs and was dying to give it a try. They do sell those herring-like fish at some supermarkets here but I never dared to buy, not when I had never tried it before and now that I have, I don’t think I will ever bother – at best, it was just…fish and a not-very-tasty one at that. Give me my ikan kembong!!! I’d rather have that…anytime!

Other than the aforementioned, we helped ourselves to the sushis on the carousel – RM1.80 for the yellow plate, RM2.80 for the red and RM3.80 for the blue.

This one, the inari unagi (eel) sushi

Inari unagi sushi

…was just so-so and this one with the avocado…


…did not get us all excited.

My girl had the takoyaki


…but made no comment as to whether it was nice or otherwise but we agreed that this one…

Prawn and egg

…was very nice and so was this one with the raw salmon and prawn…

Salmon & prawn

…and we loved these inari (in tofu pouches) ones, both the one with prawn…

Inari prawn

…and the one with salmon…

Inari salmon

I don’t know if I missed out any that day as we really had quite a lot – generally, we shared the opinion that the sushis here are definitely nicer than those elsewhere in town.

The total, inclusive of drinks, came up to only RM78.40 but with the 6% SST and the 10% service charge, it all added up to RM90.95 so I just gave the cashier RM100.00 and told her to keep the change. After all, I was in a good mood – my girl had finally got her transfer to a school in town!

SUSHI MENTAI, Sibu (2.303279, 111.843161) is located at Wisma Sri Minyak,Β Lot 3065, S/L4, No. 23&25, Ground Floor, Pedada Lane 7 (Now Jalan Dr. Wong Soon Kai).

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

8 thoughts on “Lunch or dinner…”

  1. Ramen are expensive here, can easily cost S$15 or S$18 for a bowl. Not a fan of ramen, but definitely a fan of sushi, you make me have craving for sushi again.

    Oh my!!! Even without conversion, it costs a bomb!

  2. For goodness sake, I won’t order the Shisamo, very miserable looking. That is why I always comment you are very adventurous in trying out everything. Yes, I am with you. Kembong for me anytime.

    We do have our own local fishes that taste A LOT nicer like our ikan seluang – I do not buy them because they are thin and small and long like those Japanese shisamo and removing the scales and insides can be so tedious. They say there is an easier way to do it but I do not know how…and once I did ask the native lady selling if she could do it for me and she retorted, “Sendiri buat lah! Malas tak payah makan!” Tsk! Tsk!

    There is also the “pak chik” in Hokkien, very much tastier too – my missus buys that quite regularly and fries till really crispy and we eat them all, heads and tails, bones, everything.

  3. Lovely meal. Love all the sushi you guys had. I haven’t been to the outlet here, in BDC area. Too far for us. And my hubby is bored with Japanese for time being. Lol.

    Happy Father’s Day to you! Bet you have a great celebration this year with your family without having to drive your girl to jungle school anymore.

    Yes, we went for a Korean lunch, so nice. Otherwise, normally we would be at the school in the jungle already at this time every Sunday.

    I’m ok with Japanese – my girl loves it so what she loves, the papa loves too lah! LOL!!!

  4. I am glad you enjoyed the ramen. You are right, the egg is so wrong. hah..hah…

    Maybe it’s just us. Pretty sure most people would hardly notice. LOL!!!

  5. Well those onsen egg versions usually cost like twice as much. haha.

    Oh? They do??? But they’re the same eggs, just how one cooks it. Or maybe they do not get it right everytime so have to cook a few at one time? LOL!!!

  6. Lunch and dinner in one is often my weekend meals. Getting up a bit later, brekkie is later on the weekends so lunch and dinner often get rolled into one.

    That’s the life! Unfortunately, old folks like me sleep early and get up before the break of dawn. LOL!!!

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