Come visit me…

Hari Raya Aidilfitri came and went and of course, there was that traditional practice of holding open houses to welcome family members and friends to share the joy.

We did not go “visiting”, that’s the usual word used to refer to the practice of dropping by houses of relatives and friends on such auspicious occasions, till mid-afternoon at around 3.00 p.m.

We went to my girl’s good friend’s house first and we stayed for quite a long while, chit-chatting and enjoying the cakes and the biscuits. We were also served the fragrant nasi


…cooked using the long-grained basmati rice and it went so well with the very nice curry…


…and the acar (pickles)…


…and there was this kelupis


…too – I sure enjoyed that with the daging masak hitam (beef)…

Masak hitam

After that, we adjourned to my girl’s colleagues house and as soon as we got there, a storm blew up and it poured cats and dogs so we just stayed there till the rain eased a little.

In the meantime, we sat and enjoyed the biscuits and the cakes and also the food served…and chatted away happily. It was getting late by the time we could make a move so we decided to call it a day and did not go to any more houses in the end.