Take a back road…

I was out and about early on Monday morning, a public holiday here replacing Sunday (Wesak Day) and I strolled around the vicinity to see what I could have for breakfast.

As I was passing by this coffee shop…

Hock Lai Hong Cafe

…in one of the back lanes/roads, I spotted a friend whom I had not seen for a long long time. She was sitting there waiting for a friend and I decided to join her and chat.

In the meantime, I asked what they had at the food stall there and in the long list of things available was char bee lau too kah, pork trotters in herbal soup. If I remember correctly, my uncle/cousin did mention going for it here everytime they came to town at a shop behind the bookstore in that area but I did not feel like having it that morning, not in the hot weather that we are experiencing right now. They say that those char bee lau roots are “heaty”.

In the end, I decided to go for the kampua mee

Kampua mee

…but I must say that I was not all that fond of the plastic plate that was used to serve the noodles.

I also asked for pian sip (meat dumplings) soup, small…

Pian sip soup

…and that came in a stainless steel bowl. Of course, I was fine with that.

The two together was RM5.00 and my guess is that the mee was RM3.00 and the soup was RM2.00, pretty much the same as elsewhere and like many elsewhere, both the noodles and the soup were nice.

I may go back there again for the char bee lau too kha one of these days. We’ll see…

HOCK LAI HONG CAFE (2.292531, 111.827571) is located along Lorong Tuanku Osman 4, the first shop in the block right behind Rejang Bookstore (back to back) at Jalan Bindang.