Late in the evening…

We were still quite full after our lunch that afternoon so we decided to skip dinner and go for the novena and sunset service at our regular church and drop by some place for something after that.

My girl wanted to come here for the pecel lele with the ikan keli

Ikan keli

…but it did not look like she enjoyed it much. The rice was not wrapped in banana leaf like before…usually and the fish did not seem to taste as nice – I think it was the way they marinated it and other than that, I was quite doubtful as to how fresh the fish was as I thought it tasted like those that had been frozen a bit too long.

I had the ayam penyet nasi goreng

Nasi goreng ayam penyet

…which was all right. I particularly liked the fried rice…

Nasi goreng

…but they seemed kind of stingy with the sambal now – they used to give a lot more.

My missus asked what the lalapan ayam penyet was and the girl said the ulam would be different and when she was served, it turned out to be more or less the same except that they gave sambal belacan (dried prawn paste) with it and it was not spicy so she was not in the least impressed.

The late dinner/supper came up to over RM30.00, inclusive of drinks and we also had satay (RM16.00), lamb and chicken…


…from the stall in front of the coffee shop next door, RM1.00 per stick be it chicken, lamb or beef and it was nice – they have a stall there at night now. I did not order the beef as usually, I found the ones at these Malay stalls a bit too tough to chew.

I would not say what we had that night was overwhelming – they should look into their quality control a bit more seriously – so I don’t think we would be in a hurry to come back here again all that soon.

PENYET DELTA (2.307969, 111.825223) is located at No.14, Lorong Delta 10, off Jalan Delta, right behind the Delta Swimming Pool, right beside the Delta Seafood & Cafe.