I was here…

Best Harvest Cafe

…once before, probably during their peak hour so I stood there by the stall and everyone was so busy and completely ignored me. Of course for someone my shape and size, it would be virtually impossible not to see me. Nobody asked me what I wanted to eat so I just walked away and went to another shop in the vicinity, feeling quite pissed off by the cold shoulder treatment.

I did catch sight of one old lady there though so I could jolly well guess that this was her stall…

Kampua mee stall

For reasons unknown, she was not around that morning but I would say she’s a celebrity in her own right – you can see a number of video clips of her on Youtube and this is one of them if you would like to click the link to go and have a look. I did ask some people sometime ago before she relocated here but they said her kampua mee was just so-so, more a gimmick than anything else.

An ex-colleague did share some photos on Facebook sometime ago of what he had here and said it was quite good. That was why I went there on that aforementioned occasion and after that, I was not inclined to go again until another friend told me she would drop by at 6 something on her way to work after dropping off her daughter at school. That, of course, told me that they open real early and I can go and check it out, thinking that there will not be so many people at that time of day.

I couldn’t be more wrong for there was quite a crowd there already when I got there. This time, however, they did ask me what I wanted so I quickly placed my order and took a seat at one of the tables where the customers had just left…and they had yet to clear up everything and wipe the table clean. Thankfully, they came and did that soon enough.

The kopi-o-peng/iced black coffee (RM1.70)…

Best Harvest Cafe kopi-o-peng

…was good but I was somewhat disappointed when the chap-chap (mixed) soup (RM2.80)…

Best Harvest Cafe chap chap soup

I saw some pig’s blood at the stall but there wasn’t any in the bowl that I got. I guess I did not order it right and if that was what I wanted, I should have asked for it. Another thing was I am never a fan of those frozen fish balls and meat balls plus I don’t know what brand they use but the latter had a very strong smell and a while later, I could detect it in the soup and that put me off – I did not finish all of it. They do have pian sip (meat dumplings) at their stall and that got me wondering as to why they could not use the minced meat to make their own meatballs. I would have enjoyed those a whole lot more.

Other than that, they did not have any special own-made chili dip that they would have elsewhere, like here or here, for instance. All I got was bottled chili sauce with soy sauce added – you can see that in the photo below.

Thankfully, the kampua mee (RM2.80)…

Best Harvest Cafe kampua mee

…was very good – I certainly would rank it among my favourites and it is a little cheaper than a lot of places around town, usually RM3.00…or more.

BEST HARVEST CAFE 富源茶室 (2.278144, 111.838905) is located at No. 6A, LORONG 2, Jalan Aman, facing Jalan Lanang, right after the roundabout junction of those two roads.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

4 thoughts on “Harvest…”

  1. so the kampua mee is really good, not a gimmick. I don’t think I can ever get made-to-order noodles with a few slices of meat for RM 2.80 here. Really good price.

    Yes, it was good though I was not that impressed by the soup and it was cheaper too.

  2. Yeah, at least you know where to go for good and cheaper kampua that suits your taste.

    A little out of the way for me so even though it was nice and a bit cheaper, I don’t think I will venture there all that often.

  3. The kampua noodles looks yummy enough! There is no more 2.80rm noodles over here in Ipoh… wanton noodles is at least 4-5rm… Anytime chap farn is cheaper than noodles…

    You’re back in Ipoh, are you? Ipoh city mah…all very rich. Small town like Sibu, cannot be too expensive, people cannot afford. LOL!!! Chinese chap fan here, not nice – the Malay nasi campur is good but can be VERY expensive.

  4. A pity that it was a disappointing experience, luckily the kampua noodles made up for it.

    A friend was telling me stories of those frozen fish balls – I swear I shall never touch them ever again!!!

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