Full of it…

I dropped by here…

Golden Full Cafe

…in 2011 because my friend, Annie in KL, liked what she had and told me about it so I went to give it a try but I have not been there since.

Well, I went again the other morning because it is one of those few that opens at the break of dawn. The sign on the stall…

Kampua mee stall

…says 6.00 a.m. and yes, even at that hour, there were a number of people there already when I arrived.

I asked for the pian sip mee

Pian sip mee 1

…and that was what I had with a glass of kopi-o, RM4.20 in total. My guess is the coffee was RM1.20 and the noodles RM3.00.

The noodles were all right – I could taste the fragrance and the taste of lard but I think there was a hint of starchiness/stickiness in the noodles even though it was perfectly cooked, not over-cooked till too soft and soggy. Perhaps they should rinse it a bit more to get rid of the excess.

I can’t say that I liked the plastic bowl in which they served the complimentary soup which was, in fact, quite bland but unlike elsewhere, I could detect the daun sup (Chinese celery) in it. I just put a couple of the pian sip

Pian sip mee 2

…in it and after that, it was not too bad.

While I was there, another guy came and he took over from the guy in the above photograph which got me wondering as to whether that was the resident cook-in-charge while the other guy was just standing for him before he arrived. Perhaps that was why the noodles was a little, just a little, less than satisfactory.

Well, since it opens so early, chances are I shall be dropping by again or I may just go to this one at the end of the block, equally early and a lot busier than this one even at this time of day.

GOLDEN FULL CAFE (2.301668, 111.835315) is located at No. 6, Jalan Merdeka Barat, in the area of shops behind the Sibu Polyclinic, Jalan Oya.