Add it up…

I dropped by my regular kuih and everything else stall at Bandong again that morning and no, I had no intention of buying the very nice nasi lemak kukus (RM3.00) that I bought from there the other day again but I saw that now, one could add a piece of their ayam berempah

Ayam berempah

…for an additional RM2.00 and it looked so very good that I simply could not resist!

I just asked for one packet as my main intention was to try the chicken so the lady scooped the rice from the steamer…

Steaming hot

…and then added the standard nasi lemak condiments…

Standard condiments

…the egg, peanuts, ikan bilis and also the sliced cucumber and the sambal, extra pedas.

One can also choose to add a piece of salted fish or a wedge of salted egg…


…and that looked liked cucumber with rojak sauce but one would have to fork out 50 sen for each one that one picks.

I was able to refrain from asking the salted egg as there was the hard-boiled one already but I just had to have the salted fish so if you add it all up, my packet of nasi lemak

Nasi lemak

…cost me RM5.50 altogether.

No, I did not eat it myself as I already had noodles for breakfast that morning and my missus did not want it either so we saved it for my girl to eat when she got back from school that afternoon. She sure enjoyed it a lot and yes, she said the ayam berempah was very nice. One of these days, I am going to go back there and buy it for myself to try.

This stall/shop that used to be called MAK MET’s BREAKFAST STATION is located at the shops along Bandong Walk (2.313869, 111.825808) where PENYET BANDONG is in the evening.