Mambo No. 5…

Ladies and gentlemen, this is Mango Number 5…

Mango No. 5 1

One, two, three, four, five…well, many not so many times, but three, at least – three times when my friend went to this hawker centre near my house and had this and shared the photographs on Facebook.

Since then, I had been wanting to go over and give it a try but I never got down to it. For one thing, this place is always very crowded and one may have to park one’s car far far away and walk all the way there. Walk? Now that’s one word that does not exist in my vocabulary! Hehehehehehe!!!

Well, after dinner the other night, my girl said that she would like to go to the mall at the other side of this commercial area of shops and I decided to walk to my bank right beside this place…and I made my mind there and then to grab the opportunity and go over and have that mango delight for dessert.

I could have gone to No. 2 – it also had this same thing, the one with the name like one of Jesus Christ’s Twelve Apostles, Simon Peter…

Simon Peter

…but my friend said Stall No. 5…

Stall No. 5

…so I went to that one. After all, if I had gone to the former, it would not be Mango No. 5, not anything like the name of the hit song. LOL!!! It was a good thing I did what I did because when I shared the photograph of it on Facebook, another friend, obviously more familiar with this place, commented that No. 5’s was the best.

Indeed, it was very very nice, a whole lot of mango, half a fruit at least, very fresh and sweet, with shaved ice drowned in lots of evaporated milk underneath…

Shaved ice and evaporated milk

…that blended nicely with the fruit and it was only RM10.00!  I had the mango bingsu here that was almost double the price and it did not get us all that excited, not at all…especially at that price! This one wins hands down, that’s for sure.

I sure enjoyed that and should I be around those parts in the evening again, you can bet I’ll stop by for more of this…Mango No. 5!

Mango No. 5 2

TAMAN SELERA MUHIBAH Hawker Centre (2.310492, 111.845999) is located at the Delta Commercial Centre, off Jalan Pedada (now Jalan Datuk Dr Wong Soon Kai), right beside the AmBank branch there.