Is it too early…

I was thinking of the nice kao teng koi/kuih lapis that I bought on my previous visit so I made my way there the other morning, sometime after 6.00 a.m. and yes, I was way too early. The stall was not open and I do not even know whether the kuihs are available every morning or not. Well, since I was already there, I thought I might as well have something for breakfast.

My lawyer-friend/ex-student, Louis, was there twice when he was last in town and he said that the Malay stall there seemed very popular. A Malay stall? The few times I was there, I did not notice any Malay stall…but I guess it was because I was not looking.

Yes, it…

Malay stall

…was open, Stall No. 11, and I asked for the nasi lemak special but the nice lady said that she was still frying the chicken and it was not quite ready yet.

In the end, I just had the nasi lemak, biasa/regular (RM3.00)…

Nasi lemak biasa

I think I do recall Louis saying that someone told him it was nice but no, the rice was not lemak (rich in santan/coconut milk) but it was all right with the very nice and spicy sambal.

For a while, I was thinking that the two salted fish were given in place of the fried ikan bilis (dried anchovies) but later, I noticed they were in the sambal


…not that there were many of them. At the prices they are selling them for these days, that comes as no surprise at all.

Of course, the traditional wok-fried egg…

Traditional wok-fried egg

…got my nod of approval, unlike the one here but usually, they would give it hard-boiled as the standard condiment for nasi lemak and normally, only half of it. I don’t know why they choose to fry it at many places (at my one-time favourite nasi lemak stall at Bandong Walk, they will fry it for you upon request) when it is easier just to boil it in water instead of frying it in oil and since they only give half, in actual fact, one egg can be used for two plates.

I don’t think I shall be going for that again the next time I drop by, some of the other stuff on her menu perhaps but that morning, I noticed a fish-tail banner advertising the burger babi (pork burger) available at the stall at the far end, No. 15, I think. I sure would love to go back one of these days to give it a try.

THE SUNGAI ANTU MARKET & HAWKER CENTRE/FOOD COURT (2.320030, 111.830741) is located along Jalan Sg Antu 2, on your right off Jalan Industri as you drive in from Jalan Kpg Nangka.