Agree to disagree…

I went back to this coffee shop last Saturday morning because when I blogged about it that day, a friend/ex-student commented that the char kway teow (fried flat rice noodles) from the stall at the back…

Yalin chu char stall

…was very nice or in his own words, “one of the best in town” and of course, I just had to go and try.

Gosh!!!! There were so many people…at 7 something in the morning, before 8 and I could not find an empty table. In the end, I sat down at a rather large one occupied by a couple on one side. They finished eating soon after I had sat down and left so I had that big table – right in front of the stall, all to myself. I felt it was not a good location though as there would be people crowding around to place their orders with the lady who seemed to be the one in control of everything – the guy hardly said a word, he just cooked!

The problem was my friend/ex-student did not state specifically what char kway teow there was nice – was it the dry one? Or the one with sauce/gravy? Or was it their tomato kway teow?

I just asked for the char kway teow, dry…

Yalin char kway teow

…and asked for chili to be added. Unfortunately. that seemed to fall on deaf ears – there wasn’t any chili in it nor was I given any chili sauce or freshly-cut chili in soy sauce. It tasted all right but no, there are others elsewhere a whole lot nicer like the one here…or hereor here or even the one here but it only opens at night so I hardly ever go there – I do not usually go and eat char kway teow at that time of day. I do know of other places that were nice too but I have not been to those for a long time so I am not sure if theirs are still as good.

For one thing, when I was there, I did not hear anybody else ordering it nor did I see anyone eating. There seemed to be a lot of orders for kolo mee though – perhaps I should try that the next time I drop by. I did not think the kway teow was that nice to make me want to go for it again but it was only RM3.80 though, at least 20 sen cheaper than all the rest.

YALIN COFFEE SHOP (2.290902, 111.827723) is located along Jalan Kampung Nyabor, to the right of the Sibu General Post Office – the first one in that block of shops there.