Always a first time…

I went back to this bakery again the other morning as when I shared the photograph of the Swiss roll on Facebook not too long ago, my foodie friend commented and said that their coconut roll was very nice.

It was just past 6.00 a.m. – VERY early but it was already open. When I went in, I spotted, among the others, one strawberry Swiss roll…


…so of course, I had to buy it because my girl really enjoyed it. It was a bit chilled so my guess was it was left over from the day before and they put it in the fridge overnight. That was perfectly all right by me as it was still good, still very nice though it got me wondering as to why there was a layer of white on the outside of the roll…

Strawberry with a layer of white

Perhaps that was the last one they made and there wasn’t enough of the strawberry batter and they used the vanilla one. Whatever the reason was, it did not matter one bit as it was just as good, the soft cake with the light strawberry essence fragrance, not very sweet and the salty butter cream…

Very nice

…in the middle. I could tell it was real salted butter as it had the taste and the fragrance plus it hardened when put in the fridge, not that we had to do that as it was all gone before the day was done!

I looked at what there was in the cabinets, nothing that tickled my fancy and then I saw the coconut rolls on the racks, piping hot from the oven. The baker was busy at the back but I think he noticed me and he quickly came out to see what I wanted. I asked for two of the coconut rolls (RM1.20 each)…

Coconut roll

…but I did not want any of the buns – he only had the pandan lotus, the butter and the red bean paste and I wanted the ones with the pek tao sar or mung bean paste.

Yes, the coconut roll was very nice – I could detect the nice buttery fragrance. Probably they brushed the bun batter with it before coating it with grated coconut and putting it into the oven to bake and I liked the toasted coconut and how the bun was very nice and soft.

I have seen these coconut rolls here, there and everywhere since God knows when but I never felt inclined to buy. Well, there is always a first time and I sure was glad I did.

YAT BAKERY (2.293035, 111.835887) is located along Lorong Chew Siik Hiong 1A, directly opposite Uncle Dom, at the other end of the block of shops where Sushi Tie is in the commercial centre behind the Rejang Medical Centre.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

6 thoughts on “Always a first time…”

  1. I like almost anything (if not all) with coconut and this coconut rolls looks good. Coconut and butter milk buns are my favourite buns to have.

    I have not tried the butter milk buns here but there is one bakery, dunno its actual location, that will send their bread and buns to all the shops in town. Their butter milk buns are my favourite…and their mini butter cupcakes too. Have not bought for a while now – I think like everything else, the prices keep going up and up.

  2. There’s nothing like freshly baked pastry or bread. So good eaten while still warm. Somehow I am not very fond of buns or pastries with coconut. Maybe I haven’t eaten one that could change my mind.

    I’m like you – maybe that was why I never bothered to buy and eat all my life but this one was very good…and I was not a fan of coconut tarts either till I tried the one at that bakery here, no turning back since. So very nice!

  3. sounds like a quality bakery that prides itself on good ingredients and great teatime treats – wonder if they have a blueberry swiss roll, cos that’s my favourite berry 😀

    So far I’ve seen vanilla, coffee, pandan, yam…I wonder if he does blueberry too or not. Different flavours, different days – these two days, no strawberry. Sobsss!!!

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