Just a little bit too late…

On Thursday morning, I wanted to go and browse around at the supermarket at Simpang Tiga here…

Simpang Tiga
*Archive photo*

– I had not been there for a long long time so I was wondering if there was anything that might tickle my fancy.

It was a little bit too late in the morning when I got there, around 10 something, almost eleven but I walked over to the Malay kuih stall…

Kampung Hilir/Simpang Tiga kuih stall
*Archive photo/Photo from Google Maps*

…in the vicinity even though I knew for sure that by that time, most of what they had would be sold out and there would be not much left to pick and choose.

I was thinking that perhaps, I could get some vadai/vadey

Vadai 1
*Archive photo*

…or bergedil, perkedel in Indonesian…


…that my girl would enjoy. I always bring a little something when I go to pick her at her school in the jungle, something she will be able to munch on in the car until we reach town and can go for a somewhat late lunch.

Well, as expected, there weren’t anything I wanted except these vadais (3 for RM1.00)…

Vadai 2

…which, quite obviously, were not made by the same people as the nicer ones above. These were thinner, not as nice, but they tasted all right, just that I thought they were a little bit too salty.

I spotted some kelupis but they were not tied using nylon string like these…

Kelupis 1

I would hesitate to buy those and all those changs (meat dumplings) tied with the same too as it may be hazardous to health, being boiled together in the pot for hours.

These (RM2.50 each)…

Kelupis 2

…were tied with rubber bands so I had no idea whether they tied them with nylon string or not originally and after all that bad press, they decided to remove the strings after cooking and replace them rubber bands. My girl loves this local pulut/glutinous rice delight – so very nice with condensed milk or kaya (coconut jam) so I could not resist buying just two to buang gian (appease the craving).

Well, Ramadan, the Muslim fasting month begins next week and I am very sure I will be heading to the bazaar to get these and a whole lot more at the stalls – I sure am looking forward to that.

The KAMPUNG HILIR MALAY KUIH STALLS (2.306488, 111.818695) are located near Simpang Tiga at the end of Jalan Kampung Hilir, with the SEDC HAWKER CENTRE behind it and the MDS MART facing those hawker stalls.