Ya…not so hot…

It was a lovely afternoon that day, not so hot because it was drizzling/raining all morning and around noon. After the rain stopped, it was comfortably cool so I decided to go and walk around the Ramadan Bazaar at Bandong Walk

Bandong Walk


That was around 3.00 p.m. and obviously, a bit too early. Some of the stalls were still closed and some were just starting for the day like this lady who had just commenced barbecuing the chicken and the parson’s nose (buntut ayam)…

Ayam bakar

This is the current craze…

Manok Broo

…here – fried chicken and while all the rest are selling theirs for RM2.00 a piece, this one is going for only RM1.00! No, I did not buy any though as I am not really into that. Incidentally, manok is ayam or chicken in Sarawak Malay (and in Iban too) and if I am not wrong, they also call it that in Tagalog (Filipino language).

I tried kueh akok


…a Kelantanese favourite, at another place last year but no, I was not impressed. Maybe the one here is better but I did not feel like it that day. Another time perhaps.

The only place that was enjoying brisk business already at that point in time would be my regular Malay kueh stall in the vicinity. They still had quite a lot of the baked macaroni that I bought the other day…

Baked macaroni

…but they only had one pack of the very nice cucur udang (prawn fritters) salad left and I bumped into a friend there and I told her it was good so she took it so it was all sold out! I wonder what time they open.

I bought this…

Chappati chicken wrap

…for my girl once and she loved it! However, she was not home that day, stuck in her school in the jungle so I did not buy any this time around. Perhaps we shall drop by when she is home for the weekend and we can buy that then.

Their keria


…(sweet potato doughnut coated with palm sugar) is very popular, that I do know but no, I did not buy any. I did try their ubi goreng (fried tapioca)…

Ubi goreng

…and it was all right but no, I did not buy that either. I prefer tapioca boiled with a little bit of salt added, eaten with gula apong (nipah palm sugar).

So what did I buy in the end? I walked over to the little shop in the middle to grab a box of my favourite dates

Yusuf Taiyoob dates

…RM13.00 a box but it’s only once a year so that’s fine by me.

I certainly look forward to more good days so I can go to this one again or check out some of the others before Ramadan ends.

PASAR RAMADAN BANDONG  is located at Bandong Walk (2.313869, 111.825808) along Jalan Bandong, somewhere in front of the shops in the vicinity.