Get it together…

I was at the Rejang Park commercial square very early that morning and I decided to stop awhile here…

Esan Cafe, Rejang Park

…for breakfast, not to be mistaken with this one with a similar name in the Dewan Suarah area.

The coffee…


…was very good – I did not take note of how much I paid for that, probably RM1.60 a glass.

I used to frequent the chu char place at the back a long long time ago – we often dropped by here to tapao a few dishes home for our meals instead of cooking ourselves until one day, when I went there, I saw the wife, teary-eyed, clearing up the place. She told me that they had closed down and would be moving to KK. I could jolly well guess the reason but I shall not mention it here. Eventually, the people running the coffee shop took over and they did a pretty good job too but these days, we do not go there all that often anymore.

I did try some of the stalls there as well like this one or this one but that morning, I noticed they were no longer there. Perhaps like so many around here these days, they too have called it a day. There is a stall there now selling fried noodles and stuff but that morning, I decided to try the kampua mee from this stall…

Esan Cafe kampua mee stall


Funny how I have been in the vicinity so very often and I have eaten the kampua mee and everything else at most, if not all, of the shops there but I never gave this one a try. My favourite used to be this one from a long time ago way back in the days when I was still teaching but I did not think it was all that nice the last two times I was there, a little bit too much msg, I felt.

When I went to place my order, the lady asked me if I wanted some liver soup and I said I did not mind a small one to which she replied that I could have the set (RM6.00)…

Esan Cafe kampua liver soup set

…whereby I would get it…

Esan Cafe liver soup

…together with the kampua mee

Esan Cafe kampua mee

I would say I enjoyed them both plus the slightly sourish chili dip went really well with the liver. The coffee was good too and I certainly would give them my double thumbs up for not using those gaudily-coloured plastic plates and bowls. I sure would not mind coming back here for more should I happen to be around there again.

ESAN CAFE (2.306716, 111.836465) is located at No. 30, Jalan Teruntum in the Rejang Park Commercial Square, directly across the open space from the front of the long-closed down Zenith Mint Cinema.