The more you pay…

I certainly do not think that the more you pay, the better you’ll get. There are some rather expensive places, especially those classier trendy joints where the food does not live up to one’s expectations, considering how much one would have to fork out, like those pseudo-western cuisine joints, for instance, where you pay through your nose for something that is a far cry from what you would expect.  On the other hand, there are those simple places where you pay a lot less, minus all the frills and thrills, and yet, you enjoy everything a whole lot more.

Well, last Saturday morning, we went to the cemetery as it was the 7th Day after my mum’s demise and on the way home, my girl said that she would like the thosai masala

Curry House thosai masala 1

here for brunch so we stopped by there along the way and she got to enjoy what she wanted…

Curry House thosai masala 2

…but she said that the potatoes were rather hard, not cooked enough till nice and soft. Maybe it was the potatoes they used – I do not know the names or where they come from but I’ve bought some that are not rich and creamy and tend to be a little on the hard side even after cooking. I did not check the price for the thosai that day so I am not sure whether or not it has gone up from what we used to pay for it, RM3.50.

We had not been here for quite a while and I noticed that they had this tandoori oven…

Curry House tandoori oven

…now but we got there somewhere between 10-11.00 a.m. and were way too early – the guy said that whatever they would cook in the oven would not be available till noon.

My missus and I went for the nasi campur/mixed rice and she had three vegetables with the rice…

Curry House nasi campur 1

– brinjal, bitter gourd and paku (wild jungle fern) and she enjoyed everything to the max because of the level of spiciness in her picks but she was shocked to hear that the total for that was RM7.50, RM2 each for each type of vegetables she took and RM1.50 for the rice. I don’t think she will be in  a hurry to want to come back here again.

I saw the liver…

Curry House liver

…and of course, I simply could not resist it and I also took the sotong (squid)…

Curry House sotong

…and the cangkok manis and pumpkin combination…

Curry House nasi campur 2

The latter was rather bland like they just boiled them like that but even then, those vegetables would be sweet on their own but these that I had were not – they certainly do it a whole lot better elsewhere and as for the other two that I picked, I thought they were nice but considering the way they cook those here, I am of the opinion that I’ve had nicer ones elsewhere…and paid a lot less for the same. Just like what my missus had, mine did not come cheap, RM10.00 in total.

Yes, yes, this was definitely cheaper than some other places but that does not change the fact that what we had was rather pricey for  a place that is nothing more than just a coffee shop, nothing grand, and we can get some similar stuff that are a lot more delightful AND cheaper at some of our local Malay eateries in town.

CURRY HOUSE (2.304051, 111.848937) is located on the right along Lorong Pahlawan 7B/3, the lane heading straight towards the Sibu Bus Terminal.

Author: suituapui

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8 thoughts on “The more you pay…”

  1. I like your missus picks especially the brinjal & paku. The bitttergourd looks like deep fried. The price is abit too steep considering there are only veg, no meat.

    You can get the bitter gourd thing at banana leaf places in Kuching, an Indian specialty. My girl loved it but she can’t eat it now – dunno what batter they use, not gluten-free. Yes, rather expensive for a coffee shop setting – branch of the one in Kuching, owned by some Singh guy in your city, if I am not wrong…so maybe he is following your city prices here.

  2. the name is also rather nondescript … curry house … usually other places seem to add something, even if it’s just initials, before curry house – like nz curry house or nagasari curry house 😉

    Yes, no name curry house, this one. 😀

  3. I saw one tandoori oven in a mamak shop here. That one more authentic look than this.

    Thosai. Now I know where I want to head to for breakfast tomorrow. Lol

    Yes, I thought so too, kind of modern looking, does not look traditionally authentic…and I heard that with the curved top, they will not be able to stick the naan bread to the top to bake. Probably good for tandoori chicken only.

    So, did you have your thosai this morning?

  4. Sometimes the supermarket here would label the different kinds of potatoes, telling you what’s good for chips, or what’s good for mashing. I find these labels useful, as I cannot remember the different varieties.

    We do not have any such thing here at the shops and supermarkets, buy at your own risk. However, there is one vegetable seller by the roadside in the afternoon at the shops near my house – he will tell us whether the potatoes are good or not, rich and creamy or not and so far, he has always been right.

  5. Indeed the dishes are more expensive than the chap farn you normally take… I like the masala tosai though… too bad the potatoes are hard…

    We had it here a couple of times before and it was very good – that was why we came back. Probably they bought the wrong potatoes. 😦

  6. some eateries here should learn more from West wonder Penang is taking over as the ‘greatest food capital’ in Asia. I had just read this post loving the atmosphere and enthusiasm there which i feel is wanting here

    That’s my blogger-friend’s blog. Well, Penang’s a tourist destination…and also a tourist trap, must know where to go. Air Itam Market is good, not the better known and very popular (among tourists, locals will not go there) Gurney Drive.

    Sibu is just a small town, hardly anybody ever comes here – they can work harder on it in Kuching…or Miri. Kinda surprising that Miri isn’t making it big or maybe it is, just that I do not get to hear much about what is good there.

    1. I agree..i think Sibu does have some potential because of its rich foochow culture, not as the first tier food destination like Georgetown but amongst the best of second tier in Malaysia.

      Sibu is third tier for now.. Kuching has been capitalized on Sarawak laksa and Dayak food, i think that’s why it pulled ahead of the rest of the cities in Sarawak.

      I do not think Dayak food in Kuching is given the attention it deserves, Sarawak laksa, yes…and kek lapis and the halal Chinese dishes at that tourist trap, Topspot, but there are a lot more in Kuching that the uninitiated would not know of unless they have friends among the locals.

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