This was that new place…


…that we stopped by to check out not too long ago but they said they did not have much else other than the fried stuff as they would be closing at noon so we adjourned some place else, the coffee shop right at the very end of the two blocks of shops in that area.

I don’t know if they have moved here from some place else where they were operating under a different name as I spotted this…

Melanau Cafe

…on their menu.

It’s a nice place…

DADS interior

…open every day except Thursdays and they have karaoke…

DADS karaoke

…on Saturday nights. Come, Claire, let’s go there and sing our hearts out and bring the house down! LOL!!!

I was wishing they would not turn on the TV…


…though the whole time I was there or at least, they should turn the volume down. Actually, I did notice that when we entered the shop and I had wanted to sit at a table outside but the one right under the ceiling fan was taken. A lady came later and sat at the table beside ours and after a while, I saw her moving to one of the other vacant tables outside. It certainly looked like I was not the only one put off by the what-they-call-music.

Anyway, of course, what is more important is the food. My missus ordered the mee goreng basah (fried noodles, wet/with sauce/gravy) and got this (RM4.00)…

DADS mee mamak

It turned out that that plate of mee mamak was supposed to go to another table and they served it wrongly and there we were, absolutely baffled as to how what was supposed to be basah turned out so kering (dry). They did bring it out a while later but my missus had already started eating so they had to take it back into the kitchen…and cook another plate of mee mamak for whoever ordered that.

I went for the nasi campur (mixed rice)…

DADS nasi campur counter

…even though they did not have that many choices. Still, there was enough for me to pick and choose so I did not have a problem with that at all. I had the fried fish, salted egg (they give the whole egg here – at all other places, you’d get half only and if you take two halves, you’d have to pay double, I guess) and chicken korma

DADS nasi campur 1

…and this very nice bean curd stick and glass noodles dish, masak lemak

DADS nasi campur 2

…and yes, everything was to my liking and I would give them the double thumbs up for not using those horrendously colourful plastic or melamine plates and bowls that shouldn’t be used to serve hot food. I sure wouldn’t mind dropping by here for lunch again.

I went and paid the bill and the total, including my kopi-o-ais (RM1.50) and my missus’ teh tarek (RM2.20), came up to RM13.70 so I gave the guy RM14.00 but he gave me back a ringgit, saying, “Tak apa! Kitak s’lalu datang!” (Never mind! You come here often) Gee!!! I wonder if there is anybody else around here that looks exactly like me. Hehehehehe!!!!

DADS (2.327053, 111.841540) is located along Jalan Teng Chin Hua on your left in the block of shops, the one to the left, before the junction where one can turn left into Jalan Ulu Sg Merah if you are heading towards town, coming from the direction of St Teresa’s Catholic Church and the SIB Church on that same side of the road.