My fault…

The sign was up for quite some time, at least around a month, I think, and I was eagerly waiting for it…

Curry House
*Probably those guys stay upstairs on the first floor and that is why you can see their unsightly laundry hanging outside the window. Tsk! Tsk!*

…to open for business so I could drop by and give it a try.

Well, finally, it did…

Curry House roti canai stall

…and I must say it was my fault – I did not ask to have a look at their menu…

Curry House menu

…first before ordering.

If I had done that, I would have seen that the nasi bryani kambing daging (mutton curry bryani rice)i…

Curry House nasi bryani set

…was RM9.00, more expensive than many other places of this class elsewhere, the ones with the coffee shop kind of setting, nothing fancy.

I liked how they used long-grain rice…

Curry House long-grain bryani rice

…instead of the usual but I did not seem to detect much taste or fragrance in it so I would say that I was not really all that impressed.

I noticed that I did not get a papadum with it like how they would serve bryani rice elsewhere and if I had checked the menu first, I would have seen it in the list – RM1.00 for 3 pieces. Now, why on earth would I want 3? I only wanted one…and like a fool, I went and asked only to be told that I would have to fork out RM1.30 for 3. RM1.30??? But it said RM1.00 on the menu! Hmmmm…perhaps there was a breakdown in communication somewhere, something lost in translation.

The mutton curry…

Curry House mutton curry

…was all right, maybe not as nice as some place else but it was o.k. The dhal dip, however, was nothing to get excited about…and what was that? Acar timun? With two thin strips of cucumber? Ok! Ok! To give credit where credit is due, I actually liked the sauce.

Now, let’s get back to the menu! Nasi putih (white rice) is RM1.50, sayur (vegetables) is RM2.00 each, RM4.00 for two, RM5.50 in total at the moment so I guess the sotong (squid)…

Curry House sotong

…that my missus took was RM4.50 (not in the menu), more expensive than the kari ikan (curry fish), RM4.00 as the total for this nasi campur platter…

Curry House nasi campur

…was RM10.00 for one meat and two vegetables. That almost gave me a heart attack!!!

There! I did go and try in the end and we thought the food was all right, there are worse but there are others that are better…and much cheaper too. So will we be going back again? I guess the answer is pretty obvious, isn’t it?

CURRY HOUSE (2.304051, 111.848937) is located on the right along Lorong Pahlawan 7B/3, the lane heading straight towards the Sibu Bus Terminal. This coffee shop and Kayu Manis are directly opposite, in the block of shops on the left.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

16 thoughts on “My fault…”

  1. This is very pricey. I won’t eat here. With that money, we can get better food and variety elsewhere.

    Brings to mind some of those nasi kandar places over at your side. One in Sg Petani did not give papadums free with their nasi bryani either. They sell them sealed in plastic, RM1.00 a piece. Ridiculous!

  2. I love long grain rice, and I would love the mutton curry…provided it is not too hot and spicy.

    There are others nicer and cheaper elsewhere. Not one place I would want to go back to another time.

  3. That nasi campur platter is indeed giving me heart attack too. For that price, I think you can have pretty good & cheap food elsewhere. The mutton curry looks good though & for sure that is not acar timun to me. Is this Curry House the same as the one in Kuching?

    Oh? There is one there too? Dunno if it is the same. Hopefully, the prices there are not as shocking as this one here. RM10.00 at other Indian or Malay nasi campur place, can have two…one for me, one for my missus. Outrageous, that price!

  4. When think of briyani, think of long grain rice. But very filling.

    I think it is around that price in Kuching. Probably they are minority and their cuisine is rare over here unlike in WM. We seldom go to mamak shop unless we craving for briyani or mamak food. Haha.

    I hear there’s one place there RM20 for the bryani…but very nice. Still I would consider that extremely expensive if it is nothing more than a coffee shop.Nasi kandar places in WM, worse! Their knives are very sharp…and the WM friends told me it was because the Malay I spoke not quite like how they would speak it there and they knew straight away I was not local, potong big time!!!

    There are many places here selling bryani now, around RM8.00. I do know of one nice place, at least – much nicer than here…and their nasi campur is a whole lot cheaper. RM10 for that is a little too much!

  5. i know what my order would be – nasi goreng corned beef and murtabak ayam madu! 🙂

    I’ve tried frying bihun with corned beef, never with rice. I wonder what brand they will use, not the horrible mushy China ones, I hope. One place here has corned beef murtabak and they use Linkz – they display the cans on the counter, good brand – I buy that for home consumption but getting very expensive as well, nothing less than RM10 a can. Ayam madu does not get me all excited – usually it will be those minute bits of the chicken buried in the murtabak, can hardly get to taste it.

  6. So expensive! Better eat at Cafe IND or Sri Pelita for that price! Let’s see how long that new place will last…

    Yalor. Expensive not so bad, did not taste special at all, just biasa – others can be nicer even.

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